14 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Manual Coffee Grinder

Are you a coffee lover but do not know what coffee grinder to use? Below are the top reasons why you should buy a manual coffee grinder for a quality brew.

Why You Should Buy A Manual Coffee Grinder
Hand coffee grinders provide the consistency you require

A coffee grinder strongly influences the quality of your cup of coffee. You wouldn’t cut corners with bean quality, and you shouldn’t do so with your coffee grinder either.

You don’t have to invest in a pricey electric burr grinder for consistent coffee grounds. Manual coffee grinders provide the consistency you require at an affordable price. Thanks to their mobility, you can carry these everywhere, and they won’t annoy everyone when brewing at home.

In this article, we will discuss why buying a manual coffee grinder is essential.

1. It Makes A More Consistent Grind

Manual coffee grinders produce consistent grind size. Because they don’t rely on any electrical components, such as motors or other components for grinding coffee beans, they tend to be more consistent.

Because it primarily focuses on a consistent grind, your manual coffee grinder won’t disappoint you in terms of product quality. Additionally, you won’t be able to change the grind size to match your brew method if you’re using an electric grinder or a blade grinder.

If you have a manual coffee grinder at your side, you won’t ever have to stress about brewing with the incorrect grind size again. Every morning, you can drink coffee that is rich in flavor.

2. It’s Meditative

Using an electric coffee grinder is more convenient. The coffee beans can be ground in a flash. However, convenience isn’t always the only consideration.

pouring coffee beans in electric grinder
An electric coffee grinder is more convenient but its not the only factor you’ll need to consider

Unplugging from technology and taking some time to pursue a hobby is good. 

Using a manual coffee grinder is slower, allowing you to appreciate the moment fully. A grinder will fill your room with the aromas of freshly ground coffee.

Besides, a manual coffee grinder will give you a free mini-workout every morning.

3. It Does Not Heat Coffee Beans 

Manual coffee grinders do not heat coffee beans because they don’t have a motor. The motor, friction, and high speed of an electric grinder can momentarily heat the coffee beans.

The flavor of coffee beans may be affected if they are heated before brewing. Coffee beans can lose some flavors because the heat releases aromatics.

4. It Produces A More Flavorful Coffee

Investing in a manual or hand grinder is the best option if you ground your coffee at home and are constantly on the move.

The quality of the coffee can be improved significantly by grinding your own beans at home or while on the go. Pre-ground coffee tends to lose its freshness considerably quicker. Freshly ground coffee is a superior drink.

5. It Is Small And Convenient

A manual coffee grinder can be a good choice if you need a small, portable coffee grinder. In contrast to electric coffee grinders, these do not require electricity, making them the best choice for a traveler who enjoys coffee.

You will love the manual models if portability is one of your primary considerations when looking for a coffee grinder. Think of manual coffee grinders as a long-term investment in your morning routine because they will last for many years.

The grinder is ideal for travelers or people constantly on the move. With the aid of a manual coffee grinder, you can take freshly roasted coffee beans with you wherever you go—whether you are going camping, hiking, backpacking, or just spending time outside. They can operate in any place and are highly portable.

If you have a drip brewer, a manual coffee grinder, and coffee beans, you need some boiling water to make the perfect, homemade, original, and aromatic brew.

6. It Is Battery And Power Free

Another feature of a manual coffee grinder over an electric one is that it can be operated without batteries, electricity, or long plastic wires, making it perfect for outdoor adventures.

Coffee grinder with beans
Slim design coffee grinder doesn’t take up much room

Furthermore, the grinder often has a straightforward, tidy, and slim design because it doesn’t take up much room. Most stainless steel handles are made to make grinding simple, and they can all be disassembled for easy cleaning. It is practical and typically made to last.

Since most hand grinders don’t use electricity, they are less likely to malfunction due to poor design.

7. It Is A Money Saver

Manual grinders are usually cheaper. Hand coffee grinders put a greater emphasis on burrs because they don’t require an expensive engine.

A manual coffee grinder is a great money saver for people on a limited budget. You can select a manual model that fits your budget thanks to the wide range of sizes, forms, and prices available.

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8. It Produces Less Sound

Because they don’t grind beans as quickly as automatic ones, manual coffee grinders are also quieter. Most manual coffee grinders are not as loud as electric grinders, which generate a lot of noise as they rotate and crush beans.

Manual coffee grinders are quieter than automatic grinders, which is perfect for people who want to take a coffee grinder to the office or get up earlier than the rest of the home.

9. It Can Grind Food

Due to their ability to grind almost anything, manual coffee grinders are adaptable. You can chop veggies, dice coconut, make almond flour, and more. This can save on purchasing other kitchen equipment.

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10. It Doubles As A Spice Grinder

You can utilize manual coffee grinders for spices – but make sure you clean your grinder thoroughly between uses, so your coffee doesn’t taste funny.

For example, whether you have a hand crank or manual coffee grinder, using one to make your own freshly ground nutmeg is easy and enjoyable. Simply place some ground nutmeg in your hand grinder, set it on the counter, and turn the handle until the consistency you want is achieved. 

11. It Is Practical For People Who Are Not Into New Gadgets

The newest kitchen trends these days typically use electric grinders and automatic devices with motors, although some people prefer traditional manual coffee grinders because they like simplicity.

Manual coffee grinders are a classic, and many coffee lovers have no intention of switching to electric. 

12. It Is Accessible And Available 

The majority of kitchenware stores and online shops have manual coffee grinders, so they’re not difficult to track down.

13. It Gives The Freedom To Grind Your Own Coffee

The rich and mouthwatering flavor of freshly ground coffee is the main advantage of owning a manual coffee grinder. You have the freedom to grind beans to the appropriate fineness or coarseness for the sort of coffee maker or espresso machine you are using.

Vintage manual coffee grinder with coffee beans and cup
Good old-fashioned hand-crank coffee grinder ground the right size and consistency

A good old-fashioned hand-crank grinder is the ideal addition to your brewing arsenal for someone who appreciates drinking fresh and flavorful coffee on the go. It makes sense to buy coffee on the way to work if you’re pressed for time in the morning. But when you’re at home, take advantage of the chance to enjoy brewing your coffee.

The manual coffee grinder significantly influences your coffee’s flavor since the beans are ground to the right size and consistency every time. 

14. It Is Nostalgic

Last but not least, manual grinders have a vintage appearance. Older models are equally as popular as more contemporary ones, and they are excellent conversation starters.

You can find both secondhand versions and new models that seem dated if you’re interested in hand grinders for their classic appearance. Even though they might not be any less expensive than new ones meant to look old, antiquity models in good condition frequently perform well when grinding coffee.

Let’s put it like this; they have the speed and functionality of modern cars while looking like classic antique cars. Even if they may not always appear as stylish as those fancy new cars, they function perfectly and have a certain charm.

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