What Are The Benefits Of Rosebud Tea?

Aromatic, elegant, and easy on the palate, rosebud tea is a terrific option for your morning routine. But what is it, and what are the benefits of rosebud tea?

benefits of rosebud tea
Rose bud tea is a perfect choice to relax before bed

Rose bud tea is made from the rose bush’s dried, slightly open buds. Hidden within those beautiful, romantic pink rose petals are many potential health benefits that tone up the skin and relieve menstrual pain. This is why the caffeine-free hot drink, rosebud tea, is so popular.

Without the intensity and sharp flavor of certain green teas, rose bud tea is a perfect choice to relax before bed, recharge after a yoga session, and is even ideal when paired with a slice of fresh lemon cake in the afternoon.

What Does Rosebud Tea Taste Like?

Rosebud tea is famous for its elegant flavor and mildly sweet taste. Many people are not big fans of this herbal drink because the taste profile and aroma do not give their noses and palates the right kick.

For me, this elegant, rich flavor is a good thing. It’s easy on the tongue with a subtle aftertaste, making it the best introduction for those new to the world of herbal tea.

When the rose buds sit in hot water, they give off a gorgeous pink color blended with a shiny golden color that sparkles through the glass teapot. Rose bud tea is dominated by a flat note that doesn’t fade fast as long as you keep it warm. It also produces a beautiful aroma that is both floral and sweet.

Health Benefits Of Rose Tea

The reported health benefits of Rose Tea are plentiful. Below we have listed just a few of the reasons why health-conscious tea drinkers choose it as their daily brew to help with wellness.

Vitamins And Antioxidant

Rose petals are a good source of antioxidants, polyphenols, gallic acid, and anthocyanins. These can support the immune system, eyesight, and memory and lower the risk of cognitive diseases.

Teabuds and teacups with rosebuds
Its antioxidant help fight inflammation caused by free radicals

Although it doesn’t contain as much vitamin C as rosehips tea, it is still known for helping boost your immune system. The antioxidant nature of the tea can also help fight inflammation caused by free radicals, which cause oxidative stress.

Helps With Signs Of Aging

There is also a link between oxidative stress and premature aging. Thus, some people believe that the anti-inflammatory properties of rose tea can help reduce the signs of aging. Consuming tea is also a helpful way to work hydration into your daily schedule, which is also a noted way to fight off fatigue and is beneficial in this regard.

Celebrities commonly use rose water as part of their skincare routine, but we would much rather drink this tea for those benefits.

Menstrual Pain

If you have heard of rose bud tea before, you have likely heard that it is known for offering relief for menstrual cramps.

Although it might sound too good to be true, WebMD states the following about the brew: “Rose tea’s anti-inflammatory effects and vitamin profile also help to reduce dysmenorrhea or menstrual pain. One study found a significant reduction in period-related cramping, bloating, and pain among women who drank rose tea, and study participants also reported less anxiety and mood swings.”

Weight Loss

There are zero calories in rosebud tea. Thus, if you drink it as part of your morning routine instead of a cappuccino or latte, you’re already making good progress. With its natural taste, it is also unlikely that you will have to add any sweetener.

Rose bud tea is free of caffeine, making it a stellar choice to ease your mind before bedtime. Replacing that suppertime cup of cocoa with this could be a good option for dieters.

The fact it keeps you hydrated and is noted to help with digestion and constipation is also worth pointing out. Thus, along with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, rosebud tea is an ideal drink to enjoy when trying to lose weight.

Side-effects of Rosebud Tea

Exceeding the recommended moderate amount poses some potential risks. One of the most common symptoms is an allergy to rose plants that some may have. Anyone pregnant on medication or treatment related to blood thinners or antidepressants should advise doctors before consuming rosebud tea.

How To Make Hot Rose Bud Tea

Usually, I suggest my friends read the ‘how to make it’ instructions printed on the package. Brands have ways to prepare rosebud tea depending on each varietal and drying process. 

