Can Nespresso Vertuo Next Make Hot Water? Answered

You might wonder, “can Nespresso Vertuo Next make hot water?” As part of the VerutoLine, let’s dive into how to get clean hot water from this coffee machine.

Can Nespresso vertuo next make hot water?
Nespresso Vertuo Next machine

If you have a Nespresso Vertuo Next machine at home, you can use it to make hot water on its own without needing a coffee pod. After about two years of playing around with Nespresso Next, I’ve discovered two easy ways to make hot water. The first method is to activate the descaling mode, and the second one is to brew an empty coffee pod.

The volume of water fluctuates depending on which method you choose and which coffee pod you use. I’ll be digging into each of them later in the article. Although this is a complicated way of making hot water, it’s a good option if you don’t own a kettle. You might also be interested in our Nespresso Vertuo vs. Original guide.

How To Make Hot Water In A Nespresso Vertuo Next Machine

Activate The Descaling Mode

This is the easiest method you can try, as it doesn’t entail reusing an empty pod. First, open the water tank, dump the old water out, and replace it with filtered water.

Second, press the brew button three times in a row. The light around the button ring will blink as the descaling mode is activated. Note that if you press it four times in total, the cleaning cycle will be canceled.

With this method, I didn’t put any coffee capsules inside to let it pump all the hot water out. Instead, place a large container underneath the chamber to store the water. 

The process should take two to five minutes, depending on how much water you have in the tank. Don’t worry if the water splashes all over the place or not since the stream is pretty gentle. 

Once it’s done, refill the water tank with filtered water, and press the brew button again to get clean hot water. You can use it to steep a tea bag or make hot chocolate.

Some people will rush in to argue that the descaling function will spill out yucky water and all of the gunk from old coffee. It will happen if you don’t replace the old water in the tank with new filtered water.

Make Hot Water With An Empty Coffee Pod

Coffee capsules on stone background
Reseal it tightly with aluminum foil

Now let’s go over the second method. You will need a bit more time and effort this way if you don’t want to descale.

First, remove any old coffee pod left inside the machine after brewing it. Open the lid of the pod and dump all the coffee grounds. You can reuse the grounds for fertilizer too.

Now you have an empty pod left. Cleanse it thoroughly with clean water, pat dry, reseal it tightly with aluminum foil and put it back into the machine again.

Press the brew button just like how you brew a new coffee pod, but it’s different this time as the hot water runs through the pod without brewing anything inside the empty pod.

As you already know, Nespresso Vertuo Next only works with its exclusive pods, and no third-party pods are accepted. For that reason, the amount of hot water it makes varies depending on the pod size you use. For example, it makes about five ounces for a Gran Lungo pod size, 7.7 ounces for a Mug pod size, and 1.35 ounces for an Espresso pod size.

I recommend running hot water through the empty pods at least three times, so the water is clean enough to brew anything else you like. The first two brews of the old coffee pod may still produce a very weak coffee. Learn more in our explainer on can you reuse Nespresso Vertuo pods.

Why Your Vertuo Next Machine Fails To Pump Hot Water

If you haven’t had an experience with Nespresso machines before, a common fault like this may have you puzzled. It happened to me once a few years ago when I received my very first Nespresso Vertuo Next as a gift; I turned it on, pressed the button, and heard the pump running but saw no water coming out.

Since the mechanism of the Next is a little bit different from its OriginalLine counterparts, I was absolutely clueless when hot water didn’t come out from the tank. At first, I thought it was something to do with an airlock. But after a while of playing around and talking to Nespresso customer service, it turned out to be a descaling problem.

To solve this problem, you need to activate the descaling function mentioned earlier. You might also be interested in our guide on how to refill Nespresso pods to save money. 

What If Your Nespresso Vertuo Next Is Leaking?

Another problem that Vertuo users run into is leaking. If you press the brew button and see only plain water coming out without any coffee in it, it’s probably because the water tank is dispositioned or damaged or the tank valve connection is clogged.

If the water tank is properly set up, take a look at the drip tray and the cup support. These two units either overflow or there is some wreckage you cannot see. In case these parts are damaged, make sure you take your Vertuo Next machine to the right store and have it examined by experts.

Nespresso Vertuo Next: Is It Worth Buying?

The debate between Nespresso Vertuo Next and Nespresso VertuoPlus has been going on for ages. There are some mixed reviews about whether or not Vertuo Next is worth the money or is it a nightmare to work with. You might also be interested in our how-to-clean your coffee maker without vinegar.

Nespresso has burned a fortune in marketing their Vertuo Next line, and I can’t record how many of these units have been sold. For that reason, the negative reviews you see online may only be a fraction of the positive ones. At the end of the day, they only call out some common issues with this model rather than fully reflecting its actual shelf life and quality.

Nespresso coffee pods Vertuo isolated on a white background.
Nespresso Vertuo Next has a diversity of coffee flavors and pod sizes

My Vertuo Next machine has been with me for over two years. This model has a modern, contemporary design, with more than half of its materials made of recycled plastic. The ease of use, cleaning, and maintenance efforts are not the end of the world, even though it still requires some studying at the beginning.

Another cool thing about working with Nespresso Vertuo Next is the diversity of coffee flavors and pod sizes; Vertuo Next has 28 unique blends. My favorite blends of all time are the Ethiopia and Peru Organic from the Master Origin collection. If your taste buds desire an intense and aromatic wake-up call, opt for the Diavolitto Espresso.

In case you’re new to Vertuo, check out this variety pack to explore the options. You might also be interested in our guide on the best Nespresso capsules for cappuccino drinks.

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If you’re wondering if the Vertuo Next is better than its VertuoPlus counterpart, when it comes to appearances, the Vertuo Next model is more modern with a sophisticated touch to it. Performance-wise, the VertuoPlus is more straightforward to use and maintain, but the Next is quieter when in action. 


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