Matcha vs Coffee: Which Is Better?

This article contains everything you need to know on Matcha vs Coffee and which one to choose.

Matcha vs Cpffee
Matcha vs Coffee

Recently, the popularity of matcha has shot through the roof due to its health benefits and delicious taste. But how does it compare to a good ol’ cup of joe? Do the health benefits and delicious taste of matcha reign supreme, or is coffee so deeply rooted in our DNA that it’s impossible to replace?

Let’s find out!

What Is Matcha And Why Should I Bother Drinking It?

Matcha is basically a strong form of green powder that’s mixed with water or milk to create a delicious cup of tea. 

Matcha is made by taking young tea leaves that are grown on green tea bushes, and grinding them into a bright green powder. The green tea bushes are also grown under the shade because it increases the chlorophyll in the leaves and gives it that famous bright green color.

Throughout the growing process, everything is monitored to ensure that the plant is full of l-theanine. This is what gives your tea that unique flavor and calming effects.

How Are Coffee Beans Grown And Roasted?

Everyone knows what coffee is. We drink it every day as it’s our life source, but not many coffee aficionados know how that magical elixir is grown and turned into a cup of coffee.

Coffee cherries are grown in massive fields and when they’re red, they are ripe and get picked for roasting. Coffee growers will break these cherries apart as there are two coffee beans in each cherry.

These coffee beans are roasted and will go from green to golden brown, and finally dark brown or black.

light and dark coffee beans
Different shades of coffee beans.

How Do I Make Matcha?

You can use matcha powder to make matcha teas and lattes. And the only difference between the two is that one is made with water and the other with milk.

If you want to make matcha tea, you’ll need;

  • Matcha powder
  • A jug
  • A whisk
  • And a cup.

Simply add matcha powder to your jug with a little boiling water. Whisk your concoction until it’s foamy. Next, add some boiling water until your jug is full. Pour it into your favorite cup and enjoy.

When making a matcha latte, you’ll follow the same exact steps, but instead of filling your jug up with water, fill it up with milk and enjoy.

How Do I Make Coffee?

There are several ways to make a top-notch cup of coffee. Popular methods include;

My favorite way of making coffee is with a French press because it’s super easy and tasty.

First, preheat your French press jug and grind your coffee beans similar to the consistency of sea salt. Next, toss out the boiling water in your jug and add your grounds. Top your jug up with boiling water and wait two minutes. Lastly, push your plunger down slowly, pour into your favorite cup, and enjoy.

Now that we know how to make each, let’s cover some benefits they have to offer.

Awesome Benefits Of Matcha Tea

1. A More Gentle Caffeine High

Matcha has a more gentle caffeine high than coffee. When you drink coffee, you’ll feel the effects within minutes. Fast forward a few hours and you’re experiencing that dreaded caffeine crash.

I feel like when I consume too much coffee, I become jittery, nervous, and hungry. This is because the high amounts of caffeine in coffee causes spikes in adrenaline, glucose, and insulin.

But matcha does a better job at creating calm alertness because it contains less than half the amount of caffeine as coffee.

2. It Promotes Better Skin

Matcha is packed full of compounds like EGCG and catechins which goes into your skin and fights the sebum and bacteria which causes acne and oily skin.

Awesome Benefits Of Coffee

1. Tastes Better Than Matcha

In my opinion, nothing beats the taste of hot coffee in the morning. Matcha tea doesn’t give you the same boost that regular ol’ joe does.

Also, the way the beans fill your house with that delicious smell of coffee is something that matcha can’t beat.

2. It’s Easier And More Fun To Make Than Matcha

Making coffee is an awesome hobby. Drinking coffee without making it yourself can taste nice, but it isn’t the same. Everything from grinding your coffee beans to frothing your milk is an experience I look forward to every morning.

Making matcha isn’t a hassle, but it isn’t as fun as making coffee.

So, Which Is Better?

The clear winner is coffee. It smells and tastes better, and it’s super fun to make. But matcha has a place in every coffee aficionado’s kitchen. When you’re tired of drinking coffee every day, and you’re seeking some novelty, feel free to switch it up by drinking matcha every now and again.

Final Word On Matcha Vs Coffee

Matcha and coffee are two awesome drinks that aren’t only delicious and addicting, but it gives you that caffeine kick. And why choose between these two drinks when you can enjoy both?


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