10 Best Mocha Glasses for the Perfect Chocolate-Flavored Cup of Coffee

The best mocha glasses should have a few features, such as thick insulation and a handle. Read on to learn more about our top ten picks.

Best Mocha Glasses
Choosing the right glass is important when you are making a mocha at home

Mochas quickly became one of my favorite hot beverages after I got my first espresso machine. They are so easy to make and fun to customize with add-ons like caramel extract, whipped cream, or chocolate shavings.

However, I found that using the right glass is important when it comes to making a perfect mocha at home. Read on to learn more about the top ten best mocha glasses you can use.

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1. Godinger Double Wall Glass Coffee Cups

The ideal temperature when brewing coffee is somewhere between 195 and 205°F. By the time you serve it, your coffee should be at about 160 to 185°F.

Drinking a hot beverage in a glass cup can be uncomfortable unless you have enough insulation. We recommend these double-wall glass coffee cups because this design insulates your hands from the hot beverage.

Plus, these cups have thin handles, so you can lift your mug without touching the glass. The 15oz capacity is great for a single shot of espresso, some hot milk, chocolate, and any toppings you might want to add.

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2. LUXU Glass Coffee Mugs – Set of 4

We like these coffee mugs because of their large diameter. There is a 3.3” opening at the top, which makes it easy to pour in different ingredients and add toppings to your mocha. The design is even suitable for making pour-over coffee if you want to try this extraction method.

This set is a great value since you get four glasses. You’ll be able to make warm drinks for the whole family or for your next small dinner party.

3. Aoeoe Glass Coffee Mugs – Set of 6

These 15oz coffee mugs use high borosilicate glass. This material makes the mugs some of the best mocha glasses because borosilicate glass can withstand temperatures up to 302°F. It can also handle sudden changes in temperature, which means you can place these mugs directly under your espresso machine without worrying about them cracking. You might also be interested in our guide on how to make mocha iced coffee.

4. Farielyn X-Glass Coffee Mugs – Set of 6

This set of mugs also uses borosilicate glass, making each one strong and durable. What we like most about these 15oz mugs is their rounded design. It will show off the different layers of your delicious mocha, and it also helps keep your beverage warm by minimizing contact with the outside air.

There is also a handle that will remain cool to the touch, even if you microwave these mugs.

5. BNUNWISH Clear Coffee Mugs – Set of 4

Having a handle is convenient for drinking a warm beverage out of a glass. However, handles mean that your mocha glasses will take up more space.

These coffee mugs are a good alternative because their double-wall design is sufficient to insulate your hands from hot temperatures without taking up too much space. They are a little smaller than the other products in our list of the top ten best mocha glasses with a capacity of 12oz. A smaller capacity can be useful if you want to make mochas with higher caffeine content.

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6. Homestead Choice Clear Coffee Mugs – Set of 4 

These sturdy and impact-resistant mugs use a BPA-free plastic known as Tritan instead of glass. We like the idea of using plastic cups because they’re lightweight and more durable.

There is a double-wall insulation feature and a vacuum chamber that will insulate you from your hot mocha while maintaining the temperature of your beverage. We also like the design of these mugs because the inner wall features ridges at regular intervals. You can use those ridges as built-in measuring tools for the different ingredients used in your mocha.

7. Cicike Double Walled Glass Coffee Mug

The tall design of these 15oz mugs is great for keeping your mocha warm, and the glasses remain small enough to fit underneath your espresso machine. 

Plus, with no handle to worry about, they’ll take up less space in your cupboard! Because of the double-walled design, you don’t need a handle to keep your fingers from getting burnt. It’s a sleek look that can make your homemade mochas look like something from your favorite coffee shop.

8. Arawat Bear Mug Coffee Cups

This set includes two glasses, coasters, and spoons – everything you need for a coffeehouse experience at home. 

These glasses take the concept of the double-wall design to the next level with an inner wall shaped like a cute bear. We recommend these fun glasses if you’re shopping for a gift for a mocha lover.

Arawat Bear Glass Cup Double Wall Glass Coffee Mugs

with Handle Cute Espresso Cups of 2 Bear Mug with Coasters & Spoons Kawaii Birthday Christmas Gifts for Women Men Friends Mom Sister Kids

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9. Le’raze Drinking Glasses – Set of 6

These 16oz glasses feature a stylish, familiar design that looks like a soda or beer can. They use durable glass and would be great for an iced mocha on a hot day. However, they lack the double-wall feature that you’d want to have when serving hot beverages. If you tend to be a chilled coffee drinker, these are for you. 

10. LavoHome Irish Coffee Glass Coffee Mugs

This set includes four mugs for serving Irish coffee. However, you can also use these stylish glasses for mocha and other coffeehouse drinks at home.

We like the footed shape because it will keep your warm beverage away from your table or kitchen counter, which is convenient if you don’t like using coasters. There is a thick handle that will remain cool to the touch, and the 8oz capacity is great for making mocha with higher caffeine content.

LAVO HOME Traditional Irish Coffee Glass Coffee Mugs Pedestal Design 8 oz.
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  • Set of 6
  • Thick Wall Glass
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