RYZE Mushroom Coffee Review: Is It Worth It?

Is RYZE Mushroom Coffee worth it? Find out if you should try this powerful mushroom blend in this RYZE mushroom coffee review.

RYZE mushroom coffee review
Medicinal mushrooms and MCT oil gives RYZE its creamy consistency

Cordyceps, lion’s mane, and reishi mushrooms, oh my! Those are just three of the eight ingredients in the coffee alternative known as RYZE Coffee. This coffee alternative is made of other mushrooms, including turkey tail and king trumpet, all of which have purported health benefits you’ll only experience with RYZE coffee.

What makes RYZE Coffee different from regular coffee? Medicinal mushrooms and MCT oil gives RYZE its creamy consistency. People swear by this blend, but I couldn’t figure out if I loved it or hated it at first glance. RYZE Coffee is a good halfway point for people who want to experience its mushroom blend’s health benefits and antioxidants but aren’t committed to giving up caffeine.

For more, read our guide explaining why mushroom coffee.

What Is RYZE Coffee?

RYZE Coffee was founded by two Harvard graduates, Andrée and Rashad, looking to improve their productivity. They started by trying different nootropic supplements to replace their coffee ritual. Like many coffee drinkers, Andree and Rashad depended on cup after cup of coffee but did suffer some of the negative side effects caffeine can have. You might also be interested in our MUDWTR vs. Everyday Dose comparison.

These side effects can include:

  • Jitters
  • Anxiety
  • Restlessness
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • High blood pressure
  • Caffeine fatigue

They wanted to get coffee’s benefits without the adverse side effects. That’s when they discovered medicinal mushrooms and MCT oil, two ingredients that would be key in formulating what is now known as RYZE Coffee.

The founders created a coffee alternative that contains medicinal mushrooms that have been used for centuries in Eastern medicine for their healing properties. Don’t worry, these mushrooms aren’t dangerous in this blend, and they aren’t the type of magical mushrooms you think of that will make you hallucinate. RYZE Coffee is an 8-ingredient blend of coffee, MCT oil, medicinal mushrooms, and adaptogens.

This coffee has become popular among biohackers and people looking for a more natural way to increase their productivity.

In addition, unlike other coffee alternatives and replacements, they use arabica coffee beans in their blend. This is the same type of coffee bean that’s used to make traditional coffee. The main difference between RYZE Coffee and regular coffee is the addition of medicinal mushrooms and MCT oil while maintaining a low dose of caffeine at around 48 mg per serving.

Who Makes RYZE?

The founders of RYZE Superfoods Coffee are two Harvard graduates, Andree Werner and Rashad Hossain. Both began the company in 2020, which is based in Boston, MA. According to its LinkedIn profile, RYZE is a relatively small company with only 10 employees. However, what they lack in size they make up for in creativity and a superb blend of high-quality adaptogens.

According to the company, packaging takes place in Texas while its mushrooms are grown in California. Other ingredients, such as arabica coffee and MCT oil, are harvested from top-quality national producers. 

RYZE Coffee Pricing

Despite containing medicinal mushrooms and additional ingredients, RYZE Coffee doesn’t break the bank. A single bag of coffee retails for $30. This price is on par with other premium coffees on the market and is enough for 30 servings.

This means you’ll only be spending around $1 per coffee serving (much cheaper than you would at Starbucks!).

You can also buy RYZE Coffee in a subscription, which gives you a discount. A one-time purchase of a bag of coffee is $30, but a starter subscription is only $66 for two bags, a wooden acacia spoon, and a gratitude journal.

It’s important to note that they automatically enroll you in a monthly subscription service when you buy a bag of coffee, so be sure to cancel if you only want a one-time purchase.

Unfortunately, you’ll find many reviews complaining about how hard it is to cancel their subscription service and how hard it is to get someone on the phone. The renewal process works like this: 3 days before your subscription is set to renew, they send you an email informing you that your account will be charged $30 in 3 days (enough for a 30-day supply automatically). If you don’t cancel within those three days, your credit card on file will be charged.

The best way to avoid being charged for a subscription you don’t want is to cancel as soon as you receive the email informing you that your subscription is about to renew. Or, if you’re not interested in the subscription service, only buy a bag of coffee when there’s a sale (they have deals pretty often, such as for black Friday).

While subscription service might turn some people off, you’re not obligated to keep it. You can cancel at any time, and there’s no minimum commitment. Of course, for people on a tight budget, $1 a day for coffee isn’t bad. 

Who Is RYZE Coffee For?

Some people will love RYZE Coffee. Some key audiences include the following.

Coffee Alternative Seekers

People looking for an alternative to regular coffee will enjoy RYZE Coffee. This is because it has all the benefits of coffee (flavor, aroma, etc.) without jitters and acidity. However, RYZE does contain quite a high amount of caffeine compared to other alternatives, so those looking for a completely caffeine-free coffee alternative might want to try something else.

In addition, RYZE is surprisingly one of the most affordable coffee alternatives on the market at only $30 for 30 servings, or $1 per serving.

