8 Best Coffee Subscription Services In Washington, DC

Coffee clubs help make sure your pantry is always stocked with delicious coffee. Here are some of the best coffee subscription services in Washington, DC, area!

Coffee subscription services in Washington, DC
Coffee clubs help make sure your pantry is always stocked with delicious coffee

Today, it is easier than ever to get the best craft coffees from around the world delivered straight to your door. Coffee subscription services connect you directly with your favorite coffee roasters, ensuring you always have coffee for your morning cup of Joe and saving you a few bucks.

From coffee clubs to roaster subscriptions, there are a ton of excellent options available to choose from. There are large national companies, regional roasters, as well as local companies specifically servicing the Washington DC area.

What To Look For In A Coffee Subscription Service

Coffee subscription services deliver coffee right to your door at regular intervals. Whether it is every week, two weeks, or month, these services make sure that you never have to think about how much coffee you have in your pantry.

First, it’s important to make sure the coffee is good! If the coffee being delivered isn’t up to your standards, then what is the point?

Next, it’s important to make sure that a subscription service fits your budget. The good news is that subscription services are typically cheaper than buying individual bags of coffee when you need them. This is because companies prefer having repeat customers and will provide you with a discount in return for being a stable, long-term customer.

Third, it’s good to make sure the service offers the products you are looking for. While most such services sell whole coffee beans, there are some that also offer other coffee products, such as canned cold brews and lattes. It’s important to make sure the service you are signing up for has the products that you want.

Fourth, since this list is to help people in Washington, DC, it is important to know if the company is based locally or not. While most subscription services based in the United States will deliver to DC, many customers prefer to shop locally. So, it is also good to consider whether or not the company is based in the area.

Finally, it is good to make a distinction between coffee clubs and roaster subscriptions. A coffee club is a company that distributes coffee from different roasters. These companies do not roast their own coffee, but they do pride themselves on finding the best roasters to bring to your door.

Roaster subscriptions are services in which you get a subscription directly from the folks that roasted the coffee.

How To Pick The Best Coffee Subscription Service

My morning coffee ritual is one of the most important moments in my day. My first priority is having coffee that I enjoy drinking, so I always prioritize selecting the highest quality coffee. This includes making sure that the coffee is sourced ethically and farmed with sustainable practices.

The good news there is that most craft coffee roasters source the highest quality beans they can find. While not a fast rule, single-origin coffees usually have to be of higher quality and feature more interesting tasting notes than traditional blends.

While quality comes first, I do want to make sure my coffee habit keeps the bank intact. I do not have an unlimited budget, so I typically look for coffee that ranges from $15-18 per 12-ounce bag (or $20-24 per pound). Many of the finest boutique coffees cost in the $20-25 range.

If you have the budget, it is worth making this step up!

I also like to support local businesses as much as possible, so I have included some Washington, DC-based companies for folks that want to support businesses in their neighborhood. 

Compass Coffee 

 Front view of a Compass Coffee shop in Washington, DC.
Compass coffee shops that are welcoming to the neighborhood

Based in the Washington, DC, area, Compass Coffee is one of the premier coffee roasters in the country. With over ten brick-and-mortar locations throughout the area, Compass Coffee is one of the best spots in DC to get your caffeine fix.

Compass Coffee prides itself on sourcing the most ethically produced coffee beans and roasting them just right. Further, unlike many other roasters, they pride themselves on creating coffee shops that are welcoming to the neighborhood – a hub for the local community.

Compass has a wide range of products that are all available via subscription. From light roast to dark roast, single-origin to blends, espresso to cold brew, and even a selection of K-cups, Compass has whatever you may need.

The whole-bean coffee is not the cheapest, but it is worth it for the quality. The brand often offers discounts to customers. There is also a quiz on the website to help new customers find their perfect blend.


