Can You Put Cinnamon in Coffee?

Can you put cinnamon in coffee without altering the taste of both ingredients? Here is everything you need to know before mixing the two.

Cinnamon in coffee
Adding cinnamon to coffee is a match made in heaven

Are you looking for a way to turn a cup of coffee into a treat with no cheat calories, fancy equipment, or expensive ingredients? The secret ingredient for a more delicious cup of coffee is probably hiding in your spice rack right now. Cinnamon is famous for its sweet and woody flavor with a subtle citrusy note and a spicy kick at the end, which pairs beautifully with coffee.

It’s hard to trace back the origins of cinnamon in coffee. From using it to brew coffee to give it an extra kick to adding it to seasonal blends like a pumpkin spice latte, dirty chai, and gingerbread lattes, there’s no escaping it. Since coffee is beloved for its potential health benefits, adding cinnamon is a match made in heaven.

Benefits Of Cinnamon In Coffee

Enhances The Flavor And Aroma

First and foremost, cinnamon tastes and smells wonderful. It makes your java feel all the more cozy and comforting while maintaining the coffee taste.

Boosts Metabolism And Aids In Weight Loss

While not a substitute for a healthy, balanced diet and active lifestyle, cinnamon may help you on your weight loss journey. Caffeine offers an energy boost and increased brain function, making you feel ready to work out after your morning cup of java.

A study on those taking cinnamon supplements found it reduced body weight and fat mass in some participants. It was also associated with a lower BMI. Although culinary uses of cinnamon may not be as potent, it may help as long as you’re not overdoing the sugar content in your cinnamon coffee.

May Help Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Cinnamon may help control blood sugar levels. Research found it can increase insulin sensitivity, as well as lowering fasting blood sugar and insulin resistance. It can also lower blood sugar levels as it can mimic insulin in the body.

Cinnamon alone cannot treat diabetes. Consult your GP before adding cinnamon to your diet.

Contains Antioxidants And Has Anti-inflammatory Properties

Cinnamon is a source of antioxidants, which are compounds that help combat free-radical damage leading to premature aging and health issues. Research found that cinnamon supplementation not only has antioxidant properties but also are anti-inflammatory.

How To Dissolve Cinnamon In Your Coffee

Ground Cinnamon

Many people like to mix cinnamon powder with their coffee grounds. Unfortunately, the cinnamon powder could cause your espresso machine to back up and have a sludge problem. It really only works with a coffee machine that uses a filter.

If you’re using a French press, you may have to use an additional filter before serving to catch any residue. You might consider mixing the cinnamon with brown sugar for a more pleasant taste.

Another option is to add cinnamon powder to your coffee creamer before you pour it into your black coffee but keep in mind it won’t taste very strong. You can also simply use a dash of cinnamon as a garnish on a creamy cappuccino and other drinks.

Cinnamon Sticks

You may assume hot coffee would be enough to dissolve a cinnamon stick, but it’s not that simple. The bark on a cinnamon stick is very thick and fibrous. What you’re actually doing when you dissolve cinnamon into coffee is making syrup.

Materials Needed

  • Fresh cinnamon sticks
  • A bowl
  • A strainer
  • A jar with a lid

Step 1: Boil The Water

Bring your water to a boil. Some people prefer to let the cinnamon sticks sit in the pot of water for a bit before the water is boiled to allow the flavor to seep in.

Step 2: Add The Cinnamon

Although you can play around to find your ideal ratio, it’s recommended to use six sticks for every cup of water. Add the broken cinnamon sticks while the water is boiling to allow them to release their flavor early.

It should only take three to five minutes for the cinnamon sticks to boil properly. Keep stirring throughout the boiling process to prevent the cinnamon from scorching. Continue stirring over heat until your cinnamon is fully dissolved.

Step 3: Allow To Cool

If the syrup is fluid-like, remove it from the heat. Cover the pot and allow it to sit in a safe spot on the counter. It takes four hours for cinnamon syrup for coffee to cool fully.

Once cool, add the syrup to a sturdy jar with a lid that seals. Pour the mixture into the jar using a mesh strainer that will catch any cinnamon chunks. Serve with hot or cold coffee, like cold brew.

Cinnamon Syrup

Rather than making cinnamon syrup from scratch, you may have found a pre-made one. In this case, just add as much as you like to your brewed cup of coffee.

Cinnamon Essential Oil

Essential cinnamon oil in glass bottles
Use very little of these oils in coffee

Although cinnamon essential oil is recognized as safe by the FDA, you should still use extreme caution when using these products. Only use high-quality essential oils that have labeled their products as safe for ingestion.

You should use very little of these oils in coffee and follow the instructions on the packaging carefully. Essential oils should always be diluted.

