How long do Frappuccinos last? Read This First!

Given the sweet taste of an iced Frappuccino drink, it is normal to want it to last longer. Read on to find out how long do frappuccinos last?

So you want to prepare your homemade Frappuccino but you are not sure what amount to prepare. Ideally, you would want it in bulk so that it can service your summer for long. The very fists step before preparing the Frappuccino as described in the recipe here, is to understand how long a Frappuccino drink can last. 

Starbucks Frappuccino
How long do frappuccinos last?

How long does Frappuccino last? To start, the shelf life of a packed Frappuccino and homemade ones may slightly differ. If unopened, the bottled Frappuccino (Starbuck Frappuccino) can last for a long time without needing refrigeration. However, once you open it, it is recommended you place it in the fridge and consume it within the shortest time possible within the indicated expiry period.

We also have the instant Frappuccino packed in a plastic container, which as the name suggests has to be consumed instantly after purchasing or serving.

As for a homemade Frappuccino, you might have to place your drink in the freezer for it to last long.

In the freezer, homemade Frappuccino can also as long as 1 month. In addition, they are not affected by being open or not. If you have been wondering for how long you Frappuccino is considered healthy, this article is for you.

Keep reading to find out more about the expiration dates of bottled Frappuccino, how to tell an expired Frappuccino, the shelf life of a homemade Frappuccino, effects of consuming expired milk and coffee drinks, drinks you should not consume if expired, among other related iced coffee issues.

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How Long Do Frappuccinos Last? Shelf Life Of A Bottled Vs. Homemade Frappuccino

As mentioned above the shelf life of a bottled Frappuccino and homemade Frappuccino differ greatly. This is because once it is open its shelf life diminishes. Once opened, it has to be consumed immediately, failure to which the drink is likely to taste odd and be separated, with the milk content floating on top.

First, a bottled Frappuccino does not require to be placed in the freezer. This is because when in the freezer, the Frappuccino tends to separate, forming a layer of floating milk cream. In case you have already frozen your Frappuccino, consider using a straw to swirl the drink before consuming it.

Second, a bottled Frappuccino can last longer without being placed in the freezer, unlike the homemade Frappuccino. The reason for the bottled Frappuccino lasting longer is that the milk in the Frappuccino has been super-heated to kill most of the pathogens, therefore preventing the milk from going bad quickly.

Bottom-line, Frappuccino can last for long if not opened. However, once you pen them take the shortest time possible to consume it.

What About The Indicated Expiration Date? (Bottled Frappucino)

How Long Do Frappuccinos Last? Read This First!
The bottled Frappuccino usually has a “best if used by” indicated the container just like any bottled other product.

The bottled Frappuccino usually has a “best if used by” indicated the container just like any bottled other Product. This date is more of industry required standard than and an indication of when the drink is viable for consumption.

Does it mean you can consume the drink past the expiration date? Although it may sound out of the ordinary, the truth is yes you can. Many people have reported consuming unopened Frappuccino long after the expiration date. Most people consume expired Frappuccinos unaware and do not report any health complications.

The purpose of the expiration date is to guide you on the period of consuming the product. For instance, you cannot consume a product 1 year after its best before date, but you can consume one if the period is 1 month after the indicated date. 

The only effect of consuming a Frappuccino after the expiration date is because the drink may have lost its flavor over time. 

Please take note that drinking your Frappuccino past the expirations date is only applicable for unopened drinks.

How To Tell An Expired Frappuccino

Now that we have validated drinking your Frappuccino past the indicated best before date, how do you tell and expired Frappuccino? Do not worry we have done in-depth research to answer all your questions.

Fist one of the easiest way to tell expired Frappuccino is from the taste. If the taste is far from good or normal, kindly dispose of the drink.

If the drink looks chunky and separates with a layer of cream floating, then beloved your Frappuccino is explored, the least you can do is get rid of it.

If your drink has a foul smell and when sipping, it tastes like coagulated milk curd, get rid of it lest you are willing to incur bills courtesy of a running stomach.

Top of the list, if your gut suggests that the drink is expired, and it has any of the above characteristics, we recommend you make peace with having to throw it away.

The Shelf Life Of A Homemade Frappuccino

Frappuccino made at home
Homemade frappuccino is no made of pasteurized milk, only normal milk.

As mentioned above the shelf life for bottled Frappuccino and homemade Frappuccino differ widely. 

