10 Most Expensive Coffee Tables To Spruce Up Your Living Room

Here are the 10 most expensive coffee tables brought to you by the finest designers in the interior industry.

10 Most Expensive Coffee Tables
Expensive coffee tables are defined by excellent craftsmanship, so very detailed, and exotic materials

There’s no bar hold for the most expensive coffee tables. The idea of luxury is defined by excellent craftsmanship, outstanding attention to detail, and exotic materials. 

I will walk you through my ten favorite coffee tables in this ultimate round-up. By carefully browsing each item on this list, you’ll understand why they come with such hefty price tags. Some say coffee tables are going out of style.. they are wrong!

1. Lapiaz Oval Center Table – Boca do Lobo

The Lapiaz oval center table is one of the most outstanding stainless steel and smoked glassworks I’ve ever seen. This Lapiaz oval coffee table takes exceptional craftsmanship and design to a whole new level when the cracks and glaze come unprepared. 

Inspired by the authentic karst formations, Lapiaz oval coffee table’ beauty is defined by the clever fitting of the polished brass sheet pressed against polished stainless steel to remind you of a sharp, perfect mirror.

When you look closely into each hammered brass detail and mirrored side, you’ll be blown away by these elegant and bold lines. If you’re looking for something graceful and powerful to spruce up your living room, this Lapiaz oval center table is the right way to go.

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2. Empire Poplar Root Center Table – Boca do Lobo

As the name suggests, this coffee table whispers glam and pride. The sparkle of mahogany wood when blended with exquisite polished brass surface detail allows the table to be a conversation starter itself.

It looks like a giant coffee bean with an elegant crack splitting the surface in half. As the crack is hand-hammered, it brings out an exceptional and authentic finish that cannot be seen elsewhere. The crack is beautifully sprinkled with a glamorous layer of gold that represents a manifesto toward power.

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3. James River Falls Coffee Table

This coffee table is one of the most breathtaking 66 inches you’ve ever seen. Carved out of one single slab of sugar maple, this coffee table is a perfect call for a cozy family bonding or a Sunday night with friends. 

Complimenting an organic beauty that reminds me of soil and earth, the James River Falls coffee table beckons my attention with its intricate image of a waterfall depicted from an actual namesake fall in Antigonish Co., Nova Scotia.

This coffee table is a definition of craftsmanship taken to a new realm. The surface is hand-carved, treated with non-toxic beeswax and linseed oil before a piece of 10mm glass covers on top. 

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4. Cactus Table Rectangular – Lalique

This Lalique table is one of the most sought-after materials that defines luxury and charm. And when it comes to glamorous coffee tables, Lalique Cactus Table Rectangular brings out a prolific magnificence from the swirls of sublime crystal.

The entire table seems as if it dances with the rhythm of light, bringing elegance and a touch of opulence into your living room.

5. Frenzy Coffee Table – Maitland-Smith

Coming out in a neat rectangular shape, Frenzy Coffee Table is a perfect call for those loving simplicity with a lap of luxury. The fine, smooth finish on top makes space for the exquisitely textured trellis frieze to stand out with an open cube base.

Frenzy coffee table is a strong reminiscence of the Orient with its beauty translated by the deep wooden color, the brass finish structures, and the veneers of eucalyptus and sycamore. 

6. Tourbillon Coffee Table – Franck Chartrain

This Tourbillon coffee table has some of the most spectacular surface designs I’ve ever seen. This table is a show-stopper with a fair share between simplicity and complexity. The polished framework supports the weight of the surface, made of an awe-inspiring vortex of inlaid agate stone and golden shades. 

Tourbillon coffee table is brought to you by Franck Chartrain, a talented French interior designer born famous for his unparalleled savoir-faire.

7. Crackle Center Table – Covet Paris

This Crackle center table is extra but elegant, precisely what “less is more” is about. With only two primary colors of beautiful polished brass and Emperador dark marble serving as the backbone of the decoration, its focal point addresses your attention to the stone shape and rough edges of the rock.

This coffee table is for a large, high-end home. When you look at the lavish palette of soft black and striking gold, the table adds depth to your living room, while the rugged edges give the space a unique personality.

8. Parova Set Of Four Coffee Tables – Zieta

Why buy one when you can get four tables at once? Parova decided to go beyond the norm to maximize functionality without missing out on the unique style. 

Each of the four tables comes out in different sizes, supported by a thick, strong leg of the same color and material. A thin surface is elegantly covered on top, perfectly synchronizing with one another to become an aesthetic cluster centerpiece.

One of my favorite things about this coffee table is how it allows you to break them apart for separate use.

9. Miller Center Table – Essential Home

If this Miller design is not the best mid-century coffee table you’ve seen, I don’t know what is. Sleek, bold, and elegant at the same time, this Miller coffee table is steeped in a modern twist that complements a sober and provocative vibe. 

If you’re looking for some ideas to stock up your Art Décor space, this Miller coffee table made of Nero Marquina marble will have your guests in awe.

Four pieces overlap on one another and can rotate in any direction. The rich polished brass board also contributes to the overall complexion of the design, especially when it reflects the dazzling chandelier light coming from above.

10. Florence Center Table – Essential Home

Dark harbor blue and gold is a perfect combo in any interior design. There’s something about this combination that reminds me of royal life.

The design is timeless. Once again, the polished brass base serves as the humble limelight of the structure, standing beside the rich velvet upholstery body made of high-quality fabric that gives it an unusual yet sophisticated look.

This subtle contrast is a show-stopper itself, and with the custom Estremoz marble tabletop, your living room will be luxurious.


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