What Does Barley Milk Tea Taste Like?

Barley milk tea continues to be a prevailing choice among consumers, particularly in East Asian countries. Question is, what does barley milk tea taste like?

What does barley milk tea taste like?
Barley milk tea is just one of many blend selections you can find today

I’m a late bloomer when it comes to milk tea. It became popular during my early high school days, but I could only try the beverage right when I was about to finish college. I am fascinated with trying all the flavors that every milk tea shop offers.

In that venture, I found the barley milk tea blend. If you’re a cereal grain kid like me, this is a match made in heaven.

The Taste And Aroma Of Barley Milk Tea

The barley milk tea’s flavor is unique. It has an earthy and nutty flavor but is not too overwhelming since it’s nullified by the milk’s creaminess and light sweetness.

Depending on the amount of barley it contains, it gives a pleasing woody aftertaste that lingers for a good amount of time. Picture a good cup of coffee that’s meticulously combined with tea. That’s how I can best describe this beverage.

You will detect a mellowed-down smokey scent coming from the barley in terms of aroma. Regarding its texture, you might find it thicker than other milk tea variants since barley is a cereal grain and naturally rich in fiber, enhanced by the richness of the milk.

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Health Benefits Of Barley Milk Tea

Health benefits of barley milk tea
Researchers discovered that tea lowers cortisol levels in your body, a hormone commonly associated with stress

It tastes and smells delicious, but is it nutritious? If you want to reduce or skip the sugar in your barley milk tea, then yes! There are several health benefits to barley and milk tea.

It Can Reduce Your Stress Levels And Improves Mental Health

Researchers discovered that tea lowers cortisol levels in your body, a hormone commonly associated with stress. It was also found that it lowers the risk of developing depression and dementia in the long term, although more studies need to be conducted. 

Combine that with milk which contains lactium, a protein that also reduces cortisol levels, and tryptophan, an amino acid that synthesizes serotonin to help your body relax.

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Packed With Nutrients, Vitamins, And Minerals

According to a study published by the National Library of Medicine, barley is rich in lignans, a fiber-associated compound, and antioxidants that lower the risk of heart disease and certain kinds of cancers. In addition, it’s also packed with, among others, vitamin B1, which helps your body metabolize fats and protein, and magnesium, which aids in the regulation of muscle and nerve function, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure.

We all know how loaded milk and tea are with nutrients, most notably potassium and magnesium, which assists in maintaining your bones. According to one of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition studies, women aged 65 to 76 years old who regularly consume tea had higher bone mineral density than those who don’t drink tea!

Despite this, a word of caution: milk tea still contains caffeine, and with it comes the side effects. It can alter your sleeping patterns and may induce anxiety-like symptoms if you drink too much. As I’ve said time and again, moderation is always the key!

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Brewing Barley Milk Tea

Brewing barley milk tea
Put your barley tea bag in and let it steep for about five to eight minutes to fully extract the barley’s flavor

Making barley milk tea won’t take too much of your time if you don’t have time to visit a milk tea shop. I highly recommend this as you can simply ditch or control the sugar content.

Barley Milk Tea Recipe

Prep Time 10 minutes


  • Cup
  • Kettle


  • 1 barley teabag or teaspoon of barely
  • Milk
  • Water
  • Honey or sugar optional
  • Ice optional


  • Pour warm water into your cup until it’s about half to three-quarters full.
  • Put the barley tea bag in and steep it for five to eight minutes to fully extract its flavor.
  • Set aside your tea bag or put it into another cup for a refreshing barley tea later in the day.
  • Carefully pour your milk into your tea until your cup is full, and mix it.
  • Sweeten it with honey or sugar.
  • Since it’s best served cold, you can cool it down with some ice cubes.

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