7 Best Vietnamese Coffee Brands To Try

If you want to make Vietnamese coffee at home, keep reading as we’ve listed some of the best Vietnamese coffee brands to try.

Best Vietnamese Coffee Brands
Vietnamese coffee is a fantastic way for coffee lovers to get their caffeine fix

Vietnam is the second-largest exporter of coffee and other related products. They surpassed Colombia’s production levels in the early 2000s, moving to second place on the list of top coffee-producing countries. They have only continued growing since then, and they are now producing 1.5 million metric tons of coffee per year, which is more than twice as much as any other country aside from Brazil.

Vietnamese coffee is a fantastic way for coffee lovers to get their caffeine fix — it tends to be stronger and bolder than regular coffee. However, if you want to make one at home, what Vietnamese coffee brands available on the market are best to try? 

To help you get started, we have reviewed and listed the seven best Vietnamese coffee brands to try.

1. The Best Vietnamese Coffee Brand For Iced Coffee

We would like to start this list off with Saigon Phin Daklak, a Vietnamese coffee from the Lang Thang Coffee Company. It is a mild, smooth roasted ground coffee. Adding a bit of condensed milk or sugar to your brew makes it perfect!

This type of mix is ideal for making Vietnamese-style iced coffee. The ground coffee beans are made from a mix of Arabica, Peaberry, Robusta, and Soybeans — these ingredients are sourced from the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

It contains some soybeans in order to make it a traditional Vietnamese-style coffee. Unlike most Robusta blends, the Saigon Phin Daklak Vietnamese Coffee does not taste too bitter. It offers a slight sweetness that will increase your morning energy. 

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  • Different types of coffee beans are used
  • Great for making Vietnamese-style coffee
  • No bitter aftertaste


  • Some consumers reported that it has a peculiar aftertaste
  • Soy is an allergen 
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2. The Best Vietnamese Coffee Brand For Instant Coffee

Vinacafe Instant Coffee Mix has been around since 1983 and has won the Great Quality Vietnamese Item award every year since 1995.

Vinacafe’s instant coffee was labeled a 3-in-1 coffee since it contained coffee, creamer, and sugar all in one package. This instant coffee has a creamy, sweet flavor that is stronger than most instant coffees. It has a rich flavor and a soothing aroma.

This 3-in-1 instant coffee from Vinacafe is a unique blend of coffee from Buon Me Thuot, a well-known coffee-growing region in Vietnam. You can brew a cup of hot coffee by pouring 100 to 200 milliliters of hot water, depending on your preference.

Vinacafe’s 3-in-1 instant coffee is a delicious, quick-brewing coffee is for busy people who love drinking coffee every day. The powder dissolves completely without clumping in hot water.


  • Easy to brew
  • Flavourful 
  • Has a unique Vietnamese coffee aroma
  • The pack includes sugar and creamer


  • It is too sweet, especially for people who love drinking black coffee
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3. The Best Vietnamese Coffee Brands For Pour-Over Fans

With every Copper Cow Coffee Vietnamese Pour-Over Coffee purchase, you will get five strong, dark, and flavorful espresso cups. Not only that, but the pack also contains five packs of Real California condensed milk as your sweetener and five packs of coffee powders for you to enjoy a classic Vietnamese latte whenever you want!

A filter-wing coffee pouch will ensure there are no coffee grounds in your cup. With four simple steps — a tear, hang, pour, and squeeze — you can make a delicious cup of Java.

It works in the same way as pour-over coffee, so it is simple to make a cup of traditional Vietnamese-style coffee at home. 


  • Five packs of condensed milk and coffee powders included in the box
  • Delicious single-serve pour-over coffee
  • Easy to brew


  • Coffee drip to a cup is a little bit slow
  • Expensive 

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Copper Cow Coffee Premium Vietnamese Coffee
$32.00 ($50.00 / Ounce)

Single-Serve Classic Black Pour Over Coffees, Specialty, Ground, Woman-Owned, Gourmet, Travel, Camping, On-the-Go (includes: 16 classic coffees)

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4. The Best Vietnamese Coffee Brand For Newbies

Vietnamese coffee is notoriously strong, and it can take some time to become accustomed to the bolder flavor profiles. That’s why Birdee is an ideal stepping stone.