Here’s how I prepare hot rosebud tea at home:

  • Fill the teapot with hot water.
  • Put five grams of dried rose buds into the teapot, add hot water, cover it with a lid, and let it steep for five minutes.
  • Put a strainer on top of your teacup, pour the tea in, and enjoy.

I have a glass teapot at home, which goes perfectly with elegant flower teas like this. Watching the rose buds opening up and floating in the shiny golden infusion through the crystal-clear pot is a meditative experience to cap off my Sunday beauty routine.

How To Make Cold Rose Bud Tea

Another way to enjoy rose bud tea at home is by cold brewing it. The only difference is you will need room-temperature filtered water instead of hot water. 

You can also find a tea pitcher with a built-in strainer which makes it easier to get rid of the buds when you pour the tea out. 

Alternatively, you can put ice, maple syrup, or honey into the tea to enhance its flavor. Don’t forget to pair it with a slice of British scones and some lemon curd.

Choosing The Right Rose Bud Tea: Our Picks

Shopping for rosebud tea is a joy in itself. There are hundreds of varieties that you can taste until you find one that suits your palate.

Dried Herbal Chai and Rosebud Tea Variety
There are hundreds of varieties that you can taste until you find one that suits your palate

In Vietnam, where I live, the most sought-after rose bud tea originates in Da Lat, a thriving highland in the country’s central region—going beyond Vietnam’s territory to East Asia. Then we also have Pink Rosa Damascena as another popular type to make rose bud tea. However, for the process of this list, I have put together five options that you can order via Amazon.

1. MQUPIN Rose Bud Tea

The first thing you will notice when you order MQUPIN Rose Bud Tea is the beautiful packaging, wonderfully displaying the rose flowers within clear cylinders. However, that reaction will soon give way to further delight because what is within that packaging is the perfect ingredient to make a delicious tea.

One reviewer even commented on this, stating: “Amazing packaging! Comes in long cylinders which look fab, and the smell, color, and texture of these are brilliant! None were crumbled or broken, and all had a great color! Will defo order again.” This is a premium brand, so there are cheaper options. However, you won’t be disappointed with this option.

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11/27/2023 06:44 am GMT

2. GOARTEA Red Rose Bud Dried Herbal Tea

Here is a wonderfully aromatic rose bud tea that gives off a slightly sweet flavor that is perfect if you’re looking for a decaffeinated alternative to your regular black tea. These buds are wonderfully fresh, as the buds are picked and dried when young.

Not only can you use these dried rose petals for tea, but they are also ideal if you want to create a romantic rose bath or for other edible rose-based stuff, such as rose cakes. The good news is that these buds aren’t the most expensive option on our list either.

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11/27/2023 06:55 am GMT

3. Blue Tea Rose Buds And Flower Tea

Blue Tea is all about flowers, with marigolds, butterfly pea flowers, lavender, and more in its catalog. The rose bud tea is a big hit, but you can also opt for a rose flower tea instead.

The rose buds look beautiful when served in clear glass. More importantly, it has a mild, soothing flavor with a hint of sweetness.

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4. Harney & Sons Black Tea w/Rosebuds

Speaking of mixing black tea leaves with rose tea, here is an excellent option where that tea blend comes in a neat little sachet. This teabag produces one of the finest cups we’ve tasted when mixed in a cup of water.

Simply add a sachet to a teapot, or cup with boiling water, and you will create an aromatic cup of tea. Be warned, though, that if you are avoiding caffeine, the black tea within this blend won’t be ideal for you in that scenario.

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5. Numi Organic Tea White Rose

Here’s a white rose tea option that promises all sorts of health benefits. It’s entirely organic, made from ingredients grown in China, and it is incredibly fragrant. As a brand, Numi has a reputation for producing great products, and this one doesn’t disappoint.

The taste profile is sweet, with a touch of citrus. It’s a light-tasting tea that will go easy on sensitive stomachs. The aroma isn’t as enticing as some of the other teas on the list, but it still provides an attractive scent.

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