Can You Grind Wheat In A Coffee Grinder?

A coffee grinder is best piece of equipment for processing coffee beans, but can you grind wheat in a coffee grinder? Read on to find out!

organic wheat grains over rustic wood table - can you grind wheat in a coffee grinder
You can grind wheat in a coffee grinder but aftercare and maintenance are necessary

It’s practically heaven for me whenever I can enjoy a cup of Joe with some desserts on the side, especially if it’s homemade. However, making flour for your dessert can be challenging as not all of us can afford a wheat grinder or grain mill.

Luckily, a coffee grinder can be your two-in-one appliance. You can easily grind what in a coffee grinder. This method has its ups and downs, but the drawbacks are something you can live with as long as you maintain your grinder.

Advantages Of Grinding Wheat With Coffee Grinder

A coffee grinder is more affordable compared to a wheat grinder. The manual grain mills are wallet-friendly, but they are taxing to use. 

You can invest in a grain mill if you’re planning to make baking a hobby, but coffee grinders are great substitutes for now. I find the burr grinders the most effective with wheat grinding, so lucky you if you have one!

Burr coffee grinder
Burr grinders are the most effective when grinding wheat

One thing you’ll also love about a coffee grinder is its versatility. You can use it to grind nuts which you can add to your baking ingredients, rice, beans, and spices, among others!

The Upside Of Grinding Wheat At Home

Processing your wheat at home is more beneficial to your health, too! Compared to commercial flours, which lack the bran and germ due to their milling process, grinding wheat at home will ensure the wheat berry’s vitamins and nutrients are preserved.

It’s also cost-efficient since most kinds of wheat are cheaper and, if stored right, can last years compared to commercially-processed flour. It also has the advantage of tasting better when turned into flour as its natural oils are intact. I assure you, you’ll bake the fluffiest muffin with it.

The Downside Of Grinding Wheat With Coffee Grinders

One glaring disadvantage of using a coffee grinder for wheat is the texture of the flour, as it won’t be as fine as you expect. One technique to resolve this is to sift it and grind the coarse ones again. You can repeat this until most of the chunks are gone.

It might also subtly affect the taste of your coffee. Your grinder is bound to have wheat residues after several uses, which might give your cup of Joe a bready taste.

Asian woman holding hot coffee feeling strange after tasting
Your grinder may have wheat residues after several uses resulting to a bready cup of Joe

It can be a turn-off for some, so clean it between switching from grinding wheat to coffee beans. Be careful if you’re serving coffee to someone who is coeliac; lingering wheat residue in the grinder can still contaminate their coffee. 

There’s a chance that some of the lumps find their way to your grinder’s nook and cranny, so maintenance is a must. Additionally, be wary of your grinder’s blade as it can dull. 

How To Grind Wheat In A Coffee Grinder

Gringing wheat in a coffee grinder is easy.

Whether it’s a blade or burr grinder, don’t overfill it, as doing so might clog the machine. About halfway through your hopper is sufficient. Start grinding for around 30 seconds to one minute, depending on your preferred grind.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, it won’t come out smooth the first time, so you have to sift it and separate the fine grinds and rerun the lumpy ones. Prepare to do this two or three more times.

2 Alternatives To A Coffee Grinder For Grinding Wheat

Don’t fret if you don’t have a coffee grinder at home; chances are that you already have a perfect alternative in your kitchen.

1. Grain Mill

A grain mill should be a must-have if you love baking. These can be pricey, but it’s worth it, as a grain mill will give you the finest grind in the shortest possible time.

2. Blender Or Food Processor

Though a food processor or blender is not as efficient as a coffee grinder in grinding wheat, this is still a good alternative and is probably what you have on hand. 

You can use this to grind additional amounts of wheat berries. It will take longer because it will give you a coarser texture than the coffee grinder.


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