4 Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Coffee Shop

It’s important to be ahead of your competitors to sustain your coffee shop’s success. Read on to learn how to successfully market your business online with these digital marketing strategies for your coffee shop.

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Aside from creating an online presence, you need strategies to sell your coffee shop digitally

If there’s a crux that every failed business fell victim to, it’s most likely the oversight to evolve with the market and innovate. As companies bring their brands online, there’s no reason your coffee shop should lag behind. 

Transitioning to digital can be effortless in this day and age as it’s fairly easy to create a social media account for your coffee shop, and there are different platforms online that let you build your website for free. Of course, expect to shell out some funds if you’re looking to upgrade.

Once you’ve created your online presence, it’s time to sell your coffee shop digitally. Here are some digital marketing strategies that can aid you in this venture to give you an idea of what actions you should implement online. But remember, this will hinge on how concise and relatable your brand marketing is.

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Visually Appealing Website And Social Media Page

It’s a challenge to let videos and images do the selling for you, especially since your market won’t be able to taste or smell your product at a glance. The concept or theme of your coffee shop will help you resolve that and assist you in determining your posts. 

Coffee businesses love to use modern rustic visuals and warm color filters to upload eye-catching photos of their products on social media, especially on Instagram. This will do wonders as consumers embrace striking and photogenic visuals in this day and age.

You need instagrammable photos

It’s not all about the pictures, though. Your site or page should be easy to navigate and provide all the information about your coffee shop. Contact numbers, menus, prices, and operating hours to name a few, should be available with a click or a scroll.

This guide for coffeepreneurs can aid you in how to create a coffee shop logo if you still don’t have one!

Keeping Up With The Trend

If you’re social media-savvy, you know the latest platform corporate brands heavily use is TikTok as the number of consumers who use the app grows. In fact, about 67% of its community said that the app inspired them to shop even when they weren’t planning to do so because they saw how the brand engages with them.

Every month, we’re also treated to new video trends that companies are utilizing. Did you remember how dalgona coffee became a TikTok trend? Suddenly, the coffee conglomerates were coming up with ways to incorporate this viral beverage into their branding.

Here’s some content to consider when you’re looking for a video to go viral: how about making a video loop on how you brew your best-selling beverage or maybe a day in the life of your barista? It’s also interesting to see the business owner partaking in a dance challenge. The options are endless!

Consumer Engagement

Twitter and Facebook might be the most effective way to engage personally with your consumers as you can answer their reviews and feedback in real-time, even if it’s a criticism. Interestingly, 45% of customer respondents shared that they will view a brand positively if it responds to negative comments on social media. This can be advantageous as it can increase engagement with your brand.

Loyalty programs are another way to entice new consumers or retain your regulars. Giving them incentives such as discounts or exclusive offers are one way to engage with them, and its efficacy is proven. Around 69% of consumers disclosed that reward programs could influence their choice of retailer.

Reward programs influence consumers’ choice of retailer

On another note, hashtags, online contests, polls, questions, or quizzes are effective tools to engage with customers. For instance, Chipotle’s hashtag challenge #GuacDance resulted in over 800k guac sales on National Avocado Day! Alternatively, you can also use popular hashtags such as #CoffeeGram or #CoffeeBreak on Twitter or Instagram can help you find potential customers and drive engagements to your shop.

Here’s a food-for-thought: how about holding a contest inviting your audience to name your next menu item?

Partnering With Social Media Influencers

The number of influencers on social media has reached a jaw-dropping 37.8 million around the world. Choosing which influencer targets your niche market is tricky, but this is an effective strategy when properly implemented. 

Case in point, Dunkin’s collaboration with TikTok influencer Charli D’Amelio resulted in a 57% spike in app downloads and 20% sales boost for their cold-brew coffee. Although you can’t compete with a big brand’s budget (for now), this is an ideal example of how influencers can be beneficial in marketing your product when it’s time to consider it.

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