Which Peet’s Coffee Product Is the Best? 8 Great options

Peet’s Coffee is associated with fine coffee and tea sourced globally. But which Peet’s coffee product is the best? We have eight options for your consideration.

Which Peet's coffee product is the best?
Peet’s Coffee is associated with fine coffee and tea

Peet’s Coffee’s history is as rich as its cup of Joe. After all, its founder Alfred Peet was the one who brought the idea of specialty coffee to the United States.

Though Peet’s Coffee has since been overtaken by the more prominent coffee brands, they are still big in California, where 70% of its stores are located. They still see continuous expansion, so Peet’s isn’t going anywhere. 

Peet’s Coffee offers an array of products, with dark roasted coffee beans being their forte, as well as tea leaves, K-cups, and beverages in their coffee bars. If you are still second-guessing if you should try their java, here are some of their products you can buy to convince you otherwise.

Which Peet’s Coffee Product Is the Best For newcomers

1. Major Dickason’s Blend Dark Roast

Starting off the list is one of Peet’s Coffee’s first blends and their all-time best-seller, the Major Dickason Blend. It is made from 100% Arabica coffee beans and boasts a rich aroma and a robust, full-bodied flavor that gives smokey and nutty notes with deep hints of chocolate. 

It makes for a great espresso but also works splendidly for a French press coffee, as its light bitterness is a welcoming sting to the tongue. I wouldn’t recommend adding milk or sweeteners, as its bold flavor profile begs to be appreciated. Even light roast lovers should at least have a cup of this for the experience alone.

Peet’s Coffee, Dark Roast Ground Coffee
$13.99 ($0.78 / Ounce)

Contains one (1) 18 Ounce Bag of Peet's Major Dickason's Blend Ground 100% Arabica Coffee

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03/08/2024 02:05 am GMT

2. Big Bang Blend Medium Roast

The name is a nod to the founder’s vast contribution to the coffee industry, but it also describes the explosion of flavor once you take a sip. The Big Bang blend was made to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary.

This brew is made from Ethiopian coffee, which explains its bright flavor profile with hints of citrus fruits and berries. Regardless, it still has that trademark smokey and robust flavor that Peet’s Coffee is known for.

It is best to brew it using a pour-over or a drip to capture its complex flavors. Consider adding a dash of coconut milk for that extra tropical flavor and heighten its natural sweetness. It is a friendlier option if you find the Major Dickason blend overwhelming.

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3. Café Domingo Medium Roast

I consider the Café Domingo Blend a balanced cup of Joe that can cater to every coffee drinker, regardless of their roast preferences. The flavor is not too bright and not too overwhelming, though it is leaning more toward the sweeter side.

This medium-bodied blend got its name as a tribute to Peet’s Coffee’s third coffee shop that opened at Domingo Avenue in Berkeley, California, in 1980. The coffee beans were sourced in three Latin American countries, namely El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Brazil, and feature a smooth and complex flavor led by a dark chocolate note with subtle hints of citrus and berry fruits. It also has an interesting creamy aftertaste similar to toffee.

Peet's Coffee, Medium Roast Ground Coffee - Cafe Domingo
$54.85 ($0.87 / Ounce)

10.5 Ounce (Pack of 6)

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4. Arabian Mocha Sanani Dark Roast

Some might prefer an exciting twist for the first time they try Peet’s. If you are the adventurous type, you can go for a more exotic flavor that the Arabian Mocha Sanani can provide. The coffee beans are procured from the harsh and barren mountains of Yemen and are one of Peet’s Coffee’s limited edition products that you have to try, though it might cost you a bit. 

Sorted coffee beans on drying tables at the farm
Their coffee beans were dry processed that’s explains the sweet yet tangy notes similar to wine

It features an interesting spicy zing accentuated by the flavors of dates and dark chocolate with a woody aftertaste. The beans were dry processed, which might explain the sweet yet tangy notes similar to wine. Despite this, it has a relatively low acidity level but is a borderline full-bodied cup that can be enjoyed.

If you are interested in more beverages from Yemen, you might want to check out our guide on white coffee! All of the coffee beans mentioned above are available in different grinds. With the exception of the Arabian Mocha Sanani, these flavors are all available in K-cups as well!

5. Nitro Cold Brew

The next set of our list will be the drinks you should try if you find yourself in one of Peet’s Coffee bars, starting with the Nitro Cold Brew. This beverage is made from Peet’s Baridi blend, which is composed of coffee beans coming from Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania. It boasts a bright acidity accompanied by an alluring floral flavor and the notes of citrus fruit’s natural sweetness. 

The aftertaste leaves behind hints of chocolate and caramel, and the microfoam that covers the drink gives an interesting texture that completes the beverage. You might be interested in learning more about Nitro Coffee.

A variation of the Nitro Cold Brew you might want to consider but without the infusion of nitrogen gas is the Black Tie. It also uses the Baridi blend with added chicory to give it a nuttier and earthier hint. Sweetened condensed milk and half-and-half float on top of this cold beverage.

If you love your coffee strong yet sweet and creamy, go for this option.

6. Caffè Latte

Going for a familiar drink can be the safest option, and Peet’s Caffè Latte will never disappoint if you want to sit in for a cup of Joe. This hot beverage uses a hand-pulled Espresso Forte, another Peet’s signature blend that is known for its chocolate truffle, hazelnut, and fruit curd flavor profile. 

Mix that with classic steamed milk to further reduce the acidity of the coffee, and you have yourself a smooth and creamy beverage best enjoyed on a lazy afternoon.

7. Horchata Cold Brew Oat Latte

Peet’s Coffee’s take on this Mexican drink is something you should try if you are looking for a sweet pick-me-up. Along with their Baridi blend cold brew, creamy oat milk is added to emulate the thick texture of the traditional drink and the malty flavor of rice. Cinnamon sugar provides the extra sweetness and tinge of spiciness that brings the beverage to life.

8. Holiday Spice Latte

Woman barista pouring stream milk for making latte art coffee in
Another Espresso Forte-based beverage mixed with steamed milk

This hot coffee option usually pops up during the winter season and is a favorite among Peet’s patrons. It is another Espresso Forte-based beverage mixed with steamed milk and a special holiday spice syrup. 

Cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and nutmeg are used to garnish the drink and give it an extra kick. Of course, this is best served hot, but the drink is also available iced if you live on the warmer side of the country.


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