Popular Cinnamon Coffee Recipes

Cinnamon Latte

There are several ways to brew a cinnamon latte. You can mix the cinnamon with your coffee grounds and brew as normal using an AeroPress or a Moka Pot for an espresso-like base.

You can also whip up cinnamon syrup or use a store-bought one; this is the best step if you have a traditional espresso machine you don’t want to ruin. In that instance, brew your espresso as normal and combine it with the syrup. Then froth your milk and combine it with the cinnamon espresso brew.

Cinnamon Roll Coffee

To get that cinnamon roll taste, you’ll need to use additional sweeteners. For each cup of milk, use one teaspoon of vanilla syrup and one teaspoon of sugar – or more to taste.

Add your sugar and vanilla syrup to your mug. Brew your cinnamon coffee just like you would prepare the cinnamon latte above. Pour the warm, frothed milk and espresso over the vanilla syrup and sugar, and stir well.

Give it a taste – you can add more sugar if you feel it’s not sweet enough. Then top with whipped cream and a cinnamon stick as garnish.

Cinnamon Mocha

If you have sweet cravings, a cinnamon mocha is simply a cinnamon latte with chocolate. It’s best to use a chocolate-flavored syrup as chocolate powders can be difficult to dissolve and leave your drink with a powdery texture.

Start small with two pumps of mocha syrup, and then add more if you feel it’s not rich enough. Top with whipped cream and garnish with cinnamon powder or a cinnamon stick.

Iced Cinnamon Coffee

For a classic iced coffee, you can brew your cinnamon-infused coffee following the steps above, using an AeroPress or Moka pot to whip up an espresso-like brew. Or brew an espresso shot in an espresso machine, then combine it with two pumps of cinnamon syrup, and increase to taste.

Once the espresso is brewed, pour it into a tempered glass and add ice. Pour your milk of choice into a serving glass, and then add the cinnamon coffee and ice. Use sweeteners if desired, and enjoy!

Precautions When Using Cinnamon In Coffee

Less is more when it comes to using cinnamon in coffee. You should start with small amounts and build up until you find a balance you like.

It’s always best to use coffee brewers with single-use paper filters for cinnamon coffee, as it may clump together in an espresso machine, Moka pot, or French press and be difficult to clean.

Is Cinnamon An Allergen?

Cinnamon is an allergen. Symptoms like sneezing or restricted breath when handling or being near cinnamon could be a sign that you’re allergic to cinnamon – if so, don’t brew cinnamon coffee.

Overconsumption May Cause Side Effects

Ruining your cup of joe or coffee maker isn’t the only concern when using cinnamon in your morning coffee. Using a teaspoon of cinnamon every now and then in food and drinks shouldn’t be a problem, but you shouldn’t overdo it.

Consuming an excessive amount of cinnamon can lead to negative gastrointestinal effects. In particular, cassia cinnamon contains coumarin in larger amounts.

Excess coumarin exposure can be detrimental to liver health, especially for those who already have health problems like liver damage. However, this is more likely to occur due to overuse of supplements.

Ceylon Cinnamon Vs. Cassia Cinnamon

These two types of cinnamon have different harvesting techniques and flavors. Cassia cinnamon is what is commonly sold in grocery stores around the world.

Ceylon cinnamon is lighter in color and is rolled in much thinner sheets. The biggest difference is that you’ll get a floral, fragrant flavor with this type of cinnamon instead of that “classic” cinnamon flavor that you know.

Cassia cinnamon is what’s known as Chinese cinnamon. Ceylon cinnamon comes from Sri Lanka. Cassia is typically the less expensive of the two to purchase.

Cassia cinnamon is a better choice for coffee for most people as the flavor is more familiar. Ceylon is too flowery for most people to enjoy when trying to flavor a coffee drink.

Why You Should Brew Cinnamon Coffee

A plain white cup of hot coffee topped with cinnamon powder, decorated with cinnamon sticks
Cinnamon is a great way to reduce your reliance on sweeteners in your coffee

There are so many reasons to give cinnamon coffee a try:

  • It contains antioxidants.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It can help improve insulin sensitivity.

Cinnamon is a great way to reduce your reliance on sweeteners in your coffee, as it’s naturally delicious. Plus, there are so many ways to make cinnamon coffee, from DIY syrups to adding a dash to your creamer; you don’t need expert home barista skills to make it.

If you consider yourself a connoisseur with fancy equipment, then syrup is the best way to protect your equipment, but for those who like to experiment, you can go a long way with cinnamon powder.

FAQs About Cinnamon In Coffee

How Long Does Cinnamon Syrup Last?

Cinnamon syrup that you make at home should be good to use in your coffee for up to two months. Just make sure you’re storing the syrup in a sealed glass jar inside your fridge.

How Much Cinnamon Should Be Added To Coffee?

A quarter teaspoon of ground cinnamon will pair with one regular cup of joe to start with. Work up from there if you think it’s too weak.


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