  • Great coffee
  • Wide range of products
  • Can be tailored to customer’s preferences 


  • Expensive

Cervantes Coffee Roasters

You won’t find the fine folks at Cervantes Coffee Roasters chasing windmills. Instead, they are too busy bringing the DC area the best single-origin coffees from around the world.

Single-origin coffees, when done right, are the best coffees you can purchase. Coffees from each part of the world have their own unique flavor, dependent on the climate, soil makeup, and coffee variety. Cervantes prides itself on serving up the best single-origin coffee.

Cervantes offers a monthly and bi-weekly subscription. Each delivery is a unique single-origin coffee. While you cannot pre-specify what coffees you want to receive, this is an excellent opportunity to try different single-origin coffees from all across the world at an excellent price.

A downside is that you have to re-purchase your subscription every so often, as it does not auto-renew after the subscription period expires. But if their coffee is as good as advertised, you probably won’t need the reminder!

The coolest part about Cervantes Coffee Roasters is that it is exclusive to people in Washington, DC! They offer a range of coffee classes, such as an introduction to coffee roasting, how to make latte art, and how to brew the perfect cup of coffee. I have worked in coffee for a decade at multiple roasters and cafés and have never seen this offered before – if you want to learn more about coffee, this is an amazing set of opportunities.


  • Offers classes
  • Delicious coffee


  • It can’t be customized 

Swing’s Coffee Roasters 

Swing’s Coffee Roasters has been in the DC coffee business for over 100 years! Let’s just say they know what they’re doing.

Swing’s pride itself on sourcing the most ethically sourced coffee beans in the world straight from small-scale local farmers. To do so, they incentivize farmers to use the most eco-friendly and sustainable farming practices with higher wages. This ensures that small-scale farmers, who are all too often out-competed by corporate giants, are able to make a living producing the very best coffee.

When I say Swing’s is sustainable, I mean it. The brand sells the used coffee grounds (instead of throwing them away) for customers to add to their compost. Swing’s even has its own dairy farm to supply top-quality milk.

The brand also has an easy-to-use subscription service; hit “Select” under the coffee you would like, and the site will guide you through how you’d like your coffee delivered to you. You can pick a specific roast, or you can select Roaster’s Choice, and they will send you a different single-origin coffee each delivery. Given the quality of the coffee, the price range is pretty reasonable, and they often run discounts and deals.


  • Sustainable
  • High quality coffee
  • Easy to use


  • Fewer options than competitors 

Zeke’s Coffee 

There may be no roaster in the DC area more passionate about their roasts than Zeke’s Coffee. With two brick-and-mortar shops featuring their signature “wall of coffee” and popping up at every farmer’s market around town, Zeke’s is one of DC’s favorite coffee companies.

Zeke’s offer its own coffee club. They will send you one pound of coffee a month for either three, six, or 12 months. Each delivery will be a different, freshly roasted coffee.

While micro-roasters aren’t able to produce large, consistent batches like the big guys, they are able to offer a more eclectic selection of coffees that will have you excited and looking forward to your next delivery.

The main downsides of this subscription service are that it isn’t easily customizable and it is quite pricey, but it is worth it for Zeke’s fans. Zeke’s delivers twice a week, so anytime you run out of coffee, you can hop on the site and receive more coffee in a few days!


  • Great tasting coffee
  • Delivers coffee often


  • Pricey
  • Can’t be customized

My Coffee Club 

While not a coffee subscription service in the same way as others on this list, My Coffee Club is a Washington, DC-based company whose mission is to connect DC coffee lovers with local DC coffee shops!

While most coffee subscription services are all about delivering great coffee right to your door, My Coffee Club is all about incentivizing customers to patronize locally-owned coffee shops in the DC area. So, if you want a subscription to deliver beans to your home, this is not the service for you. If you buy a cup of coffee from your favorite coffee shop every single day, then My Coffee Club will save you money!

As we all know, coffee can be expensive. Small, local shops often can’t keep their prices as low as the big chains like Starbucks and Peet’s. My Coffee Club is changing that for coffee drinkers across the Washington DC area by providing discounts to all local coffee shops in their network.

