What Is Japanese Iced Coffee? Answered With a Recipe

Bright and refreshing iced beverage perfect for the summer – know what is Japanese iced coffee and what makes it stand out. Keep reading to learn more.

With the steady increase of coffee consumption comes the demand for more convenient and faster ways to brew and enjoy it. Are you looking for an easy-to-make coffee without needing to sacrifice flavor? Enter Japanese iced coffee.

Also called flash brewed coffee, Japanese cold brew, or Japanese coffee, this blend lets you enjoy the aroma and taste of a cold brew without the demand for a chilling time.

It has a simple process: brew coffee in hot water and pour it directly over ice. Brewing on hot water offers a range of flavors from the ground coffee without the need to dissolve them over many hours, unlike slow drip and immersion. Meanwhile, the quick cooling locks in the flavor and aroma. 

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Why You Should Try Japanese Coffee

The top advantage of Japanese iced coffee is its immediate reward – you can do it in just 10 minutes and drink it right away. Other reasons why you should try it are as follows:

No Need For Fancy Equipment

Instruments needed for this brew are those you already have at home, especially if you’re a coffee enthusiast. There is no need to invest in new equipment.

Experience a Flavorful Coffee

If you’re asking for an interesting and complex brew, go for this iced coffee. It has the same taste as a regular hot coffee and is similar to the ones you can get from any cafe.

Lessen Your Caffeine Intake

Japanese iced coffee contains less caffeine. However, if you want to keep your caffeine shots, you can make coffee ice cubes in advance. 

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Japanese Iced Coffee Recipe

What is Japanese iced coffee?

Here’s how to create Japanese coffee at home:


  • Coffee
  • Water
  • Ice


  • Kettle
  • Coffee Filters
  • Glass container
  • Coffee grinder (optional)


1. Weigh the Ingredients

The fun part of making your own coffee is experimenting with its taste. What tastes great for others may not necessarily taste good for you. So for this step, the recommended weight of each ingredient is 25g of coffee and 200g of ice and water. However, remember that the “perfect” scale will still be up to you.

2. Boil Water and Grind Coffee Beans

Japanese iced coffee uses water that has just been boiled. For easier dilution, grind the beans into finer bits. If you purchased a pre-ground coffee, you can grind them again or skip to the next step. For a richer-tasting brew, try medium to dark roasts like the Olde Brooklyn Coffee’s Italian Dark Roast.  

3. Prepare the Filters

Rinse the Chemex or V60 filter you’ll use to remove any papery taste. Then put it over any glass container you want to use, such as a carafe.  

4. Pour Over the Filter 

Put the grounds on the filter and start pouring the freshly boiled water over it. From inward to outward, make a spiral motion to wet all the grounds evenly. Wait for around 45 seconds, so the water soaks the grounds, then pour the rest of the water while still following the same motion. 

You can now serve and enjoy your Japanese iced coffee! If you love Japanese iced coffee, you might be interested in learning about Shakerato.

Japanese Coffee Tips

Japanese coffee tips
Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels

Here are some tips you can use when making your Japanese iced coffee:

1. Use Large Ice Cubes

Ice cubes play a critical role in your Japanese coffee because they’ll tremendously affect the taste of your brew. Pick large ice cubes for slow melting and less dilution if you don’t want to feel like you’re racing against time.

2. Use Finer Coffee Grounds

You can keep your usual grind size for pour-overs. However, if you’re unsure what size you should aim for, you can start with a medium-size then adjust it to your liking. Finer grounds are recommended, so they easily dissolve in water.

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3. Use More Coffee

If you think you need a stronger cup, then you can either lessen the water while brewing because you’ll also have ice after or just add more coffee grounds. Conversely, if the coffee is too strong, add more water while keeping the coffee ground ratio. 

FAQs About Japanese Iced Coffee

What does Japanese iced coffee taste like?

Japanese iced coffee is a delectable, clean, and bright brew that manages to preserve coffee’s “just-made” flavor. It’s made of 2/3 pour-over and 1/3 ice, where you can produce varying tastes by adjusting the grind size, water-to-coffee ratio, and pour rate.

Is Japanese coffee acidic?

Unlike other steep methods that take long hours to make concentrated coffees, Japanese iced coffee has a lighter body and is not heavily acidic. You can also opt for dark roasts when making your coffee as they are the least acidic among others.