10 Best Friday Coffee Memes To Celebrate The Weekend

It’s Friday, so you know what that means it’s time for coffee and memes! Better yet, why not sample the best Friday coffee memes the internet has to offer?

Friday coffee memes

For many people, a morning cup of coffee is a staple of their daily routine. For me, it’s not even a good morning until a cup of coffee has passed through my lips and into my belly; only then can I acknowledge the day has started and that I’m ready to face it.

Coffee lovers around the world know how vital their brews are, especially on a Friday morning. Since it’s the end of the week, coffee tastes a little sweeter on Friday, with the promise of a weekend around the corner.

To help capture that spirit, we’ve collected the top ten funny coffee memes that celebrate the marriage between Friday and coffee. Whether you’re one of the millions of coffee drinkers or just appreciate a good pun or two, these hilarious coffee memes are sure to delight you. You might also like these coffee addict memes.

1. Coffee Friday, Saturday, Sunday…

Coffee Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Every day is a coffee day

You don’t have to be a coffee addict to understand that the beverage is a daily occurrence for many people. This meme highlights that fact by illustrating that every day is a coffee day, not just Friday. In most cases, a cup of Joe is all that stands between order and chaos – productivity or laziness.

2. Strong Coffee – Short Friday

Strong coffee short Friday
A way to provide a little extra boost when Friday rolls around

Morning motivations can help you prepare for the day and give your best from start to finish. This meme looks like it could easily go on a coffee mug as a way to provide a little extra boost when Friday rolls around. Also, you could swap Friday for any other day, and it will still be just as motivating.

3. Hello, Friday!

Hello Friday
Coffee always brings a smile to my face

Sometimes, memes don’t really require pictures to work – the text does all the heavy lifting. However, a meme like this only works when you can see the image. Coffee always brings a smile to my face, and it’s nice to know that sometimes, just sometimes, it can smile back.

However, this picture does beg the question – does coffee know what day it is? Or would it have this same expression on a Monday morning as it would on a Friday?

4. Friday Coffee Motivations

Friday coffee motivations
It’s hard to care as much about meetings, schedules, and even social norms

The best Friday memes are those that acknowledge the weird space that this day inhabits. Technically, Friday is part of the work week, but it’s hard to stay motivated and productive all day, especially when you have weekend plans.

This meme highlights the struggle many workers have when Friday rolls around. The closer you get to quitting time, the harder it is to care as much about meetings, schedules, and even social norms.

5. Weekly Coffee Evolution

Weekly coffee evolution
It illustrates our love affair with coffee and our struggle to power through the entire week

Is your Monday coffee order the same as it is on Friday, or does it change throughout the week? We think this is one of the best funny Friday memes, as it illustrates our love affair with coffee and our struggle to power through the entire week.

Technically, you could see the glass on Friday as a cocktail, but we choose to view it as a cold coffee drink, perhaps a cold brew. Casual Fridays are still a thing at some workplaces, so why not kick back and relax with an iced cup of java?

6. How To Do Fridays Right

How to do Fridays right
It’s hard to care and pretend about work all day on Friday

Officially speaking, we have to say we don’t necessarily condone the message of this meme. While it is hard to care as much about work on a Friday, we don’t necessarily recommend that people pretend to work all day. Plus, when you have some great coffee running through your bloodstream, you can get lots of energy to finish projects and end the week on a positive note.

7. Friday + Coffee = Excellence

Friday + coffee = excellence
Friday can be distilled into something that you can add to your coffee

Although this meme technically falls under Happy Friday quotes, we believe that it would work best on a Monday morning instead. In this case, the relief and tranquility of a Friday can be distilled into something that you can add to your coffee.

If such an elixir existed, we’re sure that we would need to stock up on a year’s supply for sure. However, maybe it’s more of a placebo – as long as we believe there’s Friday in our mug, it can still have the same effect.

8. Piggy Coffee Friday

Piggy coffee Friday
Cute animals and good morning quotes

Memes have evolved over the years, and many formats have become more clever and meta in recent times. However, this classic-style meme knows how to bring a smile to your face – cute animals and good morning quotes.

Is there anything more enjoyable than a pig wearing sunglasses? Well, we’d have to imagine a puppy, kitten, or even a duck would look a little cuter, but this piglet still makes us happy. It’s nice to know that there’s still room for wholesome memes in this world. You might also be interested in learning why coffee is bad for dogs

9. Friday High Five

Friday high five
Coffee is literally the only thing keeping them going

For some people, coffee is simply a way to wake up and take on life’s challenges. For others, like the target audience of this meme, coffee is literally the only thing keeping them going. Unfortunately, hustle culture and the daily grind can make sleep a luxury, but thankfully, coffee always has our backs.

10. Favorite Words

Favorite words
Two favorite words would be Friday and coffee

If you had to pick two favorite words, would they be Friday and coffee? We’re not sure what our two favorite words would be, but in the absence of anything else, we’ll agree with this meme. Enough said. If you liked this post, you might also enjoy learning these funny coffee nicknames


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