How To Make Iced Coffee: A 5 Step Delicious Recipe

If you want to make iced coffee, this guide offers a delicious recipe.

delicious iced coffee
Iced coffee can be made with coffee that has been left to go cold

We’ve all been there. You just made a cup of joe, maybe you bought some expensive beans, and can’t wait to start sipping. Your cup is a bit hot, so you let it sit.

Fast forward a few minutes, and you take a sip. It’s ice-cold! You rewarm it, and it tastes horrible.

But there’s a better way of drinking coffee that’s gone cold. Make a delicious iced coffee! It’s easy, simple, and delicious.

In this post you’ll learn;

  • Why you should never reheat coffee
  • What makes iced coffee so amazing
  • And how to make a quality cup of iced coffee.

Grab a cup of joe that isn’t stone-cold and let’s dive in!

Why Not Just Reheat My Cup Of Coffee?

When coffee cools down, its chemical structure changes because they’re fewer aromatics left, when you reheat it, the heat breaks down the few aromatics left resulting in a bitter and burnt tasting cup of joe.

And according to the CEO of La Colombe, Todd Carmichael…

“Coffee is a one-time thing. Make it, drink it, and if it gets cold, toss it out and make more. By reheating your coffee, you’re reorganizing the chemical makeup and ruining its taste.”

Now that we know why we should never reheat coffee let’s find out why iced coffee tastes so amazing.

What Makes Iced Coffee So Amazing?

Variety is the spice of life. There are so many iced coffee variations that you’ll never have to drink the same type of iced coffee twice in your life.

You can add condensed milk to your iced coffee which gives it a sweet and creamy taste. You can also make an inside out iced coffee by making coffee with chocolate syrup and freezing it in ice cube containers.

Whenever you feel like a cup, whip this bad boy out of the freezer, add it to your cup, and add milk. 

And that’s why I love iced coffee. There are so many versions of ice coffee to make that you’ll never get bored drinking iced coffee.

Sure, there are different ways of making hot coffee, but it can’t compete with iced coffee when it comes to novelty.

Studies also show that iced coffee is 67% less acidic than hot coffee, making it easier on your teeth and stomach. Too much acidity in coffee can also make it taste more bitter.

So iced coffee isn’t only healthier, it tastes better, and now we know not to reheat coffee, and why iced coffee may be better. But how do you make iced coffee from coffee that has gone cold?

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Delicious iced coffee
Iced coffee

Iced Coffee Recipe

Prep Time 5 minutes


  • Tall glass


  • Coffee
  • Flavored syrup or other sweetener
  • Milk
  • Ice


  • Brew coffee and allow it to cool somewhat.
  • Fill half of a cup with ice.
  • Add your coffee and milk.
  • Add flavored syrup or an alternative sweetener to taste.
  • Stir well and enjoy.

3 Simple Tricks To Make Your Iced Coffee 10x Better

1. When making iced coffee, opt for darker roasts since our brains can’t taste sweetness at low temperatures as it does at high temperatures. So a hot cup of coffee might taste sweet, but in a few minutes, as it chills, it’ll taste bitter.

Darker roasts work best because it contains more natural sugars and oils due to the longer roasting process which leaves you with a sweet cup of iced joe.

2. Add ice cream to your coffee. Use one part coffee, one part sparkling water, and a scoop or two of your favorite ice cream. This will fizz up and taste like a mixture between a cool drink, coffee, and milkshake.

3. Lastly, if you struggle with your iced coffee losing strength as the ice blocks melt, make you ice blocks out of coffee. This will strengthen your coffee as it melts.

Final Word on Delicious Iced Coffee

We all hate reheated coffee. It tastes burnt, bitter, and isn’t worth it. But instead of throwing your coffee away, make a delicious iced coffee. Feel free to add ice cream, whipped cream, or ice blocks made from coffee.


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