7 Best Coffee Websites

Whether you are opening a coffee shop for the first time or trying to grow an existing café, you need to find the best coffee websites to meet your needs.

Outstanding online resources are available that can help you learn more about the coffee growing process, how to design unique drinks, the principles of marketing a café, and how to meet the needs of your customers. Take a look at a few of the top resources below!

1. Ipsento Coffee

A kitchen that has a sign on a wall
Ipsento Coffee website

One of the best coffee websites of 2022, Ipsento Coffee is a website that does not rely on pre-existing templates for its images. Instead, it provides professional photographs that will allow visitors to immerse themselves in a high-quality coffee environment. Some of the reasons why this site is great to include:

  • The website highlights educational events where visitors can learn more about the process of growing, making, and selling high-quality coffee.
  • The menu bar is incredibly easy to navigate.
  • The subpages provide descriptions using short, simple language.

This is a great website that will help you stay up to date on the latest information in the industry. It caters to busy professionals.

2. America’s Best Coffee Roasting Company

Graphical user interface
America’s Best Coffee Roasting Company website

This website leverages a clever design that features a palette that is mostly grayscale. There are plenty of images and bright events throughout the website. The color contrast helps you focus on what is important.

Some of the features of this site include:

  • A small grid that provides a strong contrast to the helpful text on the left-hand side.
  • The homepage is minimalist, which prevents you from feeling overwhelmed.
  • Their images are sharp and well-defined, providing a helpful view of what is happening with the company.

This is a website that is helpful for all coffee lovers.

3. CoffeeGeek

Graphical user interface, text, website
CoffeeGeek website

CoffeeGeek is a bit different from the other websites on this list. This is the place to go for everything that has to do with coffee. Some of the helpful information that you will find on this site includes:

  • Professional guides on the coffee-making process.
  • Preparation tips that can help you refine your brews.
  • Consumer reviews on numerous drinks, roasts, and products.
  • A large community of people who love coffee.

This website also features a unique section titled “Opinions.” This is found on the navigation bar and provides columns from regular coffee enthusiasts. They provide insight and expertise on everything from coffee beans to makers and more.

This is arguably the best website for coffee beans.

4. INeedCoffee

A cup of coffee, with Coffee roasting
INeedCoffee website

A website that knows its identity, INeedCoffee is a website that specializes in coffee education. The homepage features both a slogan and a call to action that clearly states that this is the best place to learn about how to make coffee. As a result, this is the best website for reviewing coffee makers.

Some of the points on the website include:

  • INeedCoffee provides helpful tutorials that provide education on how to improve their brews.
  • They dig deep into the technical aspects of making coffee, helping you refine your drinks to meet the desires of your target market.
  • They also focus on the culture of coffee drinkers throughout the world.

This is a fascinating website that is great for anyone looking to learn more about coffee.

5. Third Wave Kiosk

Graphical user interface, website
Third Wave Kiosk website

This website is based in Australia. While they run a small business, they also have a straightforward approach. This website:

  • Provides detailed information on specific beans and roasts that can help you define your own brewing process.
  • Offers a navigation bar that has only three options, keeping it simple.
  • Reviews products and services that you might want to provide to your own customers.

As a result, Third Wave has become one of the most popular locations for coffee drinkers.

6. Noc Coffee Company

Best coffee websites
Noc Coffee Company’s website

With a unique name and a creative design, it is easy to see why this site uses a split-screen homepage design. Despite this unique feature, it is still easy to follow. Some of the features of Noc Coffee Company’s website include:

  • The main navigation menu is easy to follow.
  • The homepage shows a nice video of baristas hard at work.
  • A loyalty program allowing you to earn rewards for purchases.

Noc Coffee Company has a blog they update on a regular basis. There is a lot of nuance to this website that is helpful for those who would like to learn about coffee.

7. Ceremony Coffee

Ceremony roasters
Ceremony Coffee Roasters website

Ceremony Coffee is a minimalist website with a tidy, hero header. They provide a wide range of products for those who love coffee. There is a lot of white space between the sections and the homepage, helping people’s eyes focus on what matters.

Some of the features of this website include:

  • A menu that is easy to follow, including an option called “Taste by Color,” which changes the color of the website accordingly.
  • The website has subpages for various types of coffee.
  • The header and seamless design add to a sleek look that is easy to navigate.

This is one of the most creative websites for coffee lovers.

The Final Word On The Best Coffee Websites For 2022

These are a few of the top examples of the best coffee websites for 2022. If you want to build a successful coffee shop, then you should turn to these websites as a source of inspiration. With these websites, you can learn more about how coffee is grown, brewed and sold, helping you provide an outstanding product for your customers.

FAQs About The Best Coffee Websites

What is the most popular coffee shop?

Starbucks is the most popular coffee shop in the world. It is also the largest coffee chain, with more than 15,000 branches in the U.S. alone. Starbucks was founded in Seattle back in 1971. Some of their most popular drinks include Frappuccinos and seasonal pumpkin-spice lattes.

Is owning a coffee shop profitable?

Yes, owning a coffee shop is profitable. Coffee is one of the highest-value commodities in the world. Its popularity is evident with younger generations still having an interest in coffee.

What is the difference between a coffee shop and a coffee house?

Coffee shops usually sell snacks and light food along with coffee and other beverages. Meanwhile, a coffee house is an establishment that sells coffee and other beverages too, but coffee houses also serve as informal clubs for their regular customers.


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