The Nature’s Lead blend is a medium roast, so coffee lovers can still enjoy that familiar chocolate-like tasting profile. It’s mostly made of Robusta beans, but 20% of the blend is of the Arabica variety. This means while this java is sure to wake you up, it will still retain the more flavorful qualities that make Arabica coffee so popular.


  • Eco-conscious brand
  • Delicious
  • Hand-picked


  • Some reviewers feel it doesn’t taste authentic enough

5. The Best Vietnamese Coffee Brands For Chocolate Fans

If you like coffee with chocolate flavor, you should give this Trung Nguyen Vietnamese Coffee a try. The Trung Nguyen blend contains 59.9% Arabica beans, 40% Robusta beans, and 0.01% chocolate beans. As a result, a rich, fragrant, and delectable glass of coffee with a chocolate flavor and fruity aroma is produced. 

You can also brew this coffee using different methods,  such as drip coffee machines, pour-over, or cold-brewed.

Furthermore, the Trung Nguyen Vietnamese coffee is a milder blend with low acidity, providing a smooth drinking experience for coffee lovers. It tasted a bit milder compared to the French roast.

If you have a sensitive stomach, this Vietnamese coffee is ideal. Aside from that, Trung Nguyen keeps their coffee beans in a 15-ounce can, making it easy to store.


  • Chocolate flavor and fruity aroma
  • Has a mild, smooth taste
  • Low acidity
  • Tastes great with any brewing method


  • A bit bitter aftertaste
  • Not recommended for people who don’t like the chocolate flavor

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6. The Best Vietnamese Coffee Brand For Drip Coffee

Try this Chestbrew Moon Bear Premium Whole Bean Vietnamese Drip Coffee if you prefer premium Vietnamese coffee over Vietnamese-style coffee. The Chestbrew Coffee Company roasts 100% Arabica beans to create coffee with a smooth, strong, and exotic-flavored taste. 

You can brew this premium Vietnamese coffee with both hot and cold water. No matter what brew you prefer, every cup of coffee you drink will be strong and flavorful. The Moon Bear beans have a smooth taste with a hint of sweetness — they never taste bitter or sour.

It is ideal for coffee lovers looking for a boost of energy throughout the day. Furthermore, the Chestbrew Coffee Company packages its product in an airtight sealed bag to keep the coffee beans fresh for as long as possible. 


  • Made from 100% Arabica beans
  • Gives an energy boost
  • Great with hot or cold brew method
  • Premium quality Vietnamese coffee


  • Best for people who only enjoy French Roast
Chestbrew Whole Bean Dark Roast Vietnamese Coffee
$21.99 ($1.10 / Ounce)
  • Strong Dark Roast Vietnamese Coffee
  • Moon Bear Premium 20 Ounce Bag
  • Single-origin Arabica beans
  • Crafted to be the best beans for Cold Brew Coffee, Vietnamese Iced Coffee or Hot Brew.
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7. The Best Vietnamese Coffee Brand For Those With A Sweet Tooth

NESCAFE Cafe Viet is a new coffee product from Nestle Vietnam. It allows coffee lovers to conveniently enjoy classic black coffee with the aroma of roasted and blended coffee. Nescafé now comes in a variety of instant and roasted coffee blends.

Nescafe Cafe Viet Milky Iced Coffee is created with high-quality Vietnamese coffee beans. It is indeed a milky iced coffee with a strong coffee flavor and a rich, creamy taste of real milk. 

This coffee can be consumed hot or cold. Simply pour 70 mL boiling water for a hot brew and 50 mL water with some ice cubes for a cold brew.

Each box contains 14 packs. 


  • 14 packs per box
  • Can be served in hot or cold
  • Non-fat milk
  • Strong, bold taste


  • Strong milk flavor
Nescafe Cafe Viet Milky Iced Coffee
  • Instant coffee & Creamer
  • 14 Packets/ 9.87oz | 2 Packs
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