The Best Coffee Infused Cigar

Are you someone who loves coffee and a good cigar? Why not combine them together? Take a look at the options for the best coffee infused cigar!

Best Coffee Infused Cigar
Coffee and Cigar

If you are someone who loves your morning cup of coffee, then you are not alone. I know that I have at least two cups of coffee during the course of the day. Sometimes, I even drink three. On occasion, I have also been known to puff on a cigar.

If you fall into the same boat, there is a chance that you love the similarities between the smell of a fresh cigar and the aroma of a fresh cup of coffee. The good news is that you can enjoy both! If you are looking for the best coffee infused cigar, take a look at a few of our top choices below!

1. Drew Estate Cigars: Java

This is one of the oldest coffee-infused cigars available. The original Java cigars from Drew Estate Cigars were released more than 15 years ago and they have been popular ever since. Known for their consistency, Java cigars from Drew Estate Cigars all have sweetened caps, helping you avoid the bitterness that comes with some cigars. 

They are all pressed with a balanced blend of Brazilian Mata Fina wrappers along with Nicaraguan long-fillers. This leads to a sweet, mild smoke with some South American spices. This is what creates the inviting java aroma that these Drew Estate Cigars have become known for.

If you are thinking about investing in a few Drew Estate Cigars, then be sure to pair it with an amazing ashtray. For those who are always on the go, consider the CiTree Cigar Ashtray. This reliable, durable ashtray will make sure that you get the most out of every cigar you enjoy!

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2. The Java Latte

Of course, with the Java cigar doing so well, it only makes sense that companies would continue to build on it. That is where the Java Latte cigars come from. If you are looking for a cigar that has been infused with coffee but is also a bit lighter in flavor, then Java Latte is the right move.

This cigar features a core blend from Nicaragua that is similar to the original but is also a bit lighter in flavor. With milder Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrappers, this cigar has been cut just a little, leading to a milder finish.

The smoke produced by this cigar is mellow and spicy. With a creamy, honey, mocha fragrance, this is a great option for anyone looking for a cigar that has been infused with coffee. As an accent to the finish of this Java Latte cigar, pair it with the Mantello Cigar Ashtray gift set ! It comes complete with a beautiful wooden travel case and a cherry gloss finish!

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3. Nub Café Cigars

Another option that you may want to consider is Nub Café Cigars. Nub Café Cigars have been infused with a rich, coffee aroma that will immediately remind you of your favorite morning cup. Nub Café Cigars are produced by Oliva Cigars in Nicaragua and have a sterling reputation throughout the industry. The shape is instantly recognizable for those who have smoked Oliva Cigars in the past.

This is a great cigar that you can pair not only with your morning cup of coffee but even with your coffee rum or whiskey! For the complete experience, why not also invest in a Cigar Ashtray Coaster that comes complete with a Whiskey glass holder as well! That way, you can kick back, relax, and enjoy an adult beverage with your Nub Café Cigar! 

4. Maroma Café Cigars

Finally, if you are looking for coffee-infused cigars that will work on just about any budget, then you should take a closer look at Maroma Café Cigars. Maroma Café Cigars are made by hand in Honduras. With a mild, mixed filler, these cigars also come with sweetened caps that will take some bite out of the finish.

The cigar also has a light tobacco flavor, but the smoke leads to an aroma that is reminiscent of cappucino. If you pair this cigar with your favorite cup of coffee (or adult beverage with a coffee flavor), you will enjoy the complete experience! With a mild body and a rich aroma, this cigar will remind you of your favorite dark roast!

If you are smoking these Maroma Café Cigars, be sure to invest in a quality ashtray as well! This includes the JH & Cigar Ashtray, perfect for the patio and backyard!

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The Final Word on the Best Coffee Infused Cigar

In the end, there are plenty of options if you are looking for a cigar that will remind you of your favorite cup of coffee. Be sure to think about these cigars closely when you are trying to find a new favorite. Just as cups of coffee have very different flavors, cigars are the same way. You may want to give a few of these a try! Pair them with your favorite cup of morning coffee!

FAQs About the Best Coffee Infused Cigar

Can I pair a cigar with my favorite cup of coffee?

Absolutely! There are lots of people who like to relax after a long day with a cup of coffee and a cigar. The flavors tend to go well together if you find a cigar with a similar flavor to your cup of coffee.

How can I find the right cigar for my style?

You need to think about not only the price but also the flavor notes that are present in the cigar. Sometimes, the best way to figure this out is to try out a few cigars and see what you like the best.


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