So, how does it work? All you have to do is download their phone app, and you can directly order coffee from a large number of locally owned coffee shops. The monthly subscription plans give you discounts on your monthly coffee investment – as long as you shop at locally-owned coffee shops around DC!


  • Saves customers money
  • Supports the local community


  • Not a traditional coffee club

Atlas Coffee Club

The final set of options are not DC local, but they are some of the best options for getting good coffee delivered right to your home if you live in DC. Atlas Coffee Club is great for folks who want a curated coffee experience delivered right to their door. Atlas Coffee Club offers a brand new roast of coffee every single month, delivered straight to you for free.

Atlas Coffee Club prompts you to specify how you like to prepare your coffee. That way, Atlas can send you the product you need. Whole beans, ground beans, or K-cups – whichever meets your brewing needs.

If you need ground coffee, you can select the brewing method you prefer, like pour-overs or espresso, and they will grind your coffee just right for you.

With each delivery of single-origin coffee, you will receive a postcard from that part of the world. This is accompanied by a description of the coffee’s flavor notes and tips for brewing the perfect cup of coffee.

You can also let Atlas know if you prefer light-roast, medium-roast, or dark-roast coffee. You can opt for your favorite roast level or let the company know that you will drink whatever they send you.

You can choose to get your delivery biweekly or monthly. The prices are reasonable given the size of the coffee bags and the quality. You can opt to receive deliveries of six, 12, or 24 ounces of coffee.

Learn more in our Atlas Coffee Club review.


  • New coffee every month
  • Tastes great


  • Pricey
  • Not DC-based

Bean Box

Bean Box makes it simple to get the best craft coffee delivered to your home. Just let the brand know how often you want your coffee delivered (every week, every two weeks, or every month) and what kind of roast you prefer. You can also choose the “Curator’s Choice” option, and Bean Box will send you a roaster-chosen craft coffee every month.

Bean Box is perfect for people who are new to coffee and want a straightforward, easy service that provides consistently top-shelf coffee. Every time you get a coffee you absolutely love, you can add it to your “Favorites,” and Bean Box will curate future orders to match your taste. Bean Box is a bit more expensive than other options on this list, but the brand usually has some kind of giveaway special and discounts for new customers.


  • Great coffee
  • Tailored to your tastes


  • Pricey
  • Not DC-based

Trade Coffee Company

Confident coffee roaster man is checking the preparation process
Trade Coffee Company is partnered with over 50 craft coffee roasters

Whether you are new to coffee or a seasoned pro, Trade Coffee Company has offerings for you. By partnering with over 50 craft coffee roasters, the brand is able to provide you with a wide range of high-quality coffees.

When you sign up for a subscription, Trade Coffee asks you several questions about your coffee preferences in order to curate your deliveries to your needs and taste. This includes making sure you get the roast level and grind that you want.

If you already know which coffees you like, you can also subscribe and receive specific products. There are two tiers of coffee at different prices. The second tier is for connoisseurs who want to take their coffee experience to the next level, but the brand also offers several subscription discounts.


  • Great coffee
  • It can be tailored to your tastes 


  • Not DC based
  • The second tier is pricey

Testing Criteria

The most important thing is that every service on this list offers high-quality coffee to customers in the Washington, DC, area. No matter which service you choose, you will receive high-quality coffee! This list has been catered to promote local, DC-area businesses so that you can support your local economy.

To help you choose the best service for you, services were rated based on their affordability, products offered, and subscription model. This way, you are best able to identify the service that is right for you!

Why You Can Trust Me

I have been working in coffee for over a decade, including for several craft coffee roasters and cafés. I start every day off with my morning ritual of a cup of Joe, and I am deeply passionate about connecting high-quality coffee roasters with customers who will best be able to appreciate what they offer! You might also be interested in learning what’s in a Panera coffee subscription.


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