7 Best Bubble Tea Party Ideas

These are some of the best bubble tea party ideas to incorporate into your event if you’re throwing a bubble (boba) tea party for yourself or for someone else.

Bubble Tea Party Ideas
You can have homemade boba tea bar dedicated to people who loves bubble tea

1: Bubble Tea Balloons 

If you’re an avid party planner, you’ve probably seen people with large letters filled with smaller, multi-colored balloons. Well, for your bubble tea party, you can get a cut out that looks like the cup and fill it with balloons that mimic the colors of bubble tea. It’s cute, and you can make it as big or small as you like.

You can use cream-colored balloons to mimic the tea and then black for the boba. You can DIY this decoration by buying all the supplies yourself or purchasing the supplies you need as a package from other creators. 

Either way, this makes for a beautiful decoration at your bubble tea party. 

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2: Homemade Boba Bar

Whether you love boba or haven’t tried it before, there’s no better time to try it than at a party. If your party is dedicated to everything people love about bubble tea, why not have a homemade boba bar?

You can set up a space with cups and straws that go well with your color scheme and bowls with various teas. Most people offer coconut milk tea, taro milk tea, and Thai tea. Then, you can add in the boba. It gives everyone the option to create their own perfect boba tea.  

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3: Boba Tea Banners

One of the easiest and cutest decorations you can use for your bubble tea party is boba tea banners. You can purchase them from various online retailers, and the banners consist of various boba tea cups with different colors. They’re great for hanging above a snack table or anywhere else in your party. Check out our tea towel explainer.

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4: Boba Mug Gifts for Guests

Gift bags or some sort of gift for guests isn’t required for parties, but it’s always a nice touch to show your appreciation for people attending. For bubble tea lovers, why not include these boba mugs as a gift?

These faux glass mason glasses with straws feature fake boba on the bottom and look adorable. The best part is that yes, guests can take them home, but in the meantime, when you line them up on a table, they look adorable as boba decorations during the party. Plus, they even come with a straw that helps scoop the boba from the bottom whenever you want. You might also be wondering, what is a kitchen tea?

5: Instant Bubble Tea

It’s not a bubble tea party without bubble tea. While you can create a boba tea bar, if you’re in a pinch for time or are looking for a more time-efficient way to create this tasty drink for yourself and guests, you can purchase instant bubble tea

There are a lot of flavors on the market. You can choose from brown sugar, caramel, matcha, and more. You can choose one flavor for your guests or go with a variety. Even for those who have never had boba tea before, they’ll get to taste one of the most unique drinks in the world, but make it something they like.

6: Have a Boba Tea Themed Cake

Every party needs a cake! Why not order or create a boba-themed cake for your event? Whether you purchase one from a cake decorator or make it yourself, these beautiful cakes are not only delicious but adorable decorations out on the table. 

It’s as easy as baking a circular cake and then covering it in fondant that mimics the colors of bubble tea. You can use black fondant to look like boba at the bottom of the tea. For added cuteness, you can add eyes to the cake. Don’t forget the straw at the top! 

7: Play the Bubble Tea Board Game

If you thought bubble tea was just a delicious drink from Taiwan, think again. Now, you can play a fun board game with friends or at a party dedicated to this delicious drink. The game is not only fun but requires players to pay attention to succeed. 

Each player has two cards, also known as cups, and then there are nine boba or ingredient cards. One player will use the shaker and dice to determine which ingredients are needed to create the bubble tea drink needed. 

Once you know which ingredients are needed, the person who compiles the three ingredients needed the fastest wins the game. You can continue to play the game for however long you want. But the best part is that it doesn’t take forever to finish like many other popular party games. 


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