7 Bulletproof Coffee Celebrities

Bulletproof coffee has been a fad since around 2009. See all the bulletproof coffee celebrities and why they love this unique beverage!

Bulletproof Coffee Celebrities
Several celebrities are also consuming bulletproof coffee

Where there are celebrities, you’ll find new fads and trends that follow them. From gluten-free diets to Keto foods to questionable health recommendations, stars are never shy to share the Next Big Thing. 

For now, we’re going to focus on bulletproof coffee, aka coffee with butter and medium-chain triglyceride MCT oil mixed in. We’re not going to dive deep into how this coffee gets made (or its potential benefits), but we will break down the various celebrities who swear by it. 

Ayesha Curry

While Ayesha’s husband, Steph Curry, is famous for being one of the best basketball players of all time, Ayesha herself has parlayed the Curry name into one of multifaceted philanthropy and entrepreneurship. 

One of Ayesha’s passions is food, as represented by her cookbook, restaurant, and meal-kit empire. She’s all about that healthy life and loves to find fresh, new ways to help people have a better relationship through their food. 

When it comes to bulletproof coffee, Ayesha likes to mix hers with all-natural ghee (clarified, low lactose butter) and a splash of MCT oil. She says that it helps jumpstart her day so that she has plenty of energy to keep up with her kids and lifestyle. 

Brandon Routh

There was a time when Brandon Routh was on Hollywood’s A-list, playing Superman in his triumphant return to the silver screen. 

While Routh’s career didn’t quite take off as the titular character, he has enjoyed a relatively stable blend of acting jobs, sticking with the DC universe and appearing in shows like Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, and Batwoman. 

In an interview from 2012, the actor opened up about his diet and exercise regimen and how he still looked like Superman, even six years after playing him. Routh liked to make his bulletproof coffee with grass-fed butter and coconut oil, saying that good fat can supercharge your health. 

A glass of Bulletproof coffee, blended with organic butter
bulletproof coffee

Busy Philipps

Since a relatively young age, Busy Philipps has acted her heart out in movies and television (although almost always on TV). Bouncing around from shows like Freaks and Geeks to Malcolm in the Middle to Dawson’s Creek to ER, one could say that she’s pretty busy. 

Between TV episodes, Philipps developed a taste for bulletproof coffee in the mid-2010s. In an interview with People Magazine, she shared the secret to her beverage success. Apparently, she uses ultra-pure coffee, unsalted grass-fed butter, concentrated MCT oil, and collagen powder.

According to the actress, this mixture is good for both energy and better skin. 

Ed Sheeran

Since 2011, Ed Sheeran has quietly taken the world by storm. While he doesn’t look like a typical celeb musician, he’s become one of the industry’s heavyweights. To date, Sheeran has been nominated 13 times at the Grammys and won four separate times. 

However, he tries not to let his fame and fortune go to his head. In an interview from 2014, right when Sheeran mania was reaching its peak, the singer-songwriter mentioned that he wouldn’t “become LA.” Just because he was on red carpets and Hollywood hit lists, he wouldn’t forget his roots. 

However, one “LA” element he did experience was bulletproof coffee. He mentioned how it kept him full and energized all day long, even after a single cup. It’s unclear if he still partakes, but the beverage certainly made an impact. 

Halle Berry

Although Halle Berry is currently 55, she’s still kicking ass and taking names, both on and off-screen. While Hollywood tends to frown on actresses over 40, Berry (among others) shows that talent and perseverance matter more than age. 

However, now that she isn’t as spry as she was in her 20s, Berry is taking much better care of her body. She follows numerous health fads and trends, including bulletproof coffee. 

Since this coffee is keto-friendly, it fits nicely into Berry’s Ketosis diet and intermittent fasting schedule. If she doesn’t start her day with bulletproof coffee, she downs some green juice instead. 

Ronda Rousey

As a world-champion UFC fighter, Ronda Rousey has to be in excellent shape at all times. One slip could mean defeat in the ring (or cage, as it were), so she has to eat right and work out several hours per day. 

Rousey currently follows the Dolce Diet, which focuses on fat burning and low-carb intake. To help her kickstart her day, she eats a healthy blend of seeds, oats, nectar, and almond butter. To wash it all down, she also prepares a cup of bulletproof coffee. 

Rousey isn’t a purist, though, opting to add some extra flavor with cinnamon, stevia, and raw coconut oil. 

fresh fruits, vegetables in heart-shape
healthy foods with oats

Shailene Woodley

If you know anything about bulletproof coffee, you know that Dave Asprey created it after a profound trip to Tibet. Afterward, he developed the beverage and a whole diet centered around high-fat and low-carb foods. 

One celeb who has gone all-in on the Bulletproof Diet is Shailene Woodley. In an interview with People Magazine from 2020, the actress gushed about the drink’s health benefits. She starts every day with a cup and is sure to use one of Asprey’s other products, Brain Octane Oil, to deliver a more significant energy boost. 

The Final Word On Bulletproof Coffee Celebrities

Although plenty of Hollywood celebs swear by bulletproof coffee, it’s important to remember that health experts and doctors warn of potential downsides. Since coffee has so much fat and calories, adding it to your existing diet can lead to weight gain, not loss. 

Also, while some individuals hype the coffee’s ability to supercharge their energy, the effects can differ from person to person. Just because it works for superstars like Halle Berry and Ed Sheeran doesn’t mean it will work for you.


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