Those Who Want Organic and All-Natural Ingredients

There are no additives or preservatives in RYZE Coffee. This is because the company uses only organic and all-natural ingredients. This is great news for people looking for a healthy coffee alternative that won’t introduce foreign sweeteners, flavors, or other ingredients into their diet.

If you’re a fan of mushrooms, you’ll love RYZE Coffee. It contains various mushrooms, giving it a unique flavor and plenty of health benefits. For mushroom lovers, the Earthy tones of RYZE Coffee will be a welcome addition to a morning routine.

Unfortunately, if you don’t like the taste of mushrooms, RYZE Coffee might not be for you.

People Who Are Sensitive To Caffeine

As we mentioned before, if you’re sensitive to caffeine, you might want to steer clear of RYZE Coffee or start with a smaller serving. This is because it still contains 48mg of caffeine per serving, which, although RYZE likes to think is minimal, can still be too much for some people. So, if you’re sensitive to caffeine, we recommend trying a different coffee alternative.

Those Who Want a Subscription Service

RYZE Coffee is an excellent option if you want a coffee subscription service. This is because they offer an automatic coffee subscription service that delivers fresh coffee to your door every month. This is a great way to ensure you always have fresh, delicious coffee.

Plus, it’s a great way to save money on your coffee habit.

What Is In RYZE Coffee?

RYZE Coffee is a great alternative for those looking for a more natural way to increase their productivity. Adding functional mushrooms and MCT oil makes this coffee a more potent biohack than regular coffee. There are 8 ingredients in RYZE coffee, including their 2,000 mg blend of mushrooms.

It also has 48mg of caffeine, which is about half a standard cup of coffee.

Back portion of RYZE mushroom coffee pack
There are 8 ingredients in RYZE coffee


RYZE Mushroom Coffee contains Cordyceps, which is a type of fungus that has been traditionally used in Chinese medicine. This mushroom improves energy levels, stamina, and athletic performance. RYZE uses it as a stamina booster, and it purportedly is responsible for the boost of energy people feel when drinking RYZE.

Cordyceps has also been shown to boost the immune system, fight inflammation, and help regulate blood sugar levels.

Turkey Tail Mushrooms

Turkey tail is one of a unique mushroom. It’s often used in cancer treatments as an immunostimulant and anti-inflammatory. Turkey tail has also been shown to help improve gut health, digestion, and cognitive function.

While it’s pretty common to see cordyceps in coffee and other energy drinks, it’s less common to see turkey tail. This makes RYZE Coffee a more potent coffee alternative for those looking for the benefits of mushrooms.

King Trumpet Mushrooms

King trumpet mushrooms are an oyster mushroom often used in Asian cuisine. While they don’t have the same medicinal properties as cordyceps or turkey tail, they do have some health benefits. King trumpets are an excellent source of antioxidants and B vitamins, and they’ve been shown to improve heart health and lower cholesterol levels.

They’re also prebiotics, meaning they help support the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut. This is important for gut health, digestion, and immunity. According to RYZE, they’re also good for reducing inflammation.

Reishi Mushrooms

Reishi mushrooms are another ingredient in RYZE Coffee. These mushrooms are known for their immune-boosting properties and have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. Reishi mushrooms are also believed to help reduce stress, anxiety, and fatigue.

In RYZE, they are used for fighting against stress, which is one of the drawbacks of regular coffee. Drinking regular coffee can sometimes, result in increased anxiety and jitters.

Lion’s Mane Mushrooms

Lion’s Mane is purported to have many health benefits, specifically for cognitive function. This mushroom is known for improving memory, focus, and concentration. Lion’s Mane is also believed to help protect the brain from age-related damage, Alzheimer’s Disease and improve nerve function.

Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms are edible mushrooms with a wide range of uses, from teas to cooking. While they don’t have the same medicinal properties as some of the other mushrooms in RYZE, they do have several health benefits. Shiitake mushrooms are a good source of antioxidants and essential nutrients, and they’ve been shown to boost the immune system.

They’re also believed to help improve heart health, lower cholesterol levels, and protect against certain types of cancer.


MCT oil is a type of oil that is derived from coconut oil. Unlike other oils, MCT oil is absorbed quickly by the body and used for energy. MCT oil is an excellent source of healthy fats and has been shown to help with weight loss, mental clarity, and increased energy levels.

In addition, it can replace creamer and sugar in coffee because of its unique consistency.

Arabica Coffee

Arabica coffee is the most popular type of coffee in the world. It’s known for its rich flavor and aroma, and it’s used in many different types of coffee. Arabica coffee is also lower in acidity than other coffee types, making it easier on the stomach.

In RYZE, it gives a distinct strong flavor and a bit of bitterness, although it isn’t entirely overwhelming.

What are RYZE Coffee Alternatives?

RYZE Coffee is mainly in competition with other alternative coffee brands. It has certain similarities to Four Sigmatic’s products. Both Four Sigmatics and RYZE use mushrooms as its main ingredients, and both use coffee as their base.

