How Are Coffee Pods Made? Answered

Have you ever wondered how coffee pods get the coffee into your cup? Let’s dive in as we find out how are coffee pods made!

How are coffee pods made?
Due to the environmental implications of coffee pods have, brands are coming up with ways to make their products eco-friendly

Coffee pods are one of the most convenient ways to make a cup of Joe. 

Once, while my Nespresso machine stopped brewing, I glanced at the stack of coffee pods on the kitchen counter. I tried to find out how these coffee pods are made. Let me share what I’ve learned.

Analyzing The Exterior

Analyzing the exterior
The pod’s and capsule’s bodies are made of aluminum

There are two kinds of coffee pods for the Nespresso machine. The OriginalLine, is more geometrically shaped and has a protruding bottom part. The other is from the VertuoLine called ‘capsules’ more dome-shaped and larger.

The pod’s and capsule’s bodies are made of aluminum, although several companies recently released reusable pods made from stainless steel. Unfortunately, it’s only applicable to OriginalLine machines as of late. 

The hermetically-sealed, perforated top is made with aluminum to keep the aromas and flavors intact and protect its content from external elements such as oxygen, moisture, and light. These are inspected for defects before being packaged into their respective boxes for distribution.

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Investigating The Interior

Looking at the interior, you’ll find that it’s wrapped in food film (food-grade lacquer) to prevent any contact between the coffee grinds and the aluminum

The coffee pod or capsule contains around five to 13 grams of ground coffee, perfect for creating a single-serve that still depends on the length of the pour you choose on your Nespresso machine. It can range from 40 ml (an Espresso shot) to 110 ml (Lungo pour), with the VertuoLine reaching as big as 414 ml (Alto or Alto XL pour).

Diving Into The Core

Now we take a closer look at the coffee grounds. The hand-picked coffee cherries from South America and Africa are transported and undergo strict quality control at Nespresso’s production center in Switzerland.

These are roasted and ground in a deoxygenated environment before being packed and sealed in the aluminum pods or capsules we see today. The pods contain 100% pure roast and ground coffee. The Nespresso line of machines features over 25 different flavors ranging from the Ristretto Italiano to flavored ones such as Cocoa Truffle.

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A Peek Into The Future Of Coffee Pods 

The VertuoLine capsule contains a unique barcode imprinted on its rim. It’s scanned by the machine to determine the optimal setting to brew your coffee of choice.

The market has significantly expanded, as well. Since the expiration of Nespresso’s patent in 2012, other manufacturers have come up with their version of the coffee pods and capsules, paving the way to a much wider variety of flavors for the coffee, tea, and chocolate lovers. 

The Nespresso brand made the jump to digital to distinguish itself from its competitors. They’ve now provided a digital and automated boutique called the Nespresso Cube, where they offer consumers an innovative and personalized shopping experience and limited-edition coffee flavors for their patrons.

Additionally, they’ve released a new product called the ‘Prodigio,’ a state-of-the-art Nespresso machine that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It notifies the owner when to reorder coffee capsules through your phone, as the device can detect when you’re already running out.

Lately, due to the environmental implications of coffee pods have, brands are coming up with ways to make their products eco-friendly either through changing the materials used on the exterior of the pods and capsules or establishing a dedicated area to recycle the existing ones.

FAQs On How Are Coffee Pods Made

Are Coffee Pods For OriginalLine And VertuoLine Interchangeable?

Unfortunately, they are not. These pods differ in design and size, and the VertuoLine has a unique barcode that the machine’s scanner must read before it operates. As for OriginalLine, third-party manufacturers have started creating refillable pods of different flavors compatible with this machine.

Are Coffee Pods Recyclable?

Yes, Nespresso pods are recyclable. Nespresso consumers are provided with free recycling bags and encouraged to bring their used pods to nearby recycling points in your area.


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