7 Best Greek Coffee Brands To Try

Greek coffee is a delightful way to begin the day or unwind in the afternoon. With that in mind, here are the best Greek coffee brands that you can try.

Greek Coffee Brands
Greece is renowned for producing full-bodied, creamy coffees

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in Greece. More than just a drink, it is an excuse to catch up with friends and chat.

Greece is renowned for producing full-bodied, creamy coffees. Greek coffee is created by boiling water and finely ground coffee beans in a pot. After that, the coffee is served in a tiny cup with sugar and, often, with cinnamon or cardamom.

This article lists the best Greek coffee brands to guide you in choosing the perfect ones to drink.

1. Venizelos 

Venizelos Greek Style Ground Coffee is the ideal coffee if you are seeking something unique.

This Venizelos coffee is ground in the Greek manner into a very fine powder. It is also given a more bottomless, decadent roast than most coffees, enhancing its flavor.

Any coffee enthusiast will enjoy this thick, fragrant brew. The coffee is produced with premium Arabica beans, recognized for being of the best quality, to provide a lovely experience.

The wonderful aroma of the coffee will fill your kitchen with the scent of freshly brewed coffee. The coffee also has a great flavor and is incredibly smooth, keeping you wanting more.

The versatility of Venizelos Greek Style Ground Coffee is unmatched. Venizelos coffee can be consumed black or with milk and sugar. It also works well as a foundation for lattes or iced coffee. 

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2. Spinos 

Generally speaking, Spinos Authentic Greek Coffee is the best-tasting, sweetest cup of coffee you can drink every day.

The thrilling flavor adventure of Spinos begins with this Kalamata-born brew.

It quickly gained the favor of both homemakers and proprietors of coffee shops and became “the first in consumption” in Messina, the southwestern part of the Peloponnese region in Greece.

Coffee served outside in a white table
The best-tasting, sweetest cup of coffee you can drink everyday

Today, its distinct, identifiable flavor has resulted in success worldwide and is spreading continually, reminding everyone of the beauty of genuine Greek coffee.

This carefully preserved secret blend of numerous premium coffee varieties has been passed down from generation to generation for all these years. It never changes, like the goal and passion for exceptional Greek coffee.

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3. Laikou Coffee Gold

Laikou is a brand from Cyrpus offering Greek-style coffee. The gold coffee is made from quality Arabica beans and is lightly roasted. For a light roast, it’s surprisingly earthy and robust with a little bitterness.

It’s made with Brazilian coffee, which is known for its sweeter flavors and smooth body. The sugar in Greek-style coffee takes the edge off these beans, allowing the fruity notes to shine.

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4. Papagalos Loumidis 

Papagalos Loumidis Traditional Superior Greek Coffee is the choice if you are craving a rich, delicious cup of Greek coffee.

These authentic Greek coffee beans are expertly roasted, giving the brew a deep, robust flavor best suited for Greek coffee culture. The beans are slowly roasted before being ground into a fine powder to enhance their original flavors.

Natural flavoring is also added to the blend, giving it a distinctive and tasty flavor. This coffee is sure to please whether you like your coffee black or with milk.

Additionally, 100% Arabica coffee beans, which are famous for their top quality and flavor, are used to make the brew. 

When Loumidis opened its doors in the 1920s, they were essentially a coffee-based retail establishment. Anotonis, Nikos, and Jason Loumidis, three brothers, started the project.

The brothers founded a coffee shop in the center of Athens in 1932, and shortly after that, they launched a second location in Thessaloniki. They opened the coffee shop on Stadiou Street six years later, in 1938, and this establishment ultimately brought them fame.

The brothers sold Nestlé their brand in 1987. Today, Loumidis Greek Coffee is sold all over the world.

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5. Nescafé 

You can enjoy your beloved Greek coffee quickly and easily with Nescafé Classic Instant Greek Coffee.

Add hot water to this instant Arabica coffee and enjoy. The coffee is a fantastic choice for a morning cup because it has a good body and a creamy texture. Rich and flavorful, the coffee has a subtle bitterness balanced by the milk’s sweetness.

Furthermore, it is also the ideal instant coffee for a Greek frappe. The most well-known manufacturer of this frozen delicacy is Nescafé. This product stands out for two reasons: the flavor and the way it foams when combined.

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6. Ouzounoglou 

Northern Greece’s Halkidiki region is home to the Greek SME Ouzounoglou. 

Over the years, Ouzounoglou coffee has won numerous awards, including the acclaimed Superior Taste Award from the International Taste Institute.

Out of a carefully curated collection of ground Greek coffee that is traditionally roasted, Ouzounoglou Greek Coffee is the best option in terms of value and overall quality.

Since 1928, their business has served as a promoter of coffee’s character and excellence from father to son and generation to generation. Nothing has changed since the founder, Symeon Ouzounoglou, up until now.

The authentic way of making coffee in Greece
Ground Greek coffee that is traditionally roasted

Their enthusiasm, focus on detail, familiarity with every step of coffee processing, and devotion to customary practices ensure the quality of the coffee.

They constantly consider their customers and the future, yet their hearts will always be loyal to tradition. Their founder’s words of wisdom — “Our consumers deserve only the best coffee” — remain ingrained in their minds forever.

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7. Nektar 

Freshly roasted and chosen from the best types available worldwide, Nektar Greek Coffee Traditional Blend is a premium Greek coffee.

As soon as it leaves the roaster, it is sealed in a safe environment, enabling the perfect preservation of the flavor and distinctive aroma of the brand’s blend.

Additionally, they sell a line of espresso coffees, organic coffees, hazelnut coffee for use in a standard coffee maker, and instant coffee for use in Greek frappes.

The original family who created this company in the 1950s still owns and controls it.

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