What’s The Difference Between Mocha And White Mocha?

Coffee shops are constantly coming up with new coffee drinks, and it can get confusing. Here, we’ll check the difference between mocha and white mocha drinks.

a cup of mocha and a white mocha - difference between mocha and white mocha
Find out the difference between Mocha and White Mocha

Every time you walk into your favorite Starbucks or local coffee shop, it seems like there’s a new concoction on the menu, and it can be tough to figure out what you’ll like. When it comes to mocha versus white mocha, it’s easy: mocha drinks are made with dark chocolate syrup, while white mocha drinks are made with white mocha syrup. 

Here, we’ll delve into the differences between the two, and check out some of the most popular mocha and white mocha coffee beverages. 

What Is White Mocha? Mocha & White Mocha: The Differences

Any type of mocha is a sweet, delicious treat. The smooth, velvety texture and taste of chocolate syrup hide the robust taste of coffee, easily changing a flat white, iced coffee, or caffè latte into a delectable delicacy. 

While the term mocha sounds fancy, the definition is simple. A mocha coffee drink simply has chocolate syrup added to it. So, what is white mocha? A white chocolate mocha drink includes white chocolate syrup. 

Both standard mocha and white chocolate mocha drinks are simple to make and can be created at home just as easily as in a fancy coffee shop. 

Both types of mocha pack a hefty sugar punch, so if you’re trying to cut down on your intake, you’re better off sticking with black coffee. 

Standard Mocha Vs. White Chocolate Mocha

Any type of chocolate tends to be high in calories in sugar, but some health experts tout the antioxidant benefits of some chocolate — especially dark chocolate

Standard dark chocolate has several components: 

  • Chocolate liquor
  • Cocoa butter
  • Cocoa powder
  • Sugar
 a bar of dark chocolate
Dark chocolate for Mocha

The ingredient list for milk chocolate is the same, with the obvious addition of milk solids to the list. 

White chocolate’s ingredients are a little bit different: 

  • Cocoa butter
  • Sugar
  • Milk solids
three bars of white chocolate in a plastic wrap
White chocolate for White Mocha

White chocolate tastes delicious but doesn’t have any of the antioxidant benefits of dark and milk chocolate, as the antioxidant benefits of dark and milk chocolate come from the food’s high cocoa content. People with a serious sweet tooth may prefer the taste of white mocha to mocha, as the syrup’s higher sugar content creates a delicious, dessert-like drink. 

That being said, most people who order a mocha coffee drink are in it for the delicious taste — not the antioxidant boost. Choosing mocha or white mocha is a matter of personal preference. 

Mocha Coffee Drinks

Creating a mocha coffee drink at home is simple. Combine coffee, chocolate syrup, and milk — it’s as easy as that. If you prefer, you can add espresso to milk for a different taste. Most people find that they don’t need to add sugar to a mocha coffee, as the chocolate syrup adds enough sweetness on its own. 

Iced mocha drinks are also popular. Simply add chocolate syrup and milk to your iced coffee, and enjoy. You may find it difficult to fully blend chocolate syrup into cold coffee — using a shaker or a blender can speed up the process. If you liked this post, you’ll enjoy our guide on Jamocha Vs Mocha.

Popular White Mocha Coffee Drinks

white ice mocha coffee on wooden table with working man using laptop
Simply combine coffee, white chocolate syrup, and milk to have a White Mocha drink

Just like creating a standard mocha coffee drink at home, it’s easy to create a white mocha drink as well. Simply combine coffee, white chocolate syrup, and milk, or use iced coffee if you prefer an iced version of the drink. For a little extra flavor, add a bit of vanilla syrup, or a splash of vanilla extract (Starbucks uses this trick in their white chocolate mocha drinks to amp up the flavor). 

The Final Word On The Difference Between Mocha and White Mocha

The difference between mocha and white mocha is simple: mocha coffee drinks include chocolate syrup, while white mocha coffee drinks include white chocolate syrup. Both types of coffee drinks can be enjoyed iced or hot, and can easily be made at home without any special equipment.

FAQs on The Difference Between Mocha and White Mocha 

What’s the difference between mocha and white mocha?

Mocha drinks are made with chocolate syrup, while white mocha drinks are made with white chocolate syrup. 

Are white chocolate mocha and white mocha the same thing?

Yes — the terms are used interchangeably by many coffee shops.

Can I make mocha coffee drinks at home?

Absolutely. Simply blend coffee, chocolate syrup, and milk.


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