What Is a Skinny Latte? Read This First!

Wondering what is a skinny latte? Fear not. We explain in this guide.

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Skinny latte is a popular drink enjoyed by many

While a hot cup of coffee can be incredibly refreshing, there may come a point when you want to try out some different types of beverages. A skinny latte is a popular drink that can give you a boost of energy while satisfying your craving for coffee. If you have been on the search for an exciting new drink, then you might want to give the skinny latte a shot.

Have you been hearing a lot about skinny lattes but aren’t exactly sure what that beverage is? A skinny latte is nothing more than an espresso drink that is mixed with a few ounces of low-fat or nonfat milk. Here is a closer look at why this beverage has gotten so popular in recent years and how you can make it at home.

The Basics Of Brewing Coffee

Before delving into exactly what a skinny latte is, you should first take a step back and consider how various types of coffee are brewed. When you make a traditional cup of coffee, you extract all of the oils and nutrients from the grounds with very hot water. That process can be accomplished with a wide variety of devices ranging from the French press to a basic household percolator.

Espresso is somewhat similar to a traditional cup of coffee, and it is one of the primary ingredients in the skinny latte. To make an espresso, you must push hot water through very fine coffee grounds in a short period of time. Unfortunately, espresso is very difficult to brew unless you have special machinery.

Inside an espresso machine, there is a small pressurized chamber that fills up with water. Once the water has been pressurized and heated, it is shot through a small amount of finely ground coffee beans. The entire process usually only takes around 30 seconds, and it results in a beverage that is robust, aromatic, and filled with quite a bit of caffeine.

To make a latte, you will pull a concentrated shot of espresso so that the flavors balance out. Using traditional coffee to make a latte will result in a beverage that is very sweet and creamy. A sweeter drink that is made from traditional coffee can be enjoyable in some situations, but it isn’t going to be classified as a latte.

The latte itself is traditionally made with two ounces of espresso and around eight or nine ounces of steamed milk. You can also top your latte with a splash of creamer or a very small amount of foamed milk. Many experienced baristas use the foam as a canvas for creating designs, but that type of art isn’t going to alter the overall taste of the drink.

In order to alter the flavor of your latte or skinny latte, you will most likely want to use some type of syrup. There are now hundreds of different syrups to choose from, and those products can have a huge impact on the final taste of your beverage. Some of the most popular syrups for lattes include vanilla, mint, peppermint, and mocha.

From Latte To Skinny Latte

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Skinny latte uses milk that has little or no fat

A basic latte is a great option for those who are getting tired of traditional coffee, but the extra milk can add quite a few calories to this drink. While a cup of black coffee has almost no calories, a single latte could contain well over 100 calories and quite a few grams of sugar depending on what ingredients you use.

For a skinny latte, you are basically replacing the whole milk with some other type of milk that has little or no fat. You can also use syrup or a flavor enhancer that has no calories or added sugars. Swapping out those ingredients might not seem like they will make a big difference, but switching over to skinny lattes could help you cut back on thousands of calories a week.

There are many great alternatives to whole milk, and you will probably want to do some experimenting to see which option is right for you. To create the easiest skinny latte, all you have to do is switch from whole milk to low-fat or nonfat milk. Unfortunately, making that switch could alter the taste as well as the texture of your skinny latte.

In addition to milk that has a lower fat content, you could also try alternative types of milk. Almond milk is one of the most popular options for skinny lattes, and that beverage can now be found at most grocery stores.

Oat milk is a common choice as well, and it is going to give your latte an earthy flavor. It is also filled with a variety of nutrients, including vitamin A, vitamin D, potassium, iron, calcium, and fiber.

One of the biggest drawbacks of those alternative liquids is just how difficult it will be to make foam. While foam can be made from all of those beverages, you might need to spend a little extra time aerating the liquid. You must also keep a close eye on the ingredient lists because some companies add sugar to their dairy-free milk products.


Making Your First Skinny Latte

Even if you have quite a bit of experience brewing various coffee drinks, making a latte can still be tricky. The easiest way to make a latte is with a dedicated espresso machine. Those machines are more affordable than ever, and you should be able to master all of the basic functions within a matter of minutes.

If you don’t have a lot of counter space in your kitchen, then you could go with a combination appliance that brews traditional coffee as well as espresso. Those appliances usually have one brewing head that is attached to a central body, and they can be used to brew a wide range of amazing drinks.

To make an espresso with the espresso maker, all you have to do is follow the instructions that came with the unit. For most espresso makers, you pour the water into one chamber and then place some finely ground coffee in the other. The grounds must be very fine for espresso or you could potentially damage the machine.

Once those two ingredients have been added, you can simply hit the “Brew” button and let the device fill your cup up. After the brewing stage is complete, it is then time to add your choice of steamed low-fat or nonfat milk (see how to froth and steam it). As a general rule, you should use at least seven or eight ounces of milk, but you might need to use more or less depending on how rich you like your coffee drinks.

For those who want to try out different flavors, sugar-free syrups can be added to the cup before the espresso has brewed. By adding the syrup first, you can make sure that it is thoroughly mixed into the beverage. When you are making your first few skinny lattes, you should try to use as few ingredients as possible so that you can focus on your techniques.

Open Up A Whole New World Of Beverages With The Skinny Latte

Now that you know exactly what a skinny latte is and how to make one, your next step is to start experimenting. There are countless ways to personalize this type of beverage, and the sky is the limit when it comes to all of the different milk products, syrups, and flavored oils that can be added to a skinny latte.

What Is A Skinny Latte: Related Questions

What are the best mixtures for a skinny latte?

The type of liquid that you mix with the espresso is going to come down to personal preferences. For a latte that isn’t as robust or aromatic, you might want to use one percent or nonfat milk. Almond and oat milk are popular options as well, and those liquids have their own flavor profiles.

Are skinny lattes healthier than traditional lattes?

If you are on a diet that limits your consumption of fats and sugars, then a skinnier latte might be a better choice than a traditional latte. That being said, regular lattes can also be relatively healthy as long as you use high-quality ingredients and avoid processed sweeteners.