7 Proven Reasons Why Green Coffee Is A Game Changer for Coffee Fanatics

Why green coffee is a win in health and what exactly does it do to your body? Here are seven reasons why you should switch to green coffee now.

Why Green Coffee
Unlike regular black coffee, green coffee is soaked in water before it is roasted

Unlike regular black coffee, green coffee is soaked in water before it is roasted. This specific treatment is known as “wet-processed” which allows the beans to have less bitterness and a milder flavor profile.

Some of them are not even roasted at all and remain completely raw. Shorter interaction with heat and oxidation and using natural substances let the beans retain a higher level of chlorogenic acid. Therefore, green coffee may benefit your mental health and well-being more.

Wondering what’s so special about it? Read more to learn more reasons why green coffee is a game-changer. You might also be interested in our round-up of the best coffee for a sensitive stomach.

1. Its Milder Flavor Is A Great Intro To Coffee

woman closing eyes while drinking coffee
Green coffee is much lighter and more forgiving if you cannot stand regular coffee

With a subtle caramel note and almost nutty flavor, coffee has become a ritual to kick start our morning and wake up on the right side of the bed. Depending on the roast level, coffee’s aroma ranges from light to fruity and burnt. But it doesn’t go the same way for everyone.

I know many people who are very sensitive to coffee; they get nausea, hate the bitterness, or cannot tolerate caffeine. If you are one of them, it’s time to try green coffee.

Green coffee is much lighter and more forgiving if you cannot stand regular coffee. In some ways, green coffee reminds you of herbal green tea with a dominant grassy note. 

A good green coffee brand is capable of letting the raw beans develop a bit of thickness. It’s also more acidic compared to regular black coffee. If you don’t like green coffee at first, be patient; its flavor will grow with you over time.

2. Green Coffee Contains More Antioxidants 

How can green coffee contain more antioxidants than roasted black coffee? The magic lies in the roasting process. 

All in all, green and black coffee comes from the same beans. However, a longer roasting process unintentionally lowers the nutrient content from the beans, which doesn’t happen to green coffee as it’s usually less processed or even remains raw.

Antioxidants prevent or reduce the damage caused by oxidation, lower the risk of heart damage, and prevent some types of cancer. One of the most significant antioxidant compounds in green coffee is chlorogenic acid, the star of the show behind every weight loss journey.

3. Green Coffee Lowers Your Blood Pressure

Compared to those who don’t drink coffee at all or those who drink more roasted coffee, green coffee helps lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure, largely due to acids like chlorogenic acid. 

So, how much chlorogenic acid is in green coffee? It reaches up to 7% (d.m) in Robusta beans and 7.5% (d.m) in Arabica beans. 

4. Green Coffee May Improve Mental Health

The phenolic compound of chlorogenic acid in green coffee may have a significant regulatory effect on hot flashes, anxiety, and insomnia. Due to the low caffeine level, green coffee is a stellar choice to help you combat anxiety. 

5. Green Coffee Is A Great Way To Lower Your Caffeine Intake

Caffeine is not downright a harmful substance, but it is easy to get addicted. The good news is that a cup of green coffee contains much less caffeine than that black coffee.

The roasting process shrinks and lightens regular coffee beans down. Plus, we have to grind beans into the ground before brewing, which brings out more surface area that acts as a gateway to release more caffeine.

Green coffee only contains about 20 mg, which is five times less than a cup of black coffee of the same size. Green coffee is the right way to go if you are not keen on caffeine or want to shift to a healthier habit without sacrificing your coffee fix.

6. Green Coffee Reduces The Absorption Of Carbohydrates

woman smiling while going to drinking her cup of coffee
Studies have shown that chlorogenic acid in green coffee can burn glucose and fat and reduce carbohydrate absorption

Studies have shown that chlorogenic acid in green coffee can burn glucose and fat and reduce carbohydrate absorption. So your blood sugar and insulin level are stabilized at the end of the day. 

The best time to drink green coffee is right after the meal when your blood sugar levels spike up after eating up all those proteins and carbs from the food. The interference of chlorogenic acid at this point will prevent sudden insulin spikes.

7. Green Coffee Is The Enemy Of Diabetes Mellitus

Last but not least, green coffee may lower the risk of developing diabetes mellitus, a group of diseases occurring when the body cannot turn sugar into fuel. By lowering blood glucose levels and minimizing the breakdown of carbohydrates into sugars, green coffee can help people with type 2 diabetes. If you liked this post, you might also be interested in our ultra green coffee explainer.


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