Aluminum Moka Pot Vs. Stainless Steel: Which Moka Is Best?

In this article, we compare the aluminum Moka pot vs. stainless steel so you can make the right choice.

aluminum Moka pot vs. stainless steel
Aluminum Moka Pot vs. Stainless Steel

The Moka Pot is an essential coffee bar accessory for any fan of caffeinated beverages. Since it was invented in 1933 by Alfonso Bialetti, more than 300 million Bialetti Moka Pots have been sold. The first Moka Pots were made from aluminum and featured an iconic octagonal shape. 

Nearly 100 years later, Moka Pots come in a variety of shapes and materials. The most popular materials are the original aluminum and stainless steel. 

By now, you’re probably wondering, what are the differences and which is best? 

Aluminum Moka Pot Vs. Stainless Steel: Key Features

Aluminum Moka PotStainless Steel Moka Pot
InexpensiveMore expensive
Less durableMore durable
Heats up fasterStays hot longer
Many color optionsFew color options

What Are Aluminum And Stainless Steel Moka Pots

Moka pot coffee has a robust, intense flavor

A Moka Pot is an ingenious device that brews coffee in 5 minutes or less. It works by pressurizing water into steam and passing it through coffee grounds.

Coffee made using a Moka Pot can be described as robust, hearty, and with an intense flavor comparable to expresso. There are stove-top and electric models in both aluminum and stainless steel.

Aluminum Vs. Stainless Steel Moka Pots: How Are They Similar? 

Whether a Moka Pot is made from aluminum or stainless steel, the basic design is the same. The design of a Moka Pot is surprisingly simple. It is a three-chambered design with a spout on the side. 

Aluminum moka pot vs. stainless steel
The first Moka pots have an iconic octagonal shape

The bottom chamber is for water, the middle chamber is for your filter and coffee grounds, and the top chamber is where your delicious brew comes up and out the spout and into your favorite coffee mug. If you like this post, you might be interested in learning the difference between a Moka Pot and a Percolator.

Aluminum Vs. Stainless Steel Moka Pots: How Are They Different?

The main differences between aluminum and stainless steel Moka Pots are cost and durability. Aluminum Moka Pots tend to be more affordable than their stainless steel counterparts, but they also tend to be of lower quality.

Aluminum does not retain heat as efficiently. It’s lighter and will likely need replacing sooner than stainless steel.

What’s Better About Aluminum?

Aluminum Moka Pots can be budget-friendly. There are several models available for less than $20 online.

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In addition, aluminum Moka Pots come in various colors, making it easy to color coordinate with your existing coffee bar style. When it comes to brewing coffee, aluminum will heat up faster than stainless steel. 

What’s Better About Stainless Steel?

Stainless Steel Moka Pots are more durable and last longer than aluminum. They keep brewed coffee hotter longer than aluminum which can be nice if you’re brewing several cups of coffee. 

There is some evidence suggesting aluminum Moka Pots may leach into the brewed coffee. This leaching could impact flavor and potentially pose a health concern. Whether you believe that or not, stainless steel Moka pots are without such criticism.

Who Should Get An Aluminum Moka Pot?

Metal coffee pots for manual brewing to replace large espresso machines
Moka pot has great color choices other than silver

If you have not yet tried this brewing style, it may be wise to start with a lower-cost option until you get the hang of it. Aluminum Moka Pots are affordable and can be purchased easily online. They are also a great color choice other than silver. 

Lastly, the original Bialetti Moka Pot is made from aluminum, so if authenticity is important, opt for this one.

Who Should Get A Stainless Steel Moka Pot?

If you are looking for a Moka Pot that will last for many years and don’t mind spending a little more, then stainless steel is for you. 

It’s ideal if you like sleek, modern styling. It fits right in with a kitchen already equipped with other stainless steel appliances. If you have any health concerns regarding aluminum, then stainless steel is also the better choice. Now, read our guide to ceramic versus steel coffee grinders.


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