Does Coffee Crisp Have Coffee In It? Answered

It tastes a little bit like coffee, so does Coffee Crisp have coffee in it for real? Let’s learn more about this sweet treat and the caffeine content of candy

Does coffee crisp have coffee in it
Coffee Crisp does contain caffeine in it

Crispy, slightly sweet, with a load of creaminess inside, Coffee Crisp is one of the best snacks that make my eyes sparkle whenever I find it in a gift basket. As the name suggests, Coffee Crisp does contain caffeine in it.

The brand claims that they use real coffee and artificial coffee flavoring, with approximately 20 mg of caffeine in each bar. Let’s learn more. 

A Lowdown On Coffee Crisp’s Story

Manufactured out of Toronto, Canada, Coffee Crisp was invented in the 1930s in the UK by a British company called Rowntree. Just in case you’re wondering, Rowntree is also the brand behind our beloved Kit Kats – no wonder the two have such a similar texture. If you have a sweet tooth, you might also want to learn about affogato

Initially, the crunchy bar had nothing to do with coffee. It was a creamy, crispy wafer drenched in chocolate, and that was it. It wasn’t until 1938, when the bar was brought to Canada, that coffee variation was added into the line – and boom, Coffee Crisp was born.

Fast forward to 1988, Nestlé took over Rowntree after a $4.5 billion buyout. Ever since then, Coffee Crisp has been branded under Nestlé. Today, the candy has been made exclusively for the Canadian markets.

In the US, you can still find Coffee Crisp bars available for sale at World Market and Publix supermarkets. If you ever go to Disneyworld, go to the Canadian section of Epcot, and there should be a store selling Coffee Crisp as well. Even better, stay home and order it online.

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What Does Coffee Crisp Taste Like?

Think of it as a less-sweet version of Kit-Kats. The coffee flavor in Coffee Crisp is not too strong, so even if you are not that into coffee at all, there’s still a chance you would love this bar.

Upon the first unpacking, Coffee Crisp smells like mocha. If it’s chilled enough to be crunchy, it will give you a beautiful popping sound when you crack it until the layers of a vanilla wafer inside are revealed. The wafer is flavored with coffee before they enfold it with another layer of milky chocolate on the outside.

Does coffee crisp have coffee in it
Will give you a beautiful popping sound when you crack it

I love how all of the flavors are perfectly balanced. You can taste coffee in it, but there’s absolutely no bitter edge to it which I like. And then, the rich chocolate note comes in to make the creamy layer even more interesting to chew.

There’s Not Just One Type Of Coffee Crisp

The classic flavor is what everyone’s known for years. But some other limited edition Coffee Crisp bars were released in previous years.

Coffee Crisp Triple Chocolate was the first Limited Edition launched in 1998, while Latte Bar came second in 2014 to celebrate Coffee Crisp’s 75th anniversary. Today, I don’t think we can find any of those bars in the market anymore.

If you’re looking for a unique flavor in your classic collection, try out the Coffee Crisp Salted Caramel Stix. Each package has two small bars inside, steeped in caramel with a dash of salt to enhance its overall flavor.

How To Enjoy Coffee Crisp With Coffee

I like to eat the whole thing together so I can get all of the flavors in one bite. But some people like to eat the chocolate off before pulling apart the interior and eating them separately. If you like a stronger kick of coffee in your bite, dip it directly in your espresso shot and enjoy.

There are also some other fun ways to enjoy Coffee Crisp.

A glass of coffee jelly
Coffee Jelly

To make a sweet latte, dunk half the Coffee Crisp bar inside a cup, and place it under your coffee maker. Then pour around two expresso shots and steamed milk into the cup. Top with chopped Coffee Crisp, and enjoy.

You might also be interested in learning about coffee jelly.

Who doesn’t love a coffee milkshake? Apply some vanilla frosting to the rim of your glass and roll it in diced Coffee Crisp. Then add three scoops of chocolate ice cream, half a cup of Coffee Crisp milk, and the rest of your crushed Coffee Crisp bar into the blender. Finally, drizzle melted chocolate around your glass, add the drink, and top with whipped cream, chocolate, and a mini Coffee Crisp bar.


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