Coffee Creamer vs Milk and Sugar: What Should You Use?

While coffee purists advise against coffee additions, adding creamer or milk and sugar to your cup of joe is an excellent way of improving taste, texture, and vibrancy in your beverage. This post will explore coffee creamer vs milk and sugar to help you make a healthy and informed decision.

coffee creamer vs milk and sugar
Coffee Creamer vs. Milk And Sugar

If you don’t like your coffee black like me, you probably must have already tried adding a splash of milk or coffee creamer and a spoonful of sugar. When I first visited my local grocery store, I was overwhelmed by the lengthy shelves packed with varieties of creamers and milk.

That’s when I decided to do a little research and explored different creamers and milk to find a suitable match for my taste while also checking my health.

Many people don’t think much about what they add to their favorite cup, especially when it comes to sugar consumption, daily calories, and saturated fat levels. To help you make an informed choice, here is a comparison between coffee creamer and milk & sugar.

 All About Coffee Creamer and Milk & Sugar

Coffee creamers and milk have rapidly developed since the 17th century to suit different coffee enthusiasts. That explains the different varieties of creamers and milk and flavors you find at your local store.

Coffee creamer is dairy-free, and most of its ingredients vary from one brand to another. It comes with sugar, so you don’t need to add any sweetener.

Milk is the most common coffee addition for most people. While cow’s milk is more preferred, you can also go for goat’s milk or buffalo milk.

There are also other processed options, like reduced-fat milk, whole milk, or skim milk. Milk contains a lower amount of calories compared to coffee creamer, but be careful with the amount of sugar you add.

What Do Coffee Creamer And Milk And Sugar Have In Common?

two glasses of milk on a wooden table
Milk contains a relatively high amount of fat content

Milk and creamers pair so well with coffee and present almost similar results. The fat content alters the coffee’s texture, making it denser with a velvet-like smoothness. What I like about milk is that it softens the bitterness of the coffee by binding it into polyphenolic elements.

Both cream and milk have a relatively high amount of fat content, which varies depending on the heaviness of the milk or cream. Every drop of milk or cream in your cup increases your calorie content. However, there are so many healthy options to go with if you are watching your diet. 

Coffee Creamer Vs Milk and Sugar: The Differences

Here is a simplified breakdown of the differences between coffee creamers and milk.

Coffee creamer


Made from dairy-free products

Made from a dairy product

It comes with added sugar.

It does not contain sugar.

Contain 6g to 12g of fat per 4oz

Contain 1.3g to 4g of fat per 4oz

Contain 4g to 40g of sugar

Contain 0g to 6g  of sugar

Has artificial flavorings

It does not have artificial flavorings

Lacks proteins

Has proteins

What’s Better About a Coffee Creamer? 

Coffee creamers are pretty popular among American coffee drinkers. Apart from sweetening your beverage, creamers add a truly rich, thick texture and taste to your cup of joe.

Creamers are best suitable for non-dairy consumers who want to boost their coffee. They come with added sugar, so you don’t need to look for a sugar dish any time you want to enjoy your cup of coffee.

What’s Better About Milk and Sugar?

Milk and sugar are not only the oldest additions to coffee but also the healthiest, particularly animal milk. For instance, cow’s milk and goat’s milk contain low levels of calories, while coconut milk is loaded with saturated fats. Adding milk and sugar to your coffee is one of the best ways to balance out the flavors.

The milk’s low fat and sweetness cut through the coffee’s bitterness and lowers the acidity level. Whole milk is heavier and makes your coffee creamier and sweeter, while reduced-fat milk helps create a balance between sweetness and thickness without adding fat and calories.

Who Should Use a Coffee Creamer? 

a cup of coffee with a magazine beneath it
Coffee creamers are for those people who love to sip a flavored coffee

I have already mentioned that we have plenty of coffee creamers on the market today, suitable for any type of coffee you need. If you’re lactose intolerant and like your coffee extra thick and sweet, coffee creamer is the way to go. Heavy cream is versatile as it can be used in cooking other dishes like soups and desserts.

If you’re on a diet, go easy on fat and calories and pick cream with less fat. Coffee creamers are also great for people who like flavored coffee. Just be sure to check the ingredient list to minimize additives.

Who Should Use Milk and Sugar?

You should be able to enjoy your cup of milky coffee with sugar if you don’t mind incorporating dairy products into your diet. I like the versatility that comes with milk, especially when it comes to how you take it. Milk contains less fat and can be used in powder or liquid form.

If you take several mugs of coffee every day, milk may be your perfect option. Just make sure to add the correct amount of sugar, based on your daily calorie requirement.


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