3 Best Coffee Subscriptions For French Press

French press is the coffee in its purest form. If you’re looking for the best coffee subscriptions for French press with high quality, I’ve got you covered.

Best coffee subscriptions for french press
French press is the coffee in its purest form

Nothing beats a flavorful, full-bodied cup of artisan java where all the concentrated flavors are captured. That’s the beauty of French press coffee. If you love this brewing method as much as I do to the point that you’ve invested in a proper French press maker at home, it’s time to consider the best coffee subscriptions for French press below to make the most of your sacred daily routine.

Long-term savings, well-established brands, and diverse flavor selections are some of the top priorities I’m looking for. But if you’re yet to sign up for a subscription box before, consult this comprehensive guide. You’ll also find our round-up of the best coffee grinders for French press useful.

What To Look For In The Coffee Subscriptions For French Press?


Nothing sounds more comforting than your go-to brew. However, I want you to play around with as many origins and flavor profiles as possible to unlock what your palate truly desires. The best French press subscriptions for me should have at least two to three options.

Delivery Time And Frequency

Freshness goes a long way. You want to look out for a service that does not take longer than 72 hours to arrive after it’s roasted. Some say they don’t take long to deliver, but sometimes it turns out to be a week or two to get to you.

Other than that, a subscription that has two or more frequency options definitely gives me a better experience to keep going in the long run. Double-check to see if it has a flexible cancellation or changing policy as well.


I like to look out for a subscription that’s transparent in the way it describes the products and sources its coffee from. To make the best French press coffee, I prioritize Central, South America, and Indonesian coffee as they guarantee robust, rich, and full-body cups. On top of that, pay attention to see if your subscription stays true to its commitment to freshness and shipping times.

Coffee beans spill from french press
For best French press coffee use Central, South America, and Indonesian coffee beans

How To Pick The Best Coffee Subscriptions For French Press

  • Try to sign up for at least three subscription boxes with the same delivery time and frequency. This allows you to track which one arrives on time and which doesn’t.
  • Ask yourself what your heart is after in a good French press brew. Are you looking for product diversity or various bag sizes? Is ethically-sourced coffee more important than affordable pricing plans?
  • Give yourself a couple of months to try different subscriptions and test out as many flavors as possible.

3 Best Coffee Subscriptions For French Press

The Best Coffee Subscriptions For French Press For Variety

French press fanatics assemble. This Pittsburgh-based roaster is sure to deliver the freshest French press coarse grind within 72 hours after roasting. Press House is all about responsibly-sourced, single-origin coffee that comes in a 12 oz bag.

Despite a limited bag size selection, you can choose a two-bag package for each issue if you’re a frequent drinker.

Press House only has ground coffee on the plate with their signature called the “Daily Grind,” which gives you ten mini-optimized packets. Instead of weekly delivery, Press House cuts it down to bi-weekly and monthly subscriptions. If you’re a hardcore French press drinker who can’t skip a day without coffee, stick to the bi-weekly option, so you don’t run out of your favorite coffee fix.


  • User design is friendly and easy to navigate
  • French press calculator is wisely incorporated on the web to help you come up with the best brewing method
  • The four-variety pack surprises you with rotating flavors every time
  • 23 unique products broken down into three categories, providing you with an exciting subscription
  • Coffee is sourced from around the world


  • Delivery frequency is only available every two weeks or one month
  • The pricing plans can be steep for some people

The Best Coffee Subscriptions For Coffee Lovers For Sustainability 

Dedicated to passionate French press lovers worldwide, Press Coffee has developed over twelve different subscription boxes in the house ranging from single-origin coffees to blends. The brand has been serving coffee fanatics worldwide since 2008 as a small-batch coffee roaster shipping specialty coffee.

The coffee is blended every week from Monday to Friday, packed, and shipped out of their roastery in Phoenix, Arizona, within 48 hours to preserve its peak freshness. Each pack comes in two sizes, 5 lb, and 12 oz, with some of the coolest, rarest flavor profiles I’ve ever seen.

If you’re unsure which subscription box to invest in, stick to traditional calls such as Brazilian or washed Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee, and you’re good to go. For something new, check out their single-origin coffee or bloom coffee blend to make the most of your discovery.


  • Ethically-sourced and exceptionally rare coffees from around the world
  • Diversity in choices
  • Customizable options make it easier to sign up for the right package
  • One-time purchases and ongoing subscriptions are available
  • Transparent brewing method and coffee profiles are fully updated


  • An extra shipping fee is applied
  • Only two bag sizes are available

The Best Coffee Subscriptions For French Press For Artisan Lovers 

Atlas is no more a stranger in the coffee industry. What I like most about Atlas subscription is the way they curate a different micro-lot artisan coffee for worldwide drinkers every month. On top of that, each subscription box also comes with a comprehensive brewing guide and tasting notes, providing you with the most exciting unboxing experience more than any other service.

Stumble upon its subscription page, and it will let you choose one out of six brewing methods. If ground coffee is not something your heart desires, switch to the whole-bean version before moving on to your favorite roast profile.

Atlas gives you five bag sizes to choose from, including 6 oz, 12 oz, 24 oz, 36 oz, and 48 oz. If none of these meets your specific needs, a custom plan is there to accommodate.


  • Tasting notes and brewing tips for each batch
  • Personalized preferences make it more fun to enjoy
  • Various bag sizes with custom plans are available
  • Reasonable pricing plan


  • Limited deliver frequency
  • No one-time subscription is offered
  • The shipping fee is applied at an extra cost

Testing Criteria

My barista mom and I assess everything from coffee quality and commitment to brewing quality and packaging design. I like to sign up a few boxes at once and see how long it takes them to arrive. Testing different products at one go also allows me to see the gap between each brew quality using the same brewing method.

Coffee mug, walnut and coffee beans in a box
Coffee quality and commitment to brewing quality and packaging design

Why You Can Trust Me?

Coffee is more than just a drink to me; it’s a serious business that my family takes pride in. My mother has been grinding and brewing coffee for at least 26 years, which inspires my coffee routine and allows me to inherit her sense of judgment when sampling different products. Check out our guide on how to brew French press coffee at home.

Best Coffee Subscriptions For French Press: The Final Word

With this insight comparison, I hope you will have more ideas for choosing your favorite French press. Out of the three, Press Coffee is my favorite as it gives me lots of fun testing a multitude of flavors. Alternatively, those who like it simple with reasonable pricing will find Atlas Coffee Club the best subscription box to invest in.


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