K-Cups Vs. Nespresso Original Pods: Which Should You Select?

Wondering which one to choose between the K-cups vs. Nespresso original pods? Read more to find out which of these champions suits your character best!

K-cups vs. Nespresso original pods
K-cups vs. Nespresso original pods

I often hear, “You are what you eat.” I honestly believe it applies to what you drink, as well. There were moments when picking between K-Cups and Nespresso Original Pods ate a lot of my precious morning time, so I’m here to help you determine which is suitable for you.

K-Cups Vs. Nespresso Original Pods: What are They?

People often think they are the same, but this is because of their similarity in shape. 

The K-Cup is designed like a small cup with foil covering the top. The Nespresso Original Pods has the same feature, but its body is more geometrical in design, wrapped with colorful motifs and protruding bottom parts. Both contain single-serve coffee or espresso and are used in their respective coffee machines: Keurig Coffee Machines for the K-Cups and Nespresso Machines for the Nespresso Original Pods.

They are not interchangeable! People have attempted, and most of them ended up with broken machines.

A word of caution: Nespresso also released a line of devices called the Vertuo. The original pods are not compatible with these, as they’ve released a whole new set of capsules.

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What Do K-Cups & Nespresso Pods Have In Common?

K-Cups and Nespresso Original Pods don’t really expire, but they have best-by dates. Both range from eight months minimum to years as long as the seal’s intact, the packaging’s uncompromised, and it’s stored properly.

Expiration label on a paper
K-cups and Nespresso pods don’t expire immediately

K-Cup &. Nespresso Original Pods: The Differences 

K-CupsNespresso Original Pods
K-Cups boasts over 400 varieties.Nespresso Original Pods have around 38 types only.
K-Cup is much cheaper per pod.Nespresso Original Pods are usually more pricey. 
Single-serve coffee variant drinks.Single-serve espresso-based beverages only.
Its flagship machine offers different single-cup sizes ranging from 6 oz. to 12 oz.Its flagship machine can only make up to 5 oz. and are still dependent on your selected brew.

What’s Better About K-Cups?

K-Cups are reasonably affordable. This will still save you a lot of money, given that an average person spends at least $1,934 to $2,327 in coffee shops annually! You might also be interested in our guide on the best coffee choices for Keurig reusable K-cups.

a man taking a money bills off his wallet
K-cups are affordable

Rarely do you see a product that gives you a different option every waking day for over a year! Is the heat of the summer getting to you? How about you brew a Green Mountain French Vanilla and make it iced? 

What’s Better About Nespresso Original Pods?

The quality of espresso it produces will always be top caliber. You’d still have that iconic crema layer after every brew and the opportunity to make your espresso-based drinks.

Making coffee using nespresso original pods in a coffee maker
Nespresso pods make a cup of strong, well-concentrated coffee

Sure, the K-Cups have 400 varieties compared to the original pod’s 38, but the latter will make a cup of concentrated caffeine to pack a strong punch with every shot. Keurig offers multiple cup sizes with the same pod, which deteriorates the coffee flavor. Nespresso doesn’t have that weakness.

Who Should Get K-Cups (And Why)?

You are the risk-taker and adventurous type. You’re the kind to have different coffee ready to deploy for other occasions and situations. 

K-Cups are economical and won’t hurt your wallet as much.

It’s also pretty straightforward. You wake up, pick a variant, and enjoy a cup of Joe. It’s best for the relatively-new coffee lover who wants to explore and determine their taste in the beverage.

Who Should Get Nespresso Original Pods (And Why)?

You are the conservative type. You already know what you want for your daily caffeine dose, and that’s a cup of espresso that you can freely tinker around with and turn into any kind of your signature drink. After all, you’re a frustrated barista who is thrilled to experience brewing your beverage. 

It’s not a matter of trying all the flavors anymore. Now, it’s down to knowing how intense you want your drink to be. This is best for those already familiar with espresso and who wish to expand their technical knowledge.


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