7 Top Reasons Why You Should Use An Electric Kettle

An electric kettle can elevate your java experience in more ways than you think. Read on to learn why you should use an electric kettle can enhance your coffee-driven life!

Why You Should Use An Electric Kettle
Electric kettle can elevate your java experience

I am always reminded of the “old days” whenever I see new and advanced appliances. Take the kettle, for example; I remember when I used to excitedly turn the gas on, light the stove top, and wait for that earsplitting albeit euphonious whistle. My favorite part was when my mom would shout to get out of the way lest we wanted to get scalded.

Don’t get me wrong; I love innovation. Although I miss those traditional days, technological advancements are there to make our lives easier. When it comes to making your hot coffee or tea, you can never go wrong with an electric kettle. Here are the reasons why an electric kettle is a great coffee companion.

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1. An Electric Kettle Boils Water Faster

Your typical stovetop kettle can take up to 15 minutes to boil a liter of water, but the electric kettle can boil the same amount in roughly two to five minutes. That gives you an extra 10 minutes to work on other things! This is also faster compared to the microwave, which takes about seven minutes maximum.

Electric kettles do not rely on external heat as they have their own source. Once it starts to heat up, the electric kettle’s body is designed to trap the heat. It doesn’t have any place to go, so this heat goes back to the water, raising its temperature and allowing it to boil faster. 

2. Electric Kettles Are More Efficient

The appliance is 80% energy-efficient, meaning more energy from the electricity is utilized to boil your water with little waste. This is because the heating mechanism or the coil is sitting directly below the water, which boils the water faster. This is compounded by the kettle’s insulated body which traps the heat.

On the contrary, the microwave is only 50% efficient as a significant amount of energy is lost. Stovetops, on the other hand, are just around 70% efficient as most of the energy also heats the surrounding air. 

Kettle in stove blowing smoke
Stovetops kettle 70% efficient as most of the energy also heats the surrounding air

Arguably, although stove-top kettles often use gas which is a cheaper source of energy, using an electric kettle is slightly more cost-efficient since it uses less electricity and little time to boil water. At the end of the day, it all boils down to how frequently you use your kettles. You can learn more by checking out our in-depth guide on the electric kettle and its electricity consumption!

3. Your Coffee Or Tea Will Taste Better

Temperature plays a crucial role in making your hot beverage taste better. The ideal water temperature will help extract more compounds from your coffee grounds. Too hot and it will over-extract, resulting in a bitter java; too cold and it will give you a flat and dull flavor. 

The same goes for tea. Too hot of a boil can burn your tea leaves and dissolve their natural compounds, while a cold one won’t extract much of its caffeine content.

The drawback with the stove-top kettle is you can’t really monitor its temperature unless you have a thermometer. Most electric kettles have temperature control, meaning they won’t overboil your water. There are also advanced models that allow you to modify your desired temperature according to your preference.

4. Electric Kettles Are Safer

A feature that most, if not all, electric kettles share is its auto-off function once the water reaches its required boiling temperature. With stove-top kettles, you have to wait for them to whistle before you can turn off the stove, and this can pose a risk if you aren’t paying attention. 

In the United States alone, cooktops accounted for 61% of reported home cooking fires, 78% resulting in injuries, and 87% resulting in loss of life

Always go for the electric option, but avoid boiling water absent-mindedly. Make sure there is ample space between the kettle and the electrical outlet, as well as combustible objects such as rags. 

5. An Electric Kettle Has Other Uses

Aside from boiling water, you can utilize an electric kettle for other cooking or household-related tasks. For instance, you can boil eggs in it, provided that its electric metal coils aren’t exposed at the bottom. You can also use it to sterilize baby bottles or use it as a watering can if you have leftover cool water for your plants!

However, I wouldn’t recommend using it to brew your coffee directly as it contains oils that may clog certain kettle components. Residues from coffee grounds and tea leaves might also find their way to the unit’s nook and crannies. This also goes for those who try to cook rice or make soups in a kettle.

6. An Electric Kettle Is Portable

Electric kettles are very easy to carry around. You can bring it to your office or even on vacation, provided that you have an electrical source. 

Additionally, you won’t have a problem if you are particular with the aesthetic of your appliances. Electric kettles are made from different materials, such as stainless steel, plastic, copper, and glass. These also come in various designs, shapes, features, and colors that can cater to your preferences. Check out our guide on the best electric kettle for your home kitchen.

7. The Future Of The Electric Kettle Is Promising

Traditionalists might fight me over this. While it is true that a stove top kettle has its advantages, coffee and tea lovers should embrace kettle innovations as they can make our lives easier and safer in the future. 

Wifi Smart kettle in the table
Some brands have already released units that keep water warm for longer

Aside from the temperature control and the auto-off functions we see today, manufacturers are aiming to make a true cordless electric kettle. Some brands have already released units that keep water warm for longer, and one can be programmed to automatically heat your water at a scheduled time.

For example, iKettle is a Wi-Fi-equipped electric kettle. The user can activate it through their phones, which will boil the water. You can even order it to keep the water warm for up to 40 minutes! It is perfect if you are running late and want to brew a comforting hot beverage when you get home.


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