How To Make Jasmine Milk Tea? A Quick Guide

If you are new to jasmine milk tea or love it so much that you want to make your own, you are in luck. The process of how to make jasmine milk tea is simple.

Dried jasmine leaves and flowers and pyramid tea bags
All you need is the right ingredients to make a jasmine milk tea

If you cannot find a place local to you that serves jasmine milk tea, you can still enjoy this popular drink. All you need is the proper ingredients and a little prep time to create the perfect cup of this flavorful beverage. 

What Is Jasmine Milk Tea? 

Living up to its name, jasminemilk tea comes from infusing the leaves of the jasmine plant with green tea and requires using milk. This beverage is sweet and aromatic, making it a favorite for many. 

Also known as jasmine boba tea or jasmine bubble tea, the basis for creating this beverage is the same. While most jasmine milk tea blends use a green tea base, they can also use black, white, or oolong tea. You can enjoy this enticing drink both hot and cold, depending on your preference. 

How To Make Jasmine Milk Tea At Home

Creating jasmine milk tea at home is simple and can be less expensive than running out to your local tea shop each time you crave a drink. With the proper equipment and ingredients, enjoying jasmine milk tea can be a regular occurrence. 

1. Gather Your Supplies And Ingredients

Having everything you need on hand is vital to create the best jasmine milk tea possible. You will need a teapot, loose-leaf jasmine tea or tea blend, the sweetener of your choice, and creamer or whole milk. If you want a cold jasmine milk tea beverage, you may prefer to include tapioca balls on your list.

2. Prepare The Pot And Water

How you prepare the water is up to you

Fill your teapot with three to four cups of water and heat it to boiling. How you prepare the water is up to you. Some individuals like electric kettles, while others prefer a traditional teapot on the stove. Both methods will work fine to create your jasmine milk tea. 

3. Reduce Heat And Add Jasmine Leaves

You do not want to add your jasmine leaves to hot water with a rolling boil since it can burn them and result in a bitter tea. Reduce the heat to medium and add your jasmine leaves to steep. The longer you keep them in the water, the stronger the flavor of tea you will have. 

Typically, steeping jasmine tea leaves will take anywhere from three to seven minutes, depending on your flavor preference. 

4. Strain Out The Jasmine Leaves 

After the allotted steeping time, you will need to remove the jasmine leaves from the boiling water. The type of teapot you use will determine how you strain them out of the infused tea. Some models will have a built-in strainer, while others will require you to manually strain them out with cheesecloth or a reusable wire mesh filter. 

5. Add The Sweetener

The sweetener you use is up to you. Some prefer honey, while others like brown sugar or artificial sweeteners. If you prefer honey in your jasmine milk tea, it will be easier to add while the water is still hot rather than after including milk and cooling it down.

Use one tablespoon of sweetener and mix well. 

6. Optional: Add Tapioca Pearls For A Boba Drink

cooking boba pearls for milk tea
Boba pearls are cook ahead of time before it is added in jasmine milk tea

Individuals who enjoy the cold version of jasmine milk tea may like adding tapioca pearls for a bubble or boba beverage. These beads require cooking ahead of time, so they are ready to add when the steeping is complete. Follow the package directions on preparing your beads and have them ready when you dissolve the sweetener.

Add three to four tablespoons of tapioca beads to your glass before adding milk to your beverage. 

7. Include The Milk 

The type of milk to use can vary from regular milk to thicker cream products. You can also try adding almond milk, coconut milk, or soy milk as an alternative to traditional dairy. Each milk product will bring a unique flavor to your jasmine milk tea drink. 

Add ¼ cup of the milk product of your choice and blend thoroughly. 

The Final Word

Jasmine milk tea is an aromatic and flavorful drink that is exceptional when served hot or cold. Try enjoying both varieties and see which one you like best. You may be surprised at how great it is. 

Jasmine Milk Tea FAQs

Can you put milk in jasmine tea?

Yes, of course, you can put milk in jasmine tea. It all depends on your preference. Some individuals prefer their tea without sweetener and milk or just sweetener, while others enjoy milk included. 

When you add milk to jasmine tea, it will change the flavor slightly, which some people prefer. Milk helps mute any bitterness in the tea and gives it a mild taste rather than bold. 

What Is Jasmine milk tea made of?

Jasmine milk tea is made from infusing jasmine leaves with a green tea base, adding your favorite sweetener, and finishing it off with milk. Some individuals will also add tapioca balls in the cold version of this beverage as an alternative.


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