What Is Numi Tea? Explained

What is Numi tea? Numi tea is an organic tea with pure ingredients straight from nature and no artificial flavorings. It offers rich flavors for a smooth cup with numerous health benefits.

a cup of tea in a orange cup - what is numi tea
Numi Organic Tea aims to provide the natural flavors of organic teas

The latest tea consumption statistics show that over 159 million Americans drink tea daily. After water, tea is the most popular beverage worldwide.

Despite tea’s global popularity, many people don’t bother to check where their favorite beverage comes from and what it contains. They grab it from the shelves and don’t think twice about the ingredients and health concerns.

The sad truth is many brands use artificial flavoring and low-quality ingredients, impacting natural flavors and our health. One brand that aims to make an impact by providing organic teas is Numi Organic Tea.

This Oakland-based social enterprise makes the so-called Numi tea — pure, organic, ethically-sourced, hand-plucked, full-leaf tea available in various types, forms, and flavors.

Pure Ingredients Straight from Nature

All Numi teas are USDA-certified organic and Fair Trade teas, meaning they contain no fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, preservatives, or GMOs and come from ethical farms.

Numi Organic Tea sources over 130 organic ingredients, ensuring their farming partners pick them by hand and place them directly into bags, without leaf-washing or other processes. That way, nothing unnatural reaches your cup.

Numi Tea is a blend of organic tea leaves, herbs, flowers, spices, and fruits with no “natural” or artificial flavorings that many brands use to mask low-quality ingredients. That’s how each sip delivers a pure, rich flavor that you can’t compare with any commercial tea.

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The Finest Organic Tea Blends for a Delectable Experience

Two tea bags and loose tea leaves
Numi tea is packed either in tea bags or loose-leaf

Numi Tea is available in tea bags, loose-leaf packages, and flowering forms. Flowering tea is a bundle of dried flowers wrapped in dried tea leaves. The leaves and flowers unfurl and create a blossoming effect once you steep the tea in hot water.

As for other Numi teas, you can choose from green, black, white, oolong, pu-erh, and herbal teas (commonly known as teasans or tisanes) like rooibos, honeybush, and tulsi. You can also get ceremonial matcha with a Numi twist — with lime, lemongrass, and lemon myrtle for a more citrusy, yummier flavor.

Numi Organic Tea also rides the famous turmeric wave, bringing a calming turmeric chai with organic cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, licorice, and black pepper for a delicious, warming, lush taste. If you want to enjoy the additional health benefits of Numi tea, we recommend exploring the Numi Stay Healthy tea line.

They are excellent for nurturing your health and well-being, featuring organic herbs, roots, flowers, and spices. There are unique Numi tea blends to boost your immune system, soothe a sore throat, improve respiratory health, detoxify, reduce stress, and improve sleep.

They contain the following organic ingredients:

  • Immune Boost — echinacea, rosehip, dandelion, ginger, cinnamon, licorice;
  • Immune Support — elderflower, elderberry, ginger, rosehip, lemongrass, thyme;
  • Dandelion Detox — dandelion, nettle, burdock, red clover, milk thistle, lemon, lemon myrtle, cardamom;
  • Throat Soother — sage, licorice, marshmallow, cinnamon, clove;
  • Congest Away — fennel, peppermint, ginger, cinnamon, licorice;
  • De-Stress — elderflower, elderberry, ginger, rosehip, lemongrass, thyme;
  • Sweet Slumber — chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, licorice, valerian root, hop.

Fuller Leaves for Smooth, Rich Flavors

Many commercial and poor-quality teas taste bitter because of artificial flavorings, making you think adding honey, sugar, or milk is necessary to enjoy your tea. Bitterness indicates fannings (small-cut tea leaves typical for low-grade teas) or sweepings (tea dust typical for commercial tea bags).

Numi tea contains only full leaves offering a pure taste that balances depth and nuance. Every organic tea tastes like — smooth, as nature intended, requiring no sugar or other sweeteners. After taking a blind taste test, we can honestly confirm that you can taste the difference when sipping Numi tea and any other inorganic, commercial tea.

If you love tea, you might be interested in learning about rose bud tea and London fog tea.

Numi Tea Sources and Sustainability Impact

Since Numi Organic Tea is a sustainable company with an ethical, transparent, and traceable supply chain, you can rest assured its tea comes from trusted, high-quality sources. The company’s USDA Organic Certification, Fair Trade Certification, and Fair Labor Verification stand as a testament to its ethical farming practices that bring the purest Numi tea from organic farms to your cup.

An unidentified woman picking tea leaves from a farm
Numi Organic Tea follows ethical farming practices

Numi Organic Tea sources ingredients from over 34 countries worldwide, often visiting their farms to extend support and ensure transparency. The company even uses eco-friendly packaging as part of its sustainability efforts. It uses biodegradable, filter-paper tea bags and recyclable boxes from post-consumer waste with zero plastic.

Numi tea wrappers are plant-based and compostable, containing FSC-certified paper and sugarcane non-GMO PLA (polylactic acid) and eucalyptus layers. That means they’ll release no toxic substances through composting that could harm the environment.

If reducing carbon footprint is vital to you, you shouldn’t think twice about drinking Numi tea as you can dispose of the tea bags and packaging without damaging the environment.


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