Can You Add Baileys To Coffee?

There are many things that you can mix with coffee, but can you add Baileys to coffee? We find out.

Can you add Baileys to coffee?
Baileys can be added to coffee

While this drink is applicable for many recipes, it’s widely popular with coffee lovers. Baileys even has a recipe on their website for Baileys Hot Coffee, which utilizes black coffee and Baileys Original Irish Cream. Add a splash of Baileys to your coffee, and enjoy. 

If it’s a party or social situation and you’re not driving, try it. Let’s cover what else you must know about adding Baileys to coffee.

What Should You Not Mix With Baileys?

Baileys is excellent to mix with coffee. It can make a quick, uplifting drink – especially if you find yourself overly tired at the end of the day. 

However, there are some ingredients that you should not mix with your Baileys. 

Avoid citrus if possible. If something contains citric acid, it causes Baileys to curdle – which would not result in a tasty drink in the least

This includes juices and sodas. Many juices contain citric acid, even if they aren’t citrus-based. Always check the ingredient list since many drinks use citric acid as a natural preservative. 

Baileys reacts badly to even a small amount of citrus!

Can You Add Baileys To Coffee? Ways To Prevent Curdling

A spoon of baking soda and a glass of water.
Baking soda prevents curdling

Baileys will curdle when added to some coffees. It depends on the type of coffee, however.

Some coffees are more acidic than others. If the coffee is too acidic, the Baileys may curdle as soon as it hits the coffee. It’s basic chemistry!

You can stop the curdling by adding a dash of baking soda. This step won’t change the taste all that much, but it will affect the pH balance of the coffee. Theoretically, this will reduce the chance of the Baileys curdling. 

You’ll need to add the baking soda before the Baileys. You can’t uncurdled Baileys with baking soda.

It only prevents it. If you’ve already added the Baileys, make a new drink. 

With that said, you don’t want to add too much baking soda. If you do, it’ll make your coffee taste like soap. While the Baileys won’t curdle, you probably won’t want to drink the drink anyway. 

Is Kahlua Or Baileys Better For Coffee?

Kahlua is much stronger than Baileys, so it mostly depends on your goal. Most recipes use one or the other, though you can safely alternate as you see fit. They don’t taste that much different, though some recipes taste better with one over the other. 

Many people sip Baileys with their coffee but don’t add it directly to their drink. Kahlua is often included in mixed drink recipes. 

Theoretically, you can use either one for both purposes, though. They both enhance the taste of coffee, though in different ways.

Most people will have their personal preferences. However, it is mostly a matter of your tastes and preferences. 

One isn’t necessarily always better than the other. 

How Much Baileys Do I Add In My Coffee?

black, coffee, cup-1432052.jpg
Use plain, black coffee

It depends on the amount of coffee involved. Of course, the type matters as well. 

Preferably, you want to start with plain, black coffee. Coffee that already has sugar and milk added can affect the taste of the Baileys, so it is often better to go without. 

The ratio is generally 1:3. For every three ounces of coffee, add one ounce of Baileys. 

Your personal preference does matter, though. It depends largely on how much Baileys you like in your coffee. 

We recommend starting with a little bit and then adding more as necessary. Adding extra Baileys isn’t typically a problem. But you can’t remove it after you’ve already poured it in!

Can You Get Drunk From Baileys?

Yes. You can get drunk, though it will probably take you a while! It isn’t as strong as other alcohols, but it does contain alcohol. Most people mix Baileys with something else, which further elongates the time it takes to get you drunk. 

Because it contains alcohol, it can get you drunk if you consume several. The notion that it doesn’t have enough alcohol to get you drunk is untrue.


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