Where Can You Buy Flying Embers?

This healthier version of an alcoholic beverage is slowly getting attention. If you’re looking to buy hard kombucha, read on to find out where can you buy Flying Embers!

Where Can You Buy Flying Embers
Flying Embers have recently gone national as they expanded their reach to 42 states and Canada

We’re only getting older; I find myself pouting at the fact that my body can’t take a good old chug the way it used to. If only there were an alternative to beer and vodka that’s gentler and somewhat healthier.

A little bird shared a booze alternative called Flying Embers that’s gaining traction these past few months. They have recently gone national as they expanded their reach to 42 states and Canada. Chances are you’ve already glanced at them in your nearest grocery stores.

It seems everyone is looking for other alcoholic beverages or broadening their taste. The 2020 sales volume for hard kombucha and hard seltzer such as Flying Embers swelled to 177% and 130%, respectively.

Extending To Your Regular Stores

Since its expansion, Flying Embers can be found in most supermarkets and grocery stores such as Walmart, Target, Whole Foods, and Save Mart, among others. They are also available in alcoholic retailers, including Total Wine and Liquor World. 

In addition, they’ve also opened up brick-and-mortar taprooms, social clubs, and breweries in California and Massachusetts, with the most notable found in the former’s Los Angeles Arts District. Aside from their usual line of products, these establishments also offer craft experimental beers and food ranging from burgers to plant-based dishes.

The Boston branch has an interesting menu highlighting botanical brews and unique cocktail concoctions. These go along with their Asian-inspired snacks as they partner with Bon Me, a prominent Vietnamese-themed food truck based in the state’s capital.

You don’t need to drive to every store to see if it’s on their shelves. You can go to their website and utilize their store locator to check if there’s a Flying Embers product near you.

Order Online For Convenience

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Flying Embers are also available to order online liquor stores such as Drizly, Sipsy, and Beer Universe

Flying Embers are also available to order online. Exclusive online liquor stores such as Drizly, Sipsy, and Beer Universe, in addition to the grocery stores mentioned prior, allow you to shop online if you don’t have the spare time. 

These are also available on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay, wherein you can sort through the reviews to read feedback from fellow drinkers. You can also opt to go directly through Flying Embers’ website as they also take orders online for convenience.

An Array Of Beverages To Choose From

young men having a toast in a pub
The brewing company offers drinks that are low on calories and have moderate alcohol by volume

The brewing company offers three main products, each with different flavors, for those looking for an alternative to alcoholic beverages. Thankfully, all their drinks are low on calories and have moderate alcohol by volume (ABV).

Hard Kombucha

Their line of fermented tea comes in different ABVs ranging from 4.5%, which they call Light and Live, to as high as 7.2% or High ABV. The Light and Live variant offer flavors such as Grapefruit Thyme, which is a bit zesty and tangy, and the Wild Berry, which boasts a blend of raspberries, Goji berries, and elderberries.

The highest ABV flavor, the Black Cherry, packs a 7.2% ABV and an amalgamation of fresh muddled cherries, hibiscus, and lime. I’m telling you, this is highly recommended if you can handle your alcohol.

You can learn more about hard kombucha in our fermented tea guide.

Hard Seltzers

Their blend of soda water, alcohol, and fruit flavorings features a stable 5% ABV and comes in three different flavors: Clementine Hibiscus, Guava Jalapeno, and Watermelon Chili. As you may have noticed, these are their more herbal variants. 

If you’re looking for an exotic taste, go for the Watermelon Chili, as you might find the sweet, citrusy, and tinge of spice flavor interesting.

Wine Spritzers

If you love wine, may I interest you with their selection of wine spritzers? They also come in three variants: Red Wine, White Wine, and Rose. They’re quite high on the ABV level, landing at 6.9% ABV.

Personally, their White Wine Spritzer is my go-to. It’s refreshing to drink, because of its hints of lemon zest and golden apple flavor.

Their beverages are organic, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly, allowing customers with different preferences to enjoy their drinks.

FAQs About Flying Embers

Can You Get Drunk From Drinking Flying Embers?

The short answer is yes! Drinking four to six servings of 5% ABV in an hour can make you tipsy. Drink responsibly.


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