What Is A Lift Top Coffee Table? Answered

A lift top coffee table can be the perfect upgrade to the old one you have at your home, but exactly what is a lift top coffee table? Read on to find out more about it and if it’s the perfect upgrade for you.

We, coffee lovers, are known to be multitaskers; just ask the scientists from the University of Illinois. Consequently, we love items that can assist with our routine, and the lift top coffee table offers precisely that.

A pain point for the standard coffee table is, more often than not, its size. It can be too small for some and lacks a bit of versatility. Once you get used to seeing it every day, you start to question why you even bought it in the first place.

Buying or upgrading to a lift top coffee table is the next step. But what exactly is it, and why should you consider buying it?

A Level-Up To Your Standard Coffee Table

A lift-top coffee table is a multi-functional fixture commonly made of wood and is usually 24 to 30 inches tall when elevated and 40 to 50 inches wide. It contains a lifting apparatus that enables the user to raise the tabletop to the optimum height, depending on the situation.

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Have a look at this example.

Itaar 43" Lift Top Coffee Table, 3 in 1 Multi-Function Coffee Table

with Storage for Living Room, Small Coffee Table for Dining Reception Room, Rustic Brown.

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A Coffee Table In Its Purest Form

Like a regular coffee table, it can accentuate your living room and serve as a holder for your beverages, reading materials, and storage for smaller items. Usually, lift tops have more room for stashing things away in the space underneath the tabletop plus extra drawers and shelves built into it.

Complements Your Working Habits

Working from home has become the new norm, and the lift-top coffee table is the perfect desk. The elevated tabletop can hold up to five kilograms, giving you enough weight capacity to support your laptop or tablet and still have room for your cup of joe!

In addition, the storage underneath the tabletop can hold your everyday office materials and essential documents. 

If you’re the type who constructs their PC set-up, the elevated top can support your monitor while the space below can hold your keyboard and mouse!

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Provides A Convenient Dining Experience

Standard coffee tables are too small to utilize as a dining table, so imagine the back pain you’ll get from eating while watching television. Lift tops do away with this inconvenience since it usually rises to the same height as the regular dining table.

You can now relish your meal for the day while enjoying an episode of Bridgerton.

The Advantages Of A Lift Top Coffee Table

This fixture is perfect for those who have limited space at home. Its practicality allows you to invest in other things, whether for a new home appliance for the family or a dedicated play area for you and your kids.

This piece of furniture can help you save time when working from home. One minute you’re enjoying your morning cup of joe; the next, you’re setting up your workspace on the same table. You can store office essentials below, so you’re ready to go anytime. 

Health-wise, it can help ease neck and back pains. You won’t have to lean over or hunch anytime you’re eating or working since the elevated tabletop usually reaches your eye level.

If you’re a first-time coffee table buyer, I recommend going straight for the lift tops as they are more practical and more economical in the long run. For those looking to upgrade, consider your budget and purpose for buying. If your place is small and you’re working from home, it’s probably time to hit the add to cart button and go for it!

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FAQs On What Is A Lift Top Coffee Table

Are There Different Kinds Of Lift Top Coffee Tables?

Lift top coffee tables are traditionally made from wood, but there are lift tops made from glass, metal, faux marble, and even leather. It also comes in different shapes aside from rectangular ones. There are oval and hexagonal variants, but my favorite is the pie-shaped ones.

Do All Lift-Top Coffee Tables Open Straight Up?

No, and that’s one of the things I love about it. The lifting mechanism opens your tabletop in three different ways – straight up, sideways, where the tabletop is lifted and moved to the side, or swivel, where the tabletops are turned or rotated to create an irregular shape.


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