Can You Reuse Nespresso Vertuo Pods? Answered

Are you wondering, “can you reuse Nespresso Vertuo pods?” I’ll provide some simple methods and tips so you can do your bit for the environment and your pocket.

Can you reuse Nespresso Vertuo Pods
Nespresso Vertuo Pods

Ever since Nespresso came around, the coffee culture worldwide has dramatically changed. Pop the pod into the machine’s head, press the brew button, and your favorite blend is ready in no time.

I’m nowhere close to a coffee addict, but I can’t get my day started without a caffeine fix. One at 7:45, and another cup should be on my desk by 14:30.

After five years of using Nespresso (first with OriginalLine and now VertuoLine), I started to wonder: where do all those pods go if I just dump them into the bin? Fortunately, I soon discovered a simple method to reuse and recycle Vertuo pods. 

Vertuo pods are still good at the second brew, but the flavor is significantly weaker. So instead of brewing it twice, I take the seal off, rinse, refill it with freshly ground coffee, tamp, and reseal it with aluminum foil. This trick ends up saving me at least 30 bucks a month, and I’ll show you how to make savings of your own. You might also be interested in our Nespresso Vertuo vs. Original guide.

Refill Used Nespresso Vertuo Pods With New Ground Coffee

With this approach, make sure your used Vertuo pods are still in good shape, meaning they are not broken or dented. My favorite thing about this method is that you can try different blends and flavors without relying on what Nespresso Vertuo has in store for you.

Materials Needed

  • High-quality, freshly ground coffee 
  • Aluminum foil
  • Nespresso pod holder (or a small cup of the same size as your pod)
  • A small pastry brush
  • A coffee scoop
  • A paring knife
  • A towel
  • Soap

If you don’t have these items available at home, consider buying a handy kit for a hassle-free refilling experience. You might also be interested in our guide on the best Nespresso Vertuo pods for iced coffee.

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Step 1: Remove The Old Coffee Grounds

Run the paring knife around the edge of the old pod to remove the lid. Dump all the coffee grounds into your compost bin or set them aside for other uses. You might find our guide on how to dispose of old coffee grounds helpful.

Step 2: Clean The Pod

Place the empty pod under running water to cleanse it thoroughly. It’s better if you use lukewarm water and soap. Pat dry the pod with the towel.

Step 3: Refill The Pod With Freshly Ground Coffee

Place the dried, empty pod on top of a pod holder. Use the scoop to add freshly ground coffee into the pod until full. Don’t overfill it.

Turn the spoon over to tamp the ground coffee until the surface is even. Use the pastry brush to brush off excessive coffee grains on the edge of the pod.

Cover the pod with aluminum foil and wrap the edge tightly to make sure it won’t come off during the brewing process. If you don’t have a Nespresso pod holder or a small cup of desired size, use another empty Vertuo pod as long as it’s large enough to hold your other pod down in place. Pop the pod back into the machine and start brewing.

Nespresso Vertuo Stainless Steel Capsules: A Game-Changer

Reusable and refillable coffee capsule choice.
Made of food-grade stainless steel that’s safe to drink from, rust-free, and durable

Have you ever wondered when on earth Nespresso will create a new blend collection for its VertuoLine? Well, what if I tell you that you don’t have to sit around waiting for new launches, but it’s time to create your own coffee? Even better, you can use the exact same Vertuo machine to make the brew.

I have found several compatible pods with Vertuo machines that let you brew your favorite ground coffee. The best thing about these pods is the material – they are made of food-grade stainless steel that’s safe to drink from, rust-free, and durable.

CAPMESSO Stainless Steel Coffee Capsule

CAPMESSO offers two sizes at the moment, including two and a half ounces for a small cup and eight ounces for a large one.

Don’t let the mixed reviews dishearten you. CAPMESSO has clearly stated that these pods are only compatible with VertuoLine DeLonghi ENV135, Nespresso VertuoLine GCA1, VertuoPlus Deluxe by Breville, and VertuoPlus by DeLonghi, but it doesn’t work with the Breville and DeLonghi Vertuo Next machines. After testing it with a few different types of coffee, I realized that it works best with medium-fine grinds.

If you don’t have a grinder at home, go for this Kicking Horse Medium Roast Ground. This pre-ground coffee has a sweet body with a heart-warming note of milk chocolate. This CAPMESSO refillable pod surely complements the mellow and smooth profile Kicking Horse has to offer. You might also be wondering can the Nespresso Vertuo make hot water.

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RECAFIMIL Stainless Steel Refillable Coffee Pods

Here is another best buy you can consider. These pods have a basket shape but are shallower than the CAPMESSO capsule above. This RECAFIMIL product is made of 304 stainless steel micro mesh and can pair with DeLonghi ENV135, Nespresso VertuoLine Plus, DeLonghi ENV150, and Nespresso VertuoLine GCA1, but not Vertuo Next.

Stainless Steel Metal Coffee Capsule

Compatible for Vertuo Coffee Espresso Size

Nespresso Vertuoline Reusable Pods Holder

Vertuolline GCA1,ENV135S,ENV135B,ENV135T,ENV135R (80ML Vertuoline)

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Recycle Nespresso Vertuo Pods The Right Way

Vertuo Pods Are Made Of A Highly-Recyclable Material

We all know that Vertuo pods are made of aluminum. Albeit non-biodegradable, aluminum packaging is highly recyclable with an infinite cycle. As a leading brand in the coffee industry, Nespresso is accountable for everything coming out of its factory, including its aluminum packaging.

Those pods used for the VertuoLine have various colors, ranging from black to silver as well as blue and green. Just like any other capsule collection, Nespresso encourages buyers to team up with the brand and be involved in its recycling program.

Nespresso partners with various recycling plants to reproduce used pods to create new products. One of them is the Swiss stationery manufacturer Caran d’Ache, a notable business based out of Geneva making exquisite and luxury writing accessories and office supplies. Caran d’Ache reuses Nespresso Vertuo pods to make its 849 classic ballpoint pen shaft.

How To Recycle Nespresso Vertuo Pods

 Used Nespresso coffee pods for recycling
Nespresso recycling bag can hold up 200 used Vertuo capsules

Don’t wait until you’ve finished your coffee. Start with your next order by adding a Nespresso recycling bag to your purchase. This bag is free and can hold up to 200 used Vertuo capsules.

Once it’s full, you can drop them at one of the 100,000 locations across the world for recycling except for Hawaii, Alaska, and US Territories. You don’t need this bag if you live in New York City; all you need to do is drop the pods in one of the blue recycling bins. If you’re unsure of the nearest store to drop the pods, enter your zip code in the search bar on Nespresso’s official website to locate the best drop-off spot.

Even better, you can request a free pick-up for the used pods as well. Once the pods arrive at the recycling plant, they will separate the remaining coffee grounds and aluminum packaging. Aluminum will continue its life cycle as car parts, desk lamps, or household appliances, and the coffee grounds will be reused to make compost. Learn more in our explainer on how do coffee pods work.


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