The big difference is that RYZE Coffee uses a blend of eight mushrooms, while Four Sigmatic focuses on only two mushrooms (Lion’s Mane and Chaga). This makes RYZE Coffee a more potent coffee alternative for those looking for the benefits of mushrooms.

However, be warned, you might not get enough sleep if you drink RYZE Coffee before bed. The reason is that, like regular coffee, RYZE Coffee contains caffeine due to its Arabica coffee base. So, if you’re looking for a coffee alternative that doesn’t contain caffeine, you might want to try something else like MUD\WTR, which only contains 15mg of caffeine per service.

This is especially true if you’re sensitive to caffeine, as this product still contains 48mg of caffeine (which is more than other alternative coffees like Four Sigmatic and Everyday Dose).

What Does RYZE Coffee Taste Like?

I recently signed up for a RYZE Coffee subscription, and I was pleasantly surprised at the aroma when I opened the back. The aroma was akin to brown sugar and cinnamon, although RYZE states that none of its blends has added ingredients.

While the smell is more cinnamon and sugar, the taste is bitter. It was tough to drink black, although it had a certain creaminess to it thanks to the MCT oil. I drank it iced since the packaging said you could mix it with cold or hot water and I was surprised at how easily it dissolved and didn’t clump up.

Overall, RYZE has an earthy taste that’s nutty and bitter. There are strong hints of coffee, but it wasn’t as overwhelming as described. I added my favorite creamer (Coffemate sugar-free peppermint mocha) instead of drinking it black.

The drink, overall, still had an earthy undertone to it, making it a well-balanced drink. If you like the taste of super strong black coffee with a bit of mushroom mustiness, RYZE is the perfect drink for you.

A glass of cold RYZE mushroom coffee
You could mix it with cold or hot water

RYZE Coffee Recipes

There are several recipes that you can make with RYZE Coffee. Here are a few of my favorites to start the morning or for an afternoon pick-me-up:

Vanilla Chai Latte Blend


  • 1 cup RYZE Coffee
  • 1 cup almond milk (or any other type of milk)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground cardamom
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground cloves


  1. Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Serve over ice, and enjoy!

Mocha Latte


  • 1 cup RYZE Coffee
  • 1 splash of almond milk (or any other type of milk)
  • 2 tablespoons cocoa powder
  • 2 tablespoons maple syrup (or any other type of sweetener)
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract


  1. Prepare your coffee by mixing a tablespoon of RYZE with 8 oz water. Stir or froth
  2. Serve over ice with almond milk, cocoa powder, maple syrup, and vanilla extract, and enjoy!
  3. Top it with whipped cream or chocolate shavings if you want a little extra.

Iced Coffee Recipe


  • 1 tablespoon RYZE mix
  • 8 oz of water


  1. Combine all ingredients over ice, stirring until mixed.
  2. Enjoy as is, or add milk, sugar, or any other desired toppings. RYZE recommends using a milk alternative and guarantees their products are vegan (although they’re not certified yet).

FAQ On RYZE mushroom coffee

Does RYZE Coffee Break A Fast?

Strictly speaking, yes, RYZE Coffee does break a fast. However, many people who practice intermittent fasting will allow black coffee as it doesn’t contain any calories. There are 15 calories in each serving of RYZE Coffee, so if you’re following a strict intermittent fasting plan, you’ll want to avoid this coffee. However, if you’re following a more relaxed plan, you might be able to include RYZE Coffee as part of your fasting regimen.

Does RYZE Coffee Have Caffeine?

RYZE Coffee contains caffeine. Each serving contains 48mg of caffeine, which is about the same as half a cup of black coffee. However, RYZE Coffee uses arabica coffee, which gives it a smooth taste that integrates well with its mushroom blend.


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Is RYZE Coffee Good: The Final Word

All in all, we think RYZE Coffee is a great product. It’s perfect for those who are looking for an alternative to regular coffee, mushroom lovers, and those who want a subscription service. However, it’s important to note that it still contains caffeine, so those who are sensitive to caffeine might want to ease into this or look up other alternatives for a truly caffeine-free option.

RYZE Coffee is a great option if you’re looking for an affordable alternative to regular coffee that can provide an earthy flavor with high-quality ingredients.

In addition, if you’re not looking for a subscription and just want to buy it once, beware of the fine print when purchasing this product. Overall, we think RYZE Coffee is a great product and recommend it to anyone looking for an alternative to regular coffee. Its high reviews are a testament to its unique combination of flavor and health benefits.

So, if you’re looking for a new coffee to try, RYZE Coffee is an excellent option for an afternoon pick-me-up!

If you are interested in this type of coffee but want something lighter on caffeine, check out our RYZE coffee vs. MUDWTR comparison.


  • Cheaper price point than other coffee alternatives like Easy Dose
  • Can make hot or iced
  • High-quality blend of a variety of mushrooms
  • Subscription service makes it easy.


  • The strong taste might be too bitter for some
  • Still pricier than regular coffee
  • Higher caffeine content than other alternatives
  • Mushroom extract might not be enough for health benefits