Can You Make Instant Coffee With Milk?

  • If you want a more exciting drink, you might wonder, “Can you make instant coffee with milk?” Instant coffee with milk is a staple in many parts of the world.
Can you make instant coffee with milk
Instant coffee with milk is a staple in many parts of the world

There are certain times when making instant coffee feels necessary. It’s more convenient for camping trips; sometimes, you don’t feel like pulling out the coffee pot mid-afternoon. Instant coffee is traditionally brewed with hot water, but the taste is much different than brewing in a coffee pot, French press, or a pour-over, so can you make instant coffee with milk? 

You can make instant coffee with milk, and many people find it delicious. Learn more about how to brew instant coffee with milk and more below. You might find our round-up of the best instant coffee brands helpful.

What Is Milk Coffee?

Milk coffee is the name of the coffee drink made from milk, instant coffee, and usually sugar. It’s easy to make and results in a rich, creamy coffee that’s different from anything you’ll find at your local coffee shop.

Milk, no matter the type you use, changes how instant coffee tastes, smells and looks. This flavor dilutes the taste of the coffee. You’ll want to add more instant coffee when you brew with milk than when brewing with water if you really enjoy the taste of coffee. 

Can You Use Other Types Of Milk To Make Milk Coffee?

You can make milk coffee with any milk. It can even be a vegan coffee beverage if you use almond milk, coconut milk, oat milk, or another non-dairy substitute. Check out our round-up of the best coffee for vegans.

Heavy cream will make your milk coffee even creamier, while condensed milk adds a creamy texture and sweet taste. Evaporated milk is another delicious substitute because it offers a rich texture and is unsweetened. 

Can You Make Milk Coffee With Milk And Water?

Milk coffee naturally contains more calories, sugars, and fat than regular instant coffee. If you want to cut back or find it too creamy, many milk coffee recipes call for a combination of water and milk. This method calls for dissolving the coffee in hot water first, then adding hot milk to the dissolved coffee and water mixture. 

Coffee with milk and water
Many milk coffee recipes call for a combination of water and milk

It’s the Preferred Choice In Some Countries

You may have come across milk coffee in your travels without knowing what you were tasting. In Ecuador, a “cafe con leche” is a cup of steaming hot milk served with instant coffee. In Greece, you’ll find that a frappe is a coffee drink made with Nescafé, frothed milk, and sugar. Locals generally serve it over ice. 

Indian-style instant coffee is a breakfast staple in households around the country. It includes one teaspoon of instant coffee and one teaspoon of sugar dissolved in one tablespoon of hot water. It’s topped off with some hot milk. You might be wondering are coffee pods instant coffee

How To Brew Instant Coffee With Milk


  • One cup of milk
  • One tablespoon of instant coffee
  • One tablespoon of sugar


  1. Boil the milk in a saucepan or microwave it in a mug for roughly one minute and 45 seconds. 
  2. Add the instant coffee to the hot milk and mix thoroughly.
  3. Stir in a heaping tablespoon of sugar (or sugar to taste), and enjoy.

How To Brew Instant Coffee With Water and Milk


  • One teaspoon of instant coffee powder (or more to taste)
  • One tablespoon of hot water
  • Half a cup of hot milk
  • Two tablespoons sugar (or to taste)


  1. Heat the milk in a saucepan.
  2. Mix one tablespoon of water with the sugar and instant coffee in a mug. 
  3. Mix thoroughly for two or three minutes or until the sugar dissolves entirely. 
  4. Pour the hot milk over the mixture in the mug and continue to mix gently.
  5. Serve and enjoy. 
Heat milk in a saucepan
Heat the milk in a saucepan

FAQs About Can You Make Instant Coffee With Milk

What Else Can Enhance The Flavor Of Instant Coffee?

Sometimes, instant coffee is the easiest and most available option for coffee. It’s easy to make, and you can add numerous ingredients to enhance the flavor. Common additions to instant coffee aside from milk and sugar include:
Cocoa powder
Your favorite liqueur 

Is Instant Coffee Bad For You?

Instant coffee is generally accepted as a low-calorie beverage that can be healthy when consumed in moderation. Instant coffee typically has less caffeine than regular coffee but many of the same antioxidants. 

Can You Use Milk To Make An Instant Cappuccino?

Yes. Making instant cappuccino with milk is just like making instant coffee with milk. It will be much creamier than when made solely with hot water. 


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