What Tea Is Good With Lemon?

Tea is refreshing on its own, but adding a squeeze of lemon gives it a delightful zesty twist. Read on to find out what tea is good with lemon!

What tea is good with lemon?
If you are going to ask if lemon goes well with all kinds of tea, the answer is yes

A few years back, I was really into coffee and rarely drank tea. I treated drinking a cuppa as somewhat ceremonial during those times, only brewing it when I planned to work on a hobby all day or if the stress was unbearable after work.

As I get older, my taste is slowly shifting toward tea, as the soothing sensation it provides is what my body craves these days. It becomes even more heavenly when you add a squeeze of lemon! 

If you are going to ask if lemon goes well with all kinds of tea, the answer is yes! There is a good reason why this citrus fruit works with a cuppa.

Adding Lemon To Taste

Black and green teas are the most common types of tea. Though tea is flavorful when brewed right, some may find it bitter or bland. 

Since lemon is rich in vitamin C and contains a small amount of sugar, squeezing one adds a refreshing sour and subtly sweet flavor to your cuppa. The refreshing part is backed by science, as Japanese researchers in the 1960s found that sour flavors stimulate salivation, which helps imply to your body that it is now hydrated even after finishing your drink.

Amplifies The Health Benefits Of Tea

These two are rich in vitamins and nutrients, so you can expect the number of advantages they bring to your body. For one, they contain a significant number of antioxidants, so ingesting them together increases the amount of these molecules to help your body fend off free radicals.

Both are diuretics, meaning they help you stay hydrated for longer, though you might find yourself frequently using the restroom. 

If you’re a black tea lover, lemon is a perfect addition to your drink as the tea alone can affect your body’s ability to absorb iron. The citrus fruit hinders that side-effect. You might also find our explainer on is black tea hydrating helpful. 

The juice is not the only thing that brings a health benefit to the table. The lemon’s skin contains an antioxidant called limonene, which may lower your risk of cancer and diabetes. Grating some lemon zest to top your cuppa will look Instagrammable and make it healthier too!

What Tea Is Good With Lemon?

As I have mentioned, all teas work with the fruit, but I won’t deny that some taste better. Here are some tea and lemon combos you can try to make at home!

Black Tea

What tea is good with lemon? Black tea
Adding a squeeze of lemon gives it a zesty and refreshing taste that is gentle to the gut

Black tea is ideal for shifting from coffee to tea because it has the highest caffeine content. It is smoother to drink than your cup of Joe, but you will appreciate the bold flavor. Adding a squeeze of lemon gives it a zesty and refreshing taste that is gentle to the gut. 

It can be served hot or iced, but preferably the latter, as the cold sensation will give that extra jolt of energy you need in the morning. Add a slice of lemon and some honey to enhance the flavor and make it sweeter.

You might also like lemon balm tea.

Hibiscus Tea

For those looking for a tastier drink, adding lemon to a cup of hibiscus tea might be for you. This herbal tea is flavorful on its own – it is fruity, sour, tarty, and sweet, similar to what a lemon tastes like. When combined, the flavor becomes more profound, giving you a bolder but not overwhelming cup of hibiscus tea.

This tea blend is a popular beverage in other parts of the world. It is known as the carcade in Italy, where it is often served hot, or Agua de Jamaica in Mexico, where it is best served iced. 

Chamomile Tea

What tea is good with lemon? Chamomile Tea
The lemon’s flavor amplifies the floral notes while eliminating the grassy tang associated with chamomile

The perfect beverage to drink before bedtime due to its calming properties, mixing lemon with chamomile tea adds a soothing element that will make you feel rejuvenated after a stressful work day. 

The lemon’s flavor amplifies the floral notes while eliminating the grassy tang associated with chamomile. This is best served hot, and you can add honey or maple syrup to taste.

How Much Lemon Can You Put In Tea?

I recommend putting one to four tablespoons per cup for all teas. To determine your preference, taste the tea when you add the lemon before adding more.

You might ask if it is okay to use lemon concentrate if the actual fruit is not available in your area. The answer is yes, although you have to be wary of how many spoons you add because it still depends on what kind of concentrate you will be using. Some are made with sugar, while some are diluted, so always check the label!

A word of advice – I wouldn’t recommend adding milk as it has a high chance of curdling when mixed with lemon juice. Maybe a small amount will do but proceed with caution.


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