It is costly and almost impossible to prepare a glass of Frappuccino at home. The ideal recipe results in at least 8-10 glasses of Frappuccino, which you cannot take in a sitting. It is even worse when there are not enough people to help you drink it. So what should you do?

Easy you can place your Frappuccino in a mason jar and have it frozen. I know you are wondering if it will separate. Here is the thing; homemade Frappuccino is no made of pasteurized milk, only normal milk. The reason Frappuccino separate when frozen is the highly heated milk. 

So if it is not in your recipe feel free to freeze your iced drink. The good news is, homemade Frappuccino can stay in the freezer for up to 1 month without going bad. How cool is that?

If you need to drink your fizzed Frappuccino, just pour some into your mug and let it stand in some warm place, to thaw It is recommended that you allow your drink to thaw as you shower or get busy with other routines. 

By the time you are done, your Frappuccino is ready for consumption. Use a straw to stir the drink and allow it to mix well. With that, you can enjoy your boom drink.

Effects Of Taking Expired Milk Products

Man with a stomachache
Food poisoning can only occur if you consume the spoilt milk in large quantities.

As you might already be aware, amongst the ingredients of a Frappuccino there is milk. As such, we will look at the health effects of consuming expired milk. 

Beyond the unpleasant smell of spoilt milk, consuming it may lead to food poisoning. In turn, food poisoning may result in stomach pains, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. So you want to make sure that you completely stay away from spoilt milk. However, food poisoning can only occur if you consume the spoilt milk in large quantities. In addition, this does not dismiss other uses of spoilt milk.

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Effects Of Consuming Expired Coffee

Coffee is another key ingredient of Frappuccino. Consuming expired coffee has never registered any health risks. However, there are other notable differences between a fresh coffee drink and an expired coffee drink.

For an expired coffee, the taste is stale and tends to be bitter. The coffee also loses its strong distinct smell when it expires. 

Moreover, the levels of caffeine in the drink are less given that the coffee grounds have been exposed for a long time. They, therefore, lose their oils, flavors, caffeine, and other content rendering the coffee flat.

Therefore, if you can handle the above-mentioned effects of expired coffee, then you do not have to worry about any health risks. 

It is recommended that unopened coffee grounds can last up to 6 months while open grounds can last up to 3 months.

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Drinks You Should Not Consume When Expired 

Displeased man looking at a bottle for expiration
While it possible for you to take expired coffee, it is not recommended for you to consume just any other expired drink.

While it possible for you to take expired coffee, it is not recommended for you to consume just any other expired drink. Here is a list of drinks you should shun when expired

  • Vegetable Juice- Juice made out of pure vegetables are likely to be contaminated once they expire. This is unlike fruit juice that tends to be acidic, therefore protecting against foodborne pathogens. Therefore, once your vegetable juice expires, get rid of it. 
  • Drinks preserved through Cold Pasteurization- unlike UHT technology, the cold pasteurization is where intense pressure is applied to already bottled beverages. This is done to kill pathogens and extend the shelf life of the drink. 
  • it is not as efficient as thermal pasteurization. Therefore, cold pasteurized drinks have a shorter shelf life. It is therefore recommended, you be on the look for expiration dates and dispose of them once they expire
  • Poorly stored Drinks- if a drink has been stored under poor conditions, avoid consuming it. For instance, if the beverage is being refrigerated always check that the temperatures are as required. The ideal temperature to refrigerate a normal drink is 38 – 40 degrees.
  • It also means you should constantly check your fridge to make sure it is operating under such temperatures if you have your drink stored.

Related Questions

Why don’t Starbucks drinks containing milk require refrigeration? 

Starbucks drinks containing milk like the Frappuccino use UHT milk, which does not require pasteurization. UHT stands for Ultra- High – Temperatures Processing.
This technology subjects normal milk to extremely high temperatures to kill pathogens that would cause the milk to go bad. The milk is then stored in hermetically sealed containers to prevent the entry of air.
UHT milk can last up to 9 months without being refrigerated, unlike ordinary milk, which can only last 2 weeks under refrigeration.
Due to the long shelf life of UHT milk or pasteurized milk, it has created room for milk to be transported across borders and be consumed. It is due to the UHT technology that most Starbucks drinks don’t require to be placed in a fridge.

Does the UHT milk differ in taste from the normal milk? 

This is one of the common issues raised when it comes to UHT milk. Having tasted both types of milk, I did not notice any difference in their taste. This unpopular opinion may as well be regarded as stereotyping since it does not have any research proof. Besides UHT milk is normal Milk exposed to extremely high temperatures not some alien type of milk.