5 Best Coffee Subscription In New York City

Are you looking for the best coffee subscription in New York City or those that will ship to you? We’ve got you covered with our comprehensive guide.

Coffee subscription in New York City
New York has unique coffee shops that also ship bags of coffee to your door

For me, coffee is a way of life, but I felt like I was getting stuck in a rut. I know what I like, but I was starting to wonder if I was missing out on delicious flavors and blends, but the risk of buying a full bag of new coffee grounds was always too much to bear. That’s when I started using a coffee subscription. 

New York has no shortage of unique coffee shops, but it’s so much more convenient to have new varieties shipped to your door. So, with that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of the best coffee subscriptions in New York City and those that ship to New Yorkers.

What To Look For In A Coffee Subscription Service

There are two primary options when comparing coffee subscriptions. First, you can get a recurring order from your favorite roaster. In this case, all the coffee comes from the same brand, but you can often rotate through different blends and beans. 

The second option is to get a subscription that curates coffee from different locations around the world. I chose this option because I wanted to see what I was missing and try to discover some new brands along the way. 

The essential elements to look for in a subscription service are:

  • Personalization: You want to be able to pick your preferences for roasts and beans. 
  • Custom Delivery Schedule: Some subscriptions only deliver once a month, while others can deliver weekly or bi-weekly. 
  • Flexible Cancellation: If you don’t like the coffee you’re getting (or just want to take a break), you should be able to pause or cancel your subscription easily. 

How To Pick The Best Coffee Subscription Service

While the basic format of a coffee subscription is often the same, there are other factors to consider when making a final decision. Here’s how to compare different services to find the one that suits your needs. 


I used to buy coffee from local shops every day. But as you can imagine, that gets expensive quickly. That said, while a subscription can be cheaper than going to Starbucks, some of these services can also cost a lot overall. You might also be interested in our round-up of the best coffee subscription services in Washington, DC.


Are you trying to explore new beans, roasts, and brands? Or do you just want to get your primary coffee delivered on a regular schedule? I prefer subscription services that offer a wide variety of rotating blends. However, you might prefer something a bit more reliable and consistent. 


Once you discover a coffee you really like, you should be able to order it or add it to your next shipment. Some subscription services make it hard to do this, or you have to order the coffee separately.

If you’re just looking for samples, this issue won’t make much of a difference. However, if you’re trying to find a new favorite coffee, you want a service that makes it easy to stock up on your preferred blends. 

Brooklyn Roasting Company

Interior view of Brooklyn Roasting Company, a trendy hipster cafe in Brooklyn
Brooklyn Roasting Company offers a wide selection of beans and sample packs

Kicking things off is a local New York roaster. Brooklyn Roasting Company offers a wide selection of beans and blends, so even though you’re not exploring different brands, you won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything. 

What I like most about this subscription service is how easy it is to set up your delivery schedule. All you have to do is pick your coffee, pick your bag size, and pick your delivery dates. The downside, however, is that you have to know which brews you want ahead of time, but Brooklyn Roasting Co. has multiple sample packs, so you can conduct your own tastings and then decide which blends you want to order. 


  • Intuitive website design
  • Tons of brews and blend options
  • You can pick your bag size
  • Sample packs are also available


  • BRC doesn’t offer a sample subscription
  • PayPal is the only payment option for subscriptions

Blue Bottle Coffee

If you’re not sure which kind of coffee subscription you want, Blue Bottle is an excellent choice. You can pick from a variety of subscription services, and you can cancel them at any time, meaning you can switch back and forth as necessary. Blue Bottle is another New York-based company, making it ideal for those who live in the city. 

The subscription options include the following: 

  • Espresso
  • Blends
  • Single Origin
  • Cold Brew
  • Decaf

The brands and roasts rotate regularly, so you can check back and discover new coffee options pretty often. Plus, Blue Bottle is committed to working with sustainable growers and producers so you can feel confident with your purchase. 

The sample sizes can be a bit small, though, and you’re paying extra for artisan-level brews. However, if you’re looking for high-end coffee, it’s worth the added expense.


  • Pick from multiple subscription options
  • Curated artisan-style coffee
  • Ethically-sourced beans and blends
  • Full flexibility with your subscription plan


  • More expensive than other services
  • Can be hard to order more of a coffee you enjoy

Trade Coffee

Trade Coffee is one of my top picks for a New York-based subscription service because you can get curated samples from around the globe, but you also have the option to buy larger bags once you discover a coffee blend you like. While not all varieties are available from the online store, Trade has a pretty extensive collection. 

The customization and delivery schedule are also excellent, meaning you can pick the types of coffee you like best (i.e., espresso or decaf) and how often you’ll receive it. There are two primary subscription options – Fan Favorites and Top-Shelf Coffee. The latter is more expensive, but it’s worth the extra investment. 


  • Buy coffee directly from Trade
  • Curated monthly shipments
  • Easy to cancel or modify your subscription
  • Choose the type of coffee you want


  • Not all coffee blends are available from the shop
  • Limited customization options compared to other subscription services


One reason I included Mistobox in this list is that it works with small-batch American roasters, so you can feel good about supporting domestic businesses. Although the beans come from other parts of the world, it’s nice to know that American companies are roasting and shipping high-quality beans to your door. 

Mistobox curates blends from over 60 artisan roasters from coast to coast, including New York, so there are tons of options to sample with your subscription package. I also appreciate that you can buy all of the coffee directly from each company, meaning once you find one you like, you can start ordering it in bulk. 

Finally, you have total control over your shipments. You can see what’s in the “Brew Queue” and adjust it as necessary. 


  • Full customization of your shipments
  • Buy any of the coffee shipped to your door
  • Buy from local US roasters nationwide 


  • High-end coffee is more expensive than other varieties
  • Based in San Francisco, but works with New York roasters

Atlas Coffee Club

Roasted Coffee in a package.
Atlas is more focused on curating new blends

Atlas Coffee Club is designed for those who want to travel the world, one cup at a time. This subscription service allows you to sample blends and beans from different countries and climates so you can discover what else is available outside the supermarket coffee aisle. 

As an exploratory service, Atlas is more focused on curating new blends. So, if you get something you like, you have to do some homework before you can start buying it in bulk. I would recommend signing up for this coffee club if you’re more interested in the novelty of trying a new coffee, not if you’re earnestly hoping to find something to replace your current blend.


  • Easy-to-use website
  • Curated options from around the globe
  • Sustainable and ethically-sourced beans and blends
  • Flexible cancelation options


  • You can’t buy individual coffee from Atlas
  • Limited delivery options compared to other services
  • Based in Texas, but caters to New Yorkers 

Testing Criteria

With so many US-based coffee subscription services out there, I rated these as my top five based on these criteria: 

  • Ease of Use: I prefer coffee subscriptions that are easy to set up and adjust once you get the ball rolling. I neglected any service that made it hard to cancel or change my order for the next shipment. 
  • Quality Consistency: I want the best coffee delivered to my door, even if it’s not necessarily my preferred bean or roast. So, I chose services that maintained high quality across each shipment. 
  • Purchase Options: Many subscriptions don’t allow you to buy sample coffee in bulk after you’ve tried it. I mostly chose services that have an extensive online shop, but they’re relatively few and far between.  

Why You Can Trust Me

I’ve been reviewing coffee for years, and I’ve refined my palate to know what works and what doesn’t. For example, although I prefer dark roasts myself, I can sample light roasts and understand why they might be enjoyable for those who prefer them. Overall, I’ve sampled a lot of coffee, and I can tell whether a subscription is worth the price or not.  

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