7 Best Mexican Coffee Brands For An Authentic Home Experience

The best Mexican coffee brands will allow you to enjoy the taste of Mexican coffee without leaving home, from café de olla to champurrado. Let’s dive in.

As a Mexican-American growing up in Los Angeles, there was one thing my family stayed away from; Starbucks. Our entire family drank nothing but homemade coffee blends that were packed with beautiful, deep flavors like cinnamon, vanilla, and the unmistakable café de olla taste. Visit any Mexican household, and the first and last thing you’ll be offered on your visit is a hot cup of coffee.

Below are some of the best Mexican coffee brands to help you experience unique and genuine flavors from Mexico! You might also like our guide on the best Greek coffee brands

1. Nescafé 

Nescafé is surprisingly your number-one choice

Wait, instant coffee is at the top of the list of best Mexican coffee brands? That’s right! Mexicans love instant coffee, including Nescafé!

The company vowed to open up 150 more stores in Mexico in 2018, adding to its three locations in Mexico City! While Nescafé is Swedish, they offer a wide variety of Mexican coffees like their highly-rated café de olla instant coffee blend

Café de olla is a traditional type of coffee that is brewed in a clay pot and has added spices like cinnamon and piloncillo. Nescafé perfectly combines these flavors in their instant coffee mix, which has been well-received by Mexican coffee lovers. If you want a truly authentic experience and flavor profile, Nescafé is surprisingly your number-one choice.

Nescafe Cafe De Olla 5.89 OZ
$12.99 ($2.17 / Ounce)
  • Nescafe Cafe De Olla - 5.89 oz Mexican Instant Coffee Ready to Drink, Cinnamon Flavored
  • This 5.89 oz container of Nescafe Cafe De Olla instant coffee features a traditional blend of coffee and a touch of cinnamon flavor.
  • This dark roast coffee adds a bold taste, with just the right amount of caramelized sugar and cinnamon flavor.
  • Making this coffee is as simple as adding hot water and sugar to taste. Enjoy Cafe de Olla Instant Coffee with breakfast or as a special drink throughout your day.
  • Nescafe sources there coffee grounds from only the most pristine sources and takes great care in their ground selection.
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03/07/2024 05:50 am GMT

2. Volcanica

Volcanica one of the best mexican coffee brands

Volcanica is actually a Costa Rican coffee company, but it has one of the best Mexican coffee blends on the market with its Mexican Reserve blend! Volcanica prides itself on producing low coffee harvested from rich, volcanic soil from the most remote regions. This blend is no different, hailing from the Chiapas region in Mexico. While the bag itself is a bit pricey per ounce, most don’t mind paying the high price since Volcania is Fair Trade certified.

They work with local farmers in Mexico and other regions of the world, allowing them to sell their coffee beans at a fair price. Their commitment to fair practices, roasts made to order, and unique flavor profiles are a vital part of what makes Volcanica one of the best Mexican coffee brands.

We recommend trying their Mexican Reserve coffee, which has hints of cocoa, brown sugar, and maple syrup. With low acidity, it’s easy on the stomach and pairs well with a pan dulce of your choice. Learn more in our Volcanica coffee review.

Mexican Coffee, Reserve, Dark Roast, Whole Bean, Fresh Roasted, 16-ounce
$20.99 ($1.31 / Ounce)
  • Mexican Coffee is outstanding characterized by medium acidity, a sweet smooth body and flavor with a hint of fresh roasted hazelnuts.
  • Dark Roasted allowing the true flavor characteristic to come through for a remarkable taste.
  • Fresh roasted the immediately packed and sealed to assure freshness.
  • Low Acidity, pH 5.5
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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3. Etnia 52

You can find Etnia 52 coffees readily online. They offer coffees from different parts of Mexico, including the lesser-known region of Oaxaca, Veracruz, and Chiapas, to name a few. One of the best things about Etnia 52 is its gorgeous packaging, paying homage to the colorful dresses of Mexico and it is covered in bright flowers. They have distinct flavor profiles, including Chiapas coffee with honey and dried fruit notes or their Oaxaca coffee with dark chocolate and floral notes!

All the coffee is Kosher certified, meaning it does not have animal products like pork and fowl, and their facilities have been inspected to meet Kosher standards as well. You can also find café de olla blends, frappe blends, and wholesale prices, making Etnia 52 a favorite among coffee lovers and coffee shop owners.

