Firebelly Tea Review: Is It Worth It?

Discover if Firebelly Tea is worth it and what it tastes like in our Firebelly Tea review.

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Firebelly Tea

For tea connoisseurs, finding a new blend of tea or new accessories to enjoy tea better is always a source of excitement, and David Segal, the founder of Firebelly Tea, is ready to offer some of that excitement to a new crew of potential customers. Firebelly Tea is a new venture that launched in early 2022. It has 20 tea blends and a number of accessories and supplies that people can use to enjoy the teas.

David Segal could be described as a serial entrepreneur. He has launched several businesses and even took a turn in the fast foods industry with teh Mad Radish food chain. Now with this new venture, he hopes to take his business sense and transform it into a great online tea store.

Is Firebelly Tea worth the cost? Does it outshine other tea bags or loose leaf teas in terms of quality ad taste? Here is a review that will help you know whether or not you want to enjoy this tea for yourself.

What Is Firebelly Tea?

Firebelly Tea is a brand of tea made from real ingredients with no additives or chemicals. It comes in sustainable, compostable packaging and is sold entirely online, so you can order the tea at home and have it shipped directly to your door.

This tea is known as “true tea.” This means that it comes from the tea plant, not added fillers and flavors. It adds other ingredients, like herbs and botanicals, to make the different flavor profiles. Because it is a loose-leaf tea, you can see these ingredients when you buy it.


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Firebelly Tea currently has several unique blend options that work well for tea lovers. The company also sells a number of accessories, like a small teapot, a tea strainer, a stop-infusion travel mug, and a stoneware teacup.

This tea brand sells its products online, offering a subscription option to help buyers save money. You cannot buy Firebelly Tea in the store,

Firebelly Tea Pricing

Firebelly Tea prices range from $34.95 to $14.95, depending on the blend you choose. All varieties, with the exception of the All Matcha blend, are 3.5 ounces in size.

Who Is Firebelly Tea For?

Firebelly Tea is great for many people. Whether you just enjoy tea or are a passionate consumer of the beverage, you will appreciate the sleek packaging, convenient ordering, and varied flavor options with Firebelly Tea.

Tea Aficionados

People who love all things tea will appreciate this product. With several teaspoons of loose-leaf tea in each bag, you can enjoy several small cups of tea with the interesting infusions available with this product. Whether you want a floral jasmine blend or something rich in antioxidants to help you fight off a cold, you will find delicious tea from Firebelly Tea that works.

Tea lovers will really appreciate Firebelly


If you’re buying a birthday or Christmas gift for someone who has everything, then it’s time to look for something consumable. Not only are the Firebelly Teas consumable, but the packaging can go into the compost pile ad get used again.

Organic Living

If you are passionate about health, sustainability, and organic products, then you will appreciate the offerings of Firebelly Tea. Everything is 100% organic, with no added chemicals or flavorings. Each of the brews comes from natural ingredients, so you can add them to your daily routine and start enjoying the immune system perks without worry.

Are you hoping to boost your immunity with regular tea consumption? Then I recommend the winter-ready Cold War tea sampler. This sampler has a collection of infusions that help fight colds and flu viruses.

How Does Firebelly Tea Work?

Here are some of my favorite features of Firebelly Tea and its products.


One of the features that sets this tea shop apart is the many flavors available. These include:

  • Paradise: An organic lemon verbena with chamomile and a lavender herbal infusion
  • After Dinner Mint: A tea blend of rooibos, chocolate, mint, and valerian root.
  • No Ordinary Joe: A combination of dandelion, mate, and chicory to replace morning coffee
  • The Crowd Pleaser: A black tea with vanilla and almond flavors
  • Makes Good Sencha: A Japanese sencha and Gyokuro green tea
  • Warm and Toasty: An organic green tea with licorice root and cinnamon
  • All Matcha: A matcha tea that is ceremonial grade
  • Blossom: A green tea with cherry blossom infusion

Firebelly Tea offers hot and iced tea varieties in these delicious flavors, which helps set them apart.


Firebelly Tea is dedicated to sustainability. This aromatic loose-leaf tea comes in a fully compostable bag rather than a giant box of loose-leaf teas. The loose-leaf idea means the tea takes up far less packaging than traditional tea bags while also creating less waste.

Each bag of single-flavor tea can make up to 45 cups of tea.


Another factor that sets Firebelly tea apart is its accessories. One of the most popular is the stainless steel tea infusers. These allow you to brew the perfect cup of loose-leaf tea on the go because they are designed with travel in mind. 

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Firebelly Tea also has a stylish stoneware teapot with simple parts that allows you to brew a simple cup of tea at home.

Areas for Improvement

Firebelly Tea is a high-quality tea with simple but attractive accessories. You can brew a good drink with just a few supplies, making it a great tea industry option. One potential downside of the newest company offering organic loose-leaf tea is the fact that it does not have a brick-and-mortar location.

You cannot go somewhere to sample tea or see the products on the shelf. Of course, some may view this as a benefit because you can shop for these teas at home when convenient.

Firebelly Tea Alternatives

Few companies offer the exact product options of Firebelly Tea, but here are some potential alternatives:

The Tea Spot

The Tea Spot offers bagged loose-leaf herbal tea mixes. However, the bags are not compostable, and the tea is not guaranteed to be fully natural and organic.

Stash Tea

Stash Tea has lower prices but is not an all-natural tea brand.

The Republic of Tea

This option has more flavors and slightly lower prices, but the tea comes in canisters, not bags.

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Firebelly Tea Review: The Final Word

Firebelly Tea is a new player in the tea world. It claims to offer the perfect cup of tea without unnecessary waste and chemicals. These products are fully sustainable, organic, and natural.

The brand also offers a sleek teapot and teacup option. The main drawback is that it currently has limited flavors, but since it is brand new, more flavors will come soon.


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Firebelly Tea Review: Is It Worth It?
  • Price
  • Taste
  • Effectiveness

Firebelly Tea Review: The Final Word

Firebelly Tea is a new player in the tea world. It claims to offer the perfect cup of tea without unnecessary waste and chemicals. These products are fully sustainable, organic, and natural.  The brand also offers a sleek teapot and teacup option.  The main drawback is that it currently has limited flavors, but since it is brand new, more flavors will come soon.


  • All-natural, organic tea option
  • Fully sustainable with a compostable bag
  • It makes a great gift for people who love tea
  • A convenient online selling platform will ship directly to your home
  • Tutorials on the website to help customers brew tea


  • Higher price point
  • Limited products currently
  • No option with teabags