Moka Pot vs Drip Coffee: Which One Is Best?

When it comes to the Moka pot vs drip coffee debate, there’s no right answer. The device you choose will depend on how you prefer your cup of coffee.

Moka Pot Vs Drip Coffee
Moka Pot Vs Drip Coffee

When it comes to choosing between coffee brewed in a Moka pot vs a drip coffee machine, your choice will depend on whether you prefer a stronger espresso-style brew or a traditional cup of coffee.

Personally, I prefer the rich and heavy-bodied coffee that one gets from a Moka pot. However, I know many people who’ll disagree with me.

To help you decide which brewing method you prefer, I’ve compiled a short comparison.

What Is Drip Coffee?

Drip coffee is probably the most common brewing method in America. Chances are that the regular cups of coffee that’s served at your local pub, restaurant, or corner-side café is drip coffee.

The name “drip coffee” is derived from the method of brewing, which involves the dripping of boiling water onto medium-ground coffee beans. The coffee you get from a drip coffee machine has a clear body and a mild taste.

How Does it Work?

Drip coffee machine making coffee
Coffee grounds are saturated with hot water and then drips into the coffee pot

A drip coffee maker is a relatively simple device, which consists of the following parts:

  • A reservoir, which is where you add the water. They come in different sizes.
  • A hot-water tube that runs from the reservoir base up into the drip area. Hot water is transported via the hot-water tube from the reservoir to the showerhead.
  • A faucet, which is like a showerhead from where the hot water is sprayed onto the coffee grounds.
  • A drip area, which you’ll find in some coffee makers. It’s basically a piece of plastic with holes that’s located between the faucet and the coffee. The function of this part is to ensure that water is dispersed at an even rate onto the coffee grounds.
  • A coffee pot, which is where the coffee brew lands up.

The coffee-making process is as follows: when you turn the coffee maker on, a heating element heats the water until it reaches boiling point. The bubbles created by the boiling water push the hot water through the hot-water tube up to the faucet, from where it’s sprayed onto the coffee grounds.

The grounds are saturated with hot water, which draws the flavors from the coffee and then drips into the coffee pot.

Comparison Between Moka Pot vs Drip Coffee

                       Drip Coffee

                          Moka Pot

Drip coffee machines produce clean and light brews.

The coffee you get from a Moka pot has a more intense flavor. With a Moka pot, you get a concentrated espresso strength coffee

Drip coffee machines use paper filters, which reduce the amount of sediment in your cup of coffee and also absorb a lot of the oils.

Moka pots use metal filters, which allow more oils and micro-fines through, resulting in a murkier brew.

The coffee you get from a drip machine is too weak to use for coffee drinks.

Since Moka coffee is close to proper espresso, you can use it for any coffee-based drink such as mocha, latte, or Americano

Drip coffee machines only work with electricity.

You can either opt for a traditional Moka pot, which you can heat on a stove or a camp-side fire, or you can go for an electric Moka pot.

What Is Better About Moka Pots?

Moka pot pouring a coffee in a cup
Moka pots contain no moving parts, and also they are very durable

People who love a strong and flavorful cup of coffee should opt for a Moka pot. You can adjust the strength of the coffee, however, which means that you can serve a milder Moka brew to guests who prefer their coffee with less of a punch.

Moka pots contain no moving parts, and they’re also durable. Also, those who enjoy camping can brew their morning cup of coffee in a Moka pot, since you can effortlessly heat these devices over some hot coals.

What Is Better About Drip Coffee Makers?

Although I enjoy a strong espresso-style brew, your average guest will probably prefer a milder cup of coffee. And so may you!

It’s, therefore, a good idea to invest in a drip coffee maker and keep it at hand when you receive guests. Drip coffee is, of course, also the best option for families, since most kids prefer their coffee mild.

Since drip coffee devices can be set to start brewing before you wake up, they’re also a great option if your mornings tend to be rushed. Although some electric Moka pots now also offer this function, traditional Moka pots need to be watched.

This is because you need to take it off the heat as soon as the brewing process is completed, otherwise you’ll end up with burnt flavors and possible damaged gaskets. Check out our guide on the best coffee for drip coffee makers.


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