Why Does Beaten Coffee Taste Better?

Also known as an Indian cappuccino or Dalgona coffee, beaten coffee is delicious without using any fancy equipment. So, why does beaten coffee taste better?

Why Does Beaten Coffee Taste Better
Beaten coffee is just purely delicious coffee that does not require any special equipment

The whipped coffee trend of 2020 is still popular on social media, but a delicious coffee drink from India — beaten coffee — is quickly coming to take its place. 

Beaten coffee is delicious, simple, and doesn’t require any special equipment. 

Here, we’ll explore how to make beaten coffee, and we’ll learn the answer to the question, “why does beaten coffee taste better?”

Why Does Beaten Coffee Taste Better?

man holding dalgona coffee
Beaten coffee’s base is just simple which is a combination of cold water, instant coffee, and sugar

The base of beaten coffee is simple: mix cold water (not hot water), instant coffee, and sugar with a fork or spoon until it becomes thick and frothy, and then mix with hot (even boiling) milk. If you’re feeling fancy, you can top the foamy drink with cocoa powder or cinnamon. 

Many people know that aerating wine makes it taste better, and the same is true of coffee. 

Often, instant coffee can take on a bitter, unpleasant quality — just like red wine. Aeration allows the bitterness to begin to fade, allowing the deep, rich coffee flavor to shine through. 

Just like with wine, allowing oxygen to enter the coffee grounds improves the flavor of the coffee. 

What’s The Most Effective Way To Aerate Beaten Coffee?

Once you have your favorite recipe figured out for beaten coffee, it’s important that you aerate it correctly so that you get the full flavor. 

Many people recommend beating the instant coffee, sugar, and water mixture with a fork or a spoon. You can also try whisking the mixture. You won’t just get a delicious coffee mixture — you’ll get a bit of a workout too. 

For most people, it takes between six and eight minutes for the coffee mixture to become voluminous enough to top off a mug of hot milk. 

If you’d rather not spend your time beating the coffee mixture with a fork or a spoon, you can also use a small blender to create the consistency that you want. 

Indian coffee enthusiasts recommend that you stay away from immersion blenders, however. These blenders give off heat and can interfere with the texture of the coffee. 

Making A Large Batch Of Beaten Coffee

You can store your beaten coffee in the fridge for a week

It’s a lot of work to make a single beaten coffee recipe every morning. No matter how dedicated you are to your morning cup, it makes sense to try to cut down on the time it takes to get out the door. 

Good news: it’s easy to make a large batch of beaten coffee in advance (and you can even get out of using your muscles to get the coffee mixture to your desired consistency). 

If you decide to make a large batch of beaten coffee, keep the ingredient ratios the same as your single cup of beaten coffee recipe. Combine all ingredients in a large bowl. Instead of using a fork or spoon to aerate the mixture, you can use a hand mixer instead. 

Once your beaten coffee has been fluffed to perfection, you can store it in the fridge for up to a week. When you’re ready to make a cup of coffee in the morning, simply spoon a scoop of the beaten coffee mixture on top of your favorite hot milk. 

Beaten Coffee Variations

There are many options for creating the perfect beaten coffee recipes. You can play around with your instant coffee to sugar ratio, making the coffee stronger if you prefer. 

You can also use different kinds of milk to change up the flavor of your coffee. Since there isn’t any dairy in the actual whipped coffee mixture, anything goes for the milk portion of the recipe, from soy milk to almond milk. 

The Final Word On Why Does Beaten Coffee Taste Better

Instant coffee tends to be a bit bitter, and beaten coffee gives you the opportunity to aerate your coffee. This process introduces more oxygen into the coffee grounds, allowing some of the bitter flavors to leave the coffee while bringing out the full-body flavor you enjoy. 

FAQs On Why Does Beaten Coffee Taste Better

Can you beat coffee without sugar?

You can try, but you won’t get the same light, frothy results. You can substitute honey or agave nectar if you prefer a more natural sweetener. 

What happens when you beat coffee?

When you beat coffee, you’ll allow the coffee grounds to aerate, creating a less bitter, more full-flavored cup.


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