How to Store AeroPress: A 5-Step Guide

This article contains our full 5 step guide on how to store AeroPress to keep the coffee flowing!

How To Store AeroPress
AeroPress can brew delicious coffee faster than anything else found on the market

The AeroPress is everywhere, brewing delicious coffee faster than anything else on the market. If you like the luxurious flavor and mouthfeel of French press coffee but don’t have the time, the Aeropress is the best coffeemaker for you! 

So, if you want to learn the proper care and feeding of your AeroPress, keep reading!

How to Clean and Store Your AeroPress: Method 1

a man using Aeropress to his coffee
Storing your Aeropress with a plunger in the chamber can make losing the filter cap easy

There are two ways to store your AeroPress, and I’ll walk you through both of them. I’ll start by explaining how to prep it for storage, and then I’ll jump right into the first method: storing your AeroPress with the plunger in the chamber. This method is great if you’re looking to save space, but it can make losing the filter cap easy. 

If you’re scatterbrained like me and you want to avoid losing it, skip to method 2 once you finish step 2.

Step 1: Dump the Puck and Clean Your AeroPress

Unscrew the coffee filter cap and rinse it separately immediately after you’ve made your coffee to avoid the coffee acids damaging it. Use the plunger to press out the coffee grounds and rinse your AeroPress thoroughly to get all of the grounds out. 

You can use the plunger to press the water through to make it easier. If the plunger sticks, add a little vinegar when you rinse it to give it a deeper clean. To avoid damaging your AeroPress, try not to wash it in the dishwasher often. 

Let it dry fully before reassembling it. Instead of letting it air dry, the best way you can take care of it is to dry it by hand (blot, don’t wipe!). Avoid letting water sit to dry on the seal because hard water can add an abrasive edge that can damage your AeroPress over time. 

If you think you can just tuck your AeroPress in the cabinet after you’ve made your fantastically quick cup of coffee, I’m afraid you’re mistaken. Taking the steps to make sure it’s properly cleaned and dried before storing it will make sure your AeroPress lasts. After all, you want that delightful joy-maker – er, I mean, that coffeemaker – to keep doing what it does best!

Step 2: Wash the Seal

Start by carefully removing the seal from your AeroPress to avoid any damage. Wash it with mild soap (abrasive ingredients could damage your rubber or silicone seal) and warm water and blot it dry.

Now, no judgment, but when was the last time you washed the seal on your AeroPress? If you haven’t washed it in the last month, you need to clean the seal. A build-up of coffee sediment can make it harder to use your Aeropress and potentially cause damage over time.

Step 3: Store the Filter Cap

Push it through until the seal is completely outside of the chamber and isn’t under any pressure from the chamber.

Step 4: Push the Plunger Through the Chamber

Press the plunger through enough so that the seal is outside of the chamber. This keeps the seal from being damaged by long-lasting pressure during storage but means that you have to store the filter cap separately. 

You’ll want to store your filter cap close to your AeroPress, but there isn’t a way to store it with the AeroPress if you’re keeping the plunger in the chamber. Find somewhere safe to keep it, so it doesn’t disappear on you.

Step 5: Put Your AeroPress Away

Put your AeroPress away now that the seal is safe. If it’s in regular use, you can always keep it on your counter, but try to keep it out of direct sunlight, which can damage it. You can always tuck it into a drawer or cabinet since it doesn’t take up much space. (I keep mine next to my coffee in a cabinet.) 
An elegant countertop storage solution like this can keep your filter cap and AeroPress safely stored together.

How to Store Your AeroPress: Method 2

a man holding an aeropress
You should take the plunger out of the chamber and store it separately to keep the seal safe

If you’re like me and you’re worried about losing your filter cap but don’t mind your AeroPress taking up a little extra space, this is the best storage option for you. 

Keeping your AeroPress out on the counter can actually serve as part of your decor, and you’ll always have it handy for a quick cup of coffee when you’re half-awake in the morning.

Step 1: Pull Your Plunger out of the Chamber

Take your plunger completely out of the chamber and store it separately to keep the seal safe.  

Step 2: Screw on the Filter Cap

Screw on the filter cap, so you don’t lose it. 

Step 3: Put Your AeroPress Away

With your filter cap secure, tuck your AeroPress plunger and chamber away wherever you please.

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