4. La Monarca Bakery

If you’re ever in Los Angeles, you need to visit La Monarca Bakery, voted one of the best bakeries in the area by Eater Los Angeles! Fortunately, if you can’t make the trip to Los Angeles, you can enjoy La Monarca Bakery’s intense and flavorful coffee blends at home, thanks to its online products. La Monarca Bakery offers café de olla blends, as well as champurrado mixes.

In addition, La Monarcha also sells Mexican hot chocolate blends, in which you can add your own coffee to create a beautiful, sweet, caffeinated beverage to perk you up in the morning! All their blends use natural ingredients like natural brown cane sugar and real cinnamon.

For those wondering, “La Monarca” means “Monarch Butterfly” in Spanish. La Monarca partners with EcoLife conservation, donating some of its proceeds to efforts to help save the endangered monarch butterfly from extinction.

Café De Olla Ground Coffee, 12 Ounce, Cinnamon and Brown Sugar Spiced Mexican Dark Roast Coffee by La Monarca Bakery
$16.00 ($1.33 / Ounce)
  • Contains: 1- 12 Ounce Bag of La Monarca Bakery Café de Olla Cinnamon and Brown Sugar Ground Coffee
  • Sweetly Spiced: Our Café de Olla is made with dark roast coffee, real cinnamon and brown cane sugar for a perfect cup of Café Mexicano
  • The Sweet Flavor of Mexico: We make all our products following authentic recipes from Mexico with only all-natural ingredients without any preservatives, artificial colors or flavors
  • Los Angeles' Best: La Monarca Bakery has become a staple in Los Angeles, California, and now we are bringing our delectable, authentic flavors steeped in Mexican tradition to your door
  • Save the Monarchs: We donate a portion of our proceeds to our partner, ECOLIFE Conservation, to support their programs to protect and preserve the monarch butterfly

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5. Allegro Coffee

Based in Denver, Colorado, Allegro Coffee sets itself apart by offering some of the best blends from around the world at an affordable price. Allegro Coffee blends can be found on the shelves in Whole Foods, with one of their most popular blends being the “La Corona De Chiapas” or “The Crown from Chiapas” blend. Allegro Coffee’s blends combine taste with conscientiousness and Fair Trade. Their Chiapas blend has hints of cocoa, almond, and lemon for a well-balanced and smooth finish.

In addition, they also work with farmers in Mexico and around the world to improve sustainability. Unfortunately, like all crops, harvesting coffee over time can do more harm than good to the Earth’s soil. Allegro Coffee wants future generations to enjoy the land and, thus, puts an emphasis on sustainability practices for their blends. They are also certified organic and Kosher certified, so you can enjoy the distinct flavors of Mexico knowing you’re getting the freshest coffee beans around.

Allegro Coffee, Organic Mexico Light Roast Ground Coffee, 12 oz.
$12.38 ($1.03 / Ounce)
  • Amazing products, exceptional ingredients, no compromises
  • Specialty ground coffee
  • Light roast
  • Creamy, pecan, milk chocolate

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6. Café Garat

Café garat
Arabica whole bean coffee is perfect for pour-over and drip coffees

Café Garat is a premium Mexican coffee company offering both ground and whole bean blends. Their bold and smooth coffee is developed from a blend of beans from the Chiapas, Veracruz, Oaxaca, and Tabasco regions of Mexico. Their blends are described as being almost like espresso due to their deep flavor. Their 100% Arabica whole bean coffee is perfect for pour-over and drip coffees. 

Is it a bit on the pricier side? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely! Sold in Mexico City and online, Garat’s medium roast coffee has a smooth finish that allows you to have a gourmet experience in a single cup.

Café Garat 6 PACK Gourmet Coffee
$143.88 ($8.98 / Ounce)
  • Espresso Ground Coffee
  • 454 grams
  • 16oz
  • Garat Espresso Molido (6)
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7. Café Legal

Take a trip to Mexico, and you’ll find Café Legal in just about every grocery store and candy shop! Café Legal is known for its affordability. Yet, don’t let its small price point fool you. Lots of people think that the best coffee needs to be expensive, but Café Legal proves them all wrong with its original ground blend. The bag proudly states, “Enough for 140 cups!”

Café Legal’s ground coffee blend is a great way to enjoy authentic Mexican coffee with a hint of sweetness. Choose Café Legal if you’re looking for a non-snooty, traditional coffee blend proudly enjoyed by many Mexican families.

Café Legal blends aren’t instant, like Nescafe, but they are suitable for French Press or your regular coffee maker. If you liked this post, you might also be interested in our round-up of the best Kenyan coffee brands.


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