Blade Grinder Vs. Burr Grinder: Which Is Best For You?

A key factor in brewing an ideal cup of Joe is coffee beans ground to perfection. Our blade grinder vs. burr grinder guide will help you choose the right device. 

blade grinder vs. burr grinder
Blade Grinder vs. Burr Grinder

Our family used to have a vintage-looking manual coffee grinder that looked like a sewing machine. I fondly look back at those times whenever I use my electric one. The experience of grinding the beans by hand is laborious, but it somehow puts me in a meditative trance.

That being said, electric innovations have made grinding easier since its conceptualization in the 18th century. Being the busy people we are, we will take that win. However, I will set aside the method for now as I believe being familiar with the grinder’s mechanism will help you more in determining the best cup of Joe for you.

What Are Blade And Burr Coffee Grinders?

Blade grinders make use of a sharp propeller-like blade in the middle that spins and chops the coffee beans into pieces. The fine grounds rest at the bottom while the large ones get pulled up to the blade until they become fine themselves.

On the other hand, burr grinders utilize an abrasive, sharp teeth-like surface to grind the coffee beans. There are two main types of burr grinder. One is conical, which uses a cone-shaped burr with an inner and outer component that pulls in the coffee beans.

The other is the flat burr which uses two burrs that face each other. This creates a space in the middle where the beans are crushed and ground.

What Blade And Burr Coffee Grinders Have In Common?

The blade and burr coffee grinder are the most commonly used kitchen items to ground coffee beans efficiently. Both blade and burr grinders can be operated either manually or electrically and can give you quality grounds to brew, but that’s all they have in common.

Burr coffee grinder top view
Either manually or electrically, both can give you quality grounds to brew

Blade Grinder Vs. Burr Grinder: The Differences

Blade GrinderBurr Grinder
Uses a sharp and propeller-like chopper.Uses two abrasive components.
Very quick to grind beans.Can control grind size but is slower.
Notoriously uneven in terms of grind consistency.Consistent uniform grind.
Affordable but less durable and harder to clean.Pricier but generally has a longer lifespan and is easier to clean as the burr can be disassembled effortlessly.

What Is Better About Blade Grinders?

Its availability is one of its strengths since you can buy it in almost every appliance store at a very affordable price. Also, using it is much easier as you pop the coffee beans inside, and it will grind with a push of the button.

It can give you fine ground coffee beans at a very fast rate. Do be careful as it tends to heat the coffee beans faster due to friction and its rapidly rotating blades. This might give you a smokey and borderline burnt flavor. 

The technique is to grind it at intervals. You can also use the same routine if you want a coarser grind. Another thing that is great about blade grinders is that it is ideal for grinding nuts or spices.

What Is Better About Burr Grinders?

It surpasses the blade grinder in terms of grind consistency and uniformity. This is important as uneven grounds can affect the flavor of your coffee in the sense that the prominent bitter notes of fine grounds can compromise the flavor profile of the coarser grinds. 

Big coffee beans in burr coffee grinder
Burr coffee grinder can withstand hard coffee beans

Burr grinders are also easier to control as you can adjust them to determine your grind type. You won’t need to grind at intervals though you still have to be wary of the temperature as it produces friction.

Additionally, due to its thick size, the burr can withstand hard coffee beans compared to the thin blades that can chip, contributing to its long lifespan.

Who Should Get A Blade Grinder (And Why)?

Fine grounds are a blade grinder’s best advantage, so this is perfect for espresso lovers. The routine of pausing and grinding can be tiresome, and it might take some time for you to get the feel of it. But if you are on a budget, then the blade grinder can be your go-to.

Due to its uncomplicated process, it is also perfect for those new to coffee grinding. If you also love to cook and make your own condiments, this grinder can be a multi-purpose kitchen item.

Who Should Get A Burr Grinder (And Why)?

Pour-over and French Press lovers should go for a burr grinder due to its consistency in terms of grind and flavor, which is crucial if you are aiming for coarse or medium grounds. Though it is pricier, burr grinders have great value for money. 
If you have considerable knowledge and experience when it comes to utilizing different types of coffee grounds, this is for you.

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