Where To Buy A Coffee Table?

What’s better than enjoying your cup of coffee on a perfect coffee table to elevate the experience. Read more to find out where to buy a coffee table.

Where to buy a coffee table?

I remember our first coffee table back at our home. It served as our mini container for the most random things. Can’t find the car keys? You left it at the coffee table. Can’t find the remote? Check the drawer underneath.

Back then, buying one was a chore. You’d have to go to your local furniture shop and check the item personally, or you can browse furniture catalogs. Most of the coffee tables then are bulky and not easy to transport lest you bring a van or have it delivered, but nowadays, it’s just as easy as brewing a cup of Joe.

Where Should You Look For A Coffee Table?

You can go to your nearest Ashley Furniture if you’re looking to style your home. If you’re looking for something more affordable and simpler in design, you can go to your nearest IKEA or Target store. My only advice is to make sure that it would fit in your vehicle.

Most of us have busy schedules, so buying online is also an option. Mobile apps such as Pepperly and Wayfair allow you to browse and purchase through your phone at your convenience. The downsides are you won’t be able to check the item personally, plus the delivery time and the additional fee might hurt.

Another option would be to check for local carpenters around your area. They can craft a sturdier coffee table, and you have an opportunity to customize the design according to your taste. You can also control how much you need to spend and choose what materials to use.

Materials For Your Coffee Table

Where to buy a coffee table?
Stone coffee tables are the easiest to clean, so there is no need to worry about coffee stains

This furniture is convenient because it complements your living room. It serves as an appropriate support for your beverages (especially when you have guests), books, gadgets, and other small items.

But not every coffee table is made of wood. You’d be surprised how this simple fixture has evolved since its inception. Here are some materials to choose from when you decide to accentuate your home.


Wood is the perfect option for first-time buyers as wooden coffee tables can fit into most home designs and are the most diverse in terms of style. It’s also the easiest to customize if you want drawers to hold your items. However, using coasters when drinking beverages is highly recommended, as water will seep through your table and might erode the wood.


These are commonly made from marble and are ideal for modern or contemporary homes. It’s also the easiest to clean, so there is no need to worry about coffee stains. The challenge for stone coffee tables is that it’s hard to adjust once set. Make sure you know where to place it before buying it!


A glass coffee table is for you if you’re going for aesthetics, but I won’t recommend this if you have children running around the living room. Another disadvantage is that it’s highly susceptible to scratches, so ensure you have protective layerings such as rubber or leather mats.


These are your stylized coffee tables made from raw materials such as rattan, bamboo, or seagrass. They are lightweight so that you can move them freely, and they are probably the safest if you have kids. A drawback for these is that they can accumulate dust easily. 

There are other materials, like metal, acrylic, and even rubber. Consider the style of your home, the space, and the situation before you bring it all to the table.

Perhaps you’re looking for something to complement your coffee shop? Here are our six top choices for the best coffee shop tables and our buyer’s guide to coffee shop furniture!

Laying The Cards On The Coffee Table

Picking a coffee table is not as easy as you might think. We discussed the materials, but you also have to consider the style of the table itself. Should it be oval or rectangular? Should it look industrialized or contemporary? 

Picking the height is important, as well. If you desire more legroom, an 18 to 24-inch coffee table might be the best. Size-wise, it should depend on your living room’s available space, so measure first before you hit the add-to-cart button.

You should also consider its purpose. If it’s to beautify your living room, prefer something simple such as a rounded coffee table or an irregular-shaped one if you have a modern interior look. Consider the rectangular or square-shaped ones with drawers or an open shelf below if you love hosting social gatherings. 


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