10 Best Spanish Coffee Brands To Try

Are you interested in drinking authentic Spanish coffee? Here are the best Spanish coffee brands.

best Spanish coffee brands
Spanish coffee’s original flavor has changed to please every taste bud

When coffee drinkers talk about European countries with the best coffee, you’ll most likely expect to hear France and Italy in the discussion. But did you know that Spain also produces high-quality coffee? Because of the Spaniards’ unique way of blending and roasting coffee beans, Spain has several coffee brands to be proud of.

However, Spanish coffee’s original flavor has changed to please every taste bud. Today, many coffee brands in Spain manufacture their own versions of authentic Spanish coffee to share with the rest of the world. We ranked the top Spanish coffee brands on taste, availability, product quality, reviews, packaging, and price. You might also be interested in our Spanish latte guide.

1. Alipende

First on the list is a local brand called Alipende. You can only find this brand in Ahorramás supermarkets located in Madrid and Castilla-La Mancha.

It’s a leading brand that offers various food products. It was recognized as the best coffee brand in 2014 because of its remarkable taste, competitive price, and ecological packaging.

2. Santa Cristina

If you can’t handle caffeine, you might be feeling left out. Worry not; you can still enjoy the best of Spanish coffee, thanks to Santa Cristina.

Many coffee lovers worry that decaf won’t taste as good as the real deal; Santa Cristina’s decaffeinated brew is highly rated by customers when it comes to taste and aroma. However, if you still want a pep in your step, you can still buy from Santa Cristina. The brand offers medium and light roasts too.


  • Decaf
  • Tastes great


  • Pricey
  • Pre-ground isn’t suitable for all brewers
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3. Bonka

Spanish coffee is known for its impressive and robust flavor, and the Bonka from Nestlé is a perfect example. While coffee drinkers agree that Bonka is a high-quality product and has good packing that explains why it’s expensive, they have varying opinions in terms of taste and scent.  

Upon opening the packaging, you will be greeted with a strong woody aroma. It’s a pretext for the coffee’s strong taste. If you’re not fond of sharp notes, add milk to make it softer.

You can even make a Bon Bon Café if you like. Bonka’s pungent aroma is because of the mix of Robusta and Arabica beans. You might also enjoy our round-up of the best Colombian coffee brands.

4. Bou

Bou is another coffee house brand in Spain. BOU CAFÉ is known for its quality service, delicious coffee, and its stores’ soothing and relaxing ambiance. Its sweet coffee leaves a drawn-out aftertaste that makes customers come back.

Now, Bou also offers its coffee blends available for purchase on its website. It also lets its patrons order an affordable gift pack that includes a grinder set, brewing set, or the brand’s best sellers. 

Coffee drinkers also love its Nespresso-Espresso compatible capsule – a creamy and sweet cup of Joe with chocolate and hazelnut aromas. If you want to stay organic, Bou offers products in eco-friendly packaging. 

5. Catunambú

Founded over 120 years ago by Juan Ferrer, the brand Catunambú from an autonomous community in Spain became the “Coffee of Andalucia.” The brand believes that great coffee is made from the best coffee beans and perfect roasting. Thus, it has a wide selection of whole coffee beans, grounds, instant mix, capsules, and ready-to-drink coffee blends.

Coffee of Andalucia

Catunambú’s coffee blends remain a top choice for coffee drinkers who love Spanish coffee. It’s because of the artisan method of the brand in roasting its high-quality coffee beans and sealed packaging. 

Try Catunambu Whole Bean 100% Natural Roast Coffee.

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6. Dibar

The Dibarcafé is another over a hundred-year-old small coffee house in Barcelona with friendly staff, tasty pastries, and coffee. It’s a coffee shop inside a coffee shop where you can buy different coffee beans. Other than coffee, the brand also sells boxes of tea bags in different flavors.

Dibarcafé offers a unique coffee bean – the Orang Utan (Orangutan). It’s a part of a project to prevent deforestation of Sumatra’s forests, improve farmers’ lives, and preserve the orangutan’s natural habitat. This best-seller creamy coffee has a balanced flavor with hints of chocolate, nuts, and spices with low acidity and prolonged aftertaste.

7. Intermón Oxfam

A great taste coffee with a beautiful heart – that’s the brand Intermón Oxfam is all about. It’s the only brand on this list in the fair-trade product category. This 50-year-old Spanish non-government organization prevents big companies from taking advantage of people in developing countries by giving them a meager salary.

Intermón Oxfam
Intermón Oxfam

Intermón Oxfam offers high-quality manufactured products that ensure fair payment to the place and people who work with them. Its Tierra Madre natural ground coffee is slightly more pricey than the other brands to support its cause. The brand’s coffee is 100% natural and traditionally made. 

8. La Estrella

One of Spain’s most famous, oldest, and most successful coffee brands is La Estrella, also known as Cafés La Estrella. It was founded in 1887 in Badajoz by Don José Gómez-Tejedor, who also obtained the patent for inventing roasted coffee in 1901 before it became known in Europe. Its coffees are available in ground, grain, and soluble or instant coffee mix.

If you don’t like intense coffee, the brand offers a 50/50 coffee (50% naturally roasted and 50% roasted) that makes the flavor and aroma milder than other coffee brands. It’s creamy and easy-to-dissolve instant coffee mix that also has the trademark mild aroma and taste of the brand but is still more intense than decaffeinated coffee. 

To help the environment, the affordable coffee brand uses recyclable materials for its packaging.

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9. Saimaza

From the name of D. Joaquin Sainz de la Maza, the brand Saimaza was born in the heart of Seville in 1908. The brand became an importer in Spain and continuously grew. Saimaza offers various coffee products, from natural to decaffeinated grounds and grain to espresso capsules.

If La Estrella has 50/50 coffee, Saimaza has its version with a twist. The brand is proud of its Saimaza Superior Mezcla (50% natural beans and 50% Torrefacto), the best coffee ground to make café con leche at home. Because this is a “Mezcla” or mix, it produces a less acidic coffee with a unique flavor and consistency that can only be achieved with Saimaza.

Saimaza Café Molido Mezcla 250 g
6,99 € (27,96 € / kg)
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10. Tupinamba

Known for its tagline “Working alongside baristas since 1897,” the brand became the first Spanish company to introduce a wide range of coffee blends worldwide. 

Tupinamba Grup handles seven brands named as Tupinamba, 40 Paises, Roura, Tupispresso, L’India, Oh Caffe and Paren[té]sis. Each brand has its own specialties, and the best-seller, Tupinamba, for example, is known for its “Torrefacto,” a thick and flavorful coffee without any hint of bitterness. Check out its official website to know more about its products and barista training offered.

FAQs About The Best Spanish Coffee Brands

What is Spanish coffee called?

In Spain, coffee is known as café solo. It is referred to as an espresso shot, which is the typical type of coffee enjoyed in the country. It is usually extremely potent, so be fully ready.

How do you make Spanish coffee?

You’ll need a shot of espresso to brew it, and the leche should be steamed milk, which has a unique flavor that is completely on its own. Whatever type of milk you use, you must steam it.

What are Spanish coffee pots called?

The word “cafetera,” which means “coffee maker” in Spanish, is used to refer to an 80-year-old traditional Spanish coffee maker. This three-piece coffee maker has a base that holds water, a metal filter for coffee grounds, and a top that stores the brewed coffee.

What coffee do the Spanish drink?

Café con leche, which is brewed with a blend of half espresso and milk, is the most commonly consumed coffee in Spain. Café solo (black coffee; a single shot of espresso without milk) and café cortado are other popular beverages among Spaniards (espresso with just a